Civil War book critic biased, unlike author


This letter is in response to the letter posted from Glen Allen of Peachtree City in the Feb. 9, 2011 edition of The Citizen.

I am writing as the president of Gallopade International, publisher of the “Student’s Civil War” series by Carole Marsh. In full-disclosure, Gallopade is a multi-generation family business, and I am Carole’s daughter.

Mr. Allen, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to read our children’s book about the Civil War. Your passion for our history is admirable. I am sorry that you were not happy with our “Student’s Civil War” book, and that you felt the need to express your dissatisfaction in the newspaper rather than by contacting us directly.

However, in your critique, you actually pay the ultimate compliment to Carole Marsh, and the entire team who worked on the “Student’s Civil War” series. You said, “I don’t know if Mrs. Marsh is a Southerner.”

In fact, she was born and raised in Atlanta. Despite that, and apparently to your dismay, she did not take a Southern slant in her book. She did not take a Northern slant either. That unbiased approach is exactly what Ms. Marsh was after and it is purposefully protected in our educational products for kids.

I find your recommendations quite biased. Our goal is to present the facts – the good, bad, and in the case of the Civil War, even the ugly. Tell kids the truth. Let them see rights and wrongs, good choices and bad – both the North and the South certainly each had plenty. Let them form their own opinions, learn from history, and hopefully grow up to make good choices for themselves and for our country and for our world.

Carole Marsh was named Georgia Author of the Year for mid-level readers. She has received the Excellence in Education Award from the National School Supply & Equipment Association. Her products have won numerous awards, including multiple Teacher’s Choice awards from Learning magazine – both for the classroom and for the family, a “Parenting” award, and many others.

Gallopade customers include the National Archives, Smithsonian, Manassas Museum, Gettysburg Museum, Chickamauga & Chattanooga NMP, Andersonville NHS, Mariner’s Museum, Vicksburg NMP, to name a few of thousands. This is Gallopade’s 32nd year of doing great things for kids … and we look forward to many, many more.

Michele Yother

President, Gallopade International

Peachtree City, Ga.