Fayette Senior Services dedicates its resource library


The late Joan Neal was a “we’ve gotta do this” type of person. She was on the board of Fayette Senior Services in Fayetteville, and when it went into a brand spanking new facility, she commented, “We gotta have a library.” She stated that “aside from my children, I would have to say that being part of the team that helped to build the new Life Enrichment Center for seniors is my greatest legacy.”

Not one to sit around to see if her ideas came to fruition, she promptly began to find books to start a library at the center.

Her death last December brought to light dozens of her good works. Among those include the first kindergarten in Fayette County at the Fayetteville First Baptist Church, the first PTA; in addition she taught third grade and later became librarian at Fayetteville Elementary School for 26 years, served on local and state Democratic parties, and most importantly, helped to guide an organization dedicated to senior citizens in the county from being housed in an old farm house to going into a million-dollar facility.

This facility called out for a resource library and Joan answered the call.

Her children, cherished neighbors, and close friends also answered the call when the Fayette Senior Center recently dedicated the library to her.

The mayor of Fayetteville, Ken Steele, read a proclamation honoring her and compatriots made these comments, “Joan touched so many hearts. She’s one of the reasons Fayette County is a great place to live. She blessed each of us in different ways.”

The Joan Neal Resource Library is now open for business at the Fayette Senior Services Center (http://www.fayss.org) at 4 Center Drive in Fayetteville.