Students juggle technology at Bennett’s Mill Middle


How is juggling connected to technology? Well, there is no connection, but juggling teaches eye/hand coordination and self-confidence, traits that might prove useful in building something like a bridge.

Seventh grader Chris Cassidy teaches a five-minute juggling course to fellow students during their technology period at Bennett’s Mill Middle.

About six to eight students participate in the juggling lessons each week, says technology teacher Jim Uttley.

A recent accomplishment by fellow student Andrew Hogan prompted a celebration from the jugglers.

Andrew built a bridge out of K’Nex building materials that spanned 10 feet with a 6-foot clearance. It was part of his construction project in Uttley’s technology class. It took three days to complete.

Technology students at Bennett’s Mill learn about a number of possible career tracks including music production, car design, computer aided design and manufacturing, video game design, graphics and animation, web page design, aerodynamics, flight simulation, construction, robotics, and video production.