Over 30 science projects headed for regional contest


What’s the most natural light bulb for cosmetic purposes? Do electric golf carts leave a smaller carbon footprint than gas ones? Does the color of the greenhouse affect plant growth? And what about tomato plants, can hydrogen peroxide affect their growth?

These are just a few of the questions raised by student science projects that took first place at the 2011 Fayette County Science and Engineering Fair. A total of 31 high and middle school projects earned first place honors.

The projects are now heading to the Griffin RESA Regional Science and Engineering Fair that will be held in Griffin on February 28. Below are the students who will participate; they compete individually or as a team.

High School First Place Winners
• Fayette County High: Nageen Merchant, Areesha Ikram, Donna Pham; Omar Martinez-Uribe and Dae Kim; Sarika Reddy and Malika Reddy.

• McIntosh High: Hannah Mason and Leslie Sellers.

• Sandy Creek High: Helen Davidson.

• Starr’s Mill High: Vivian Nguyen and Mynah Holloway; Morgan Caola; Rebekah Livingston; Jessica Richey.

• Whitewater High: Tommy Erbe and Drew Halbert; Austin Dill.

Middle School First Place Winners
• Bennett’s Mill Middle: Tiana Sherman and Ian Belwood; Jamie DeCicco and Jordan Watson; Michael Koenig, Matthew Melatti, and Hudson Huber; Matthew Harmon; Nicholas Powell; Dale Chapman; Laura Phillipp.

• J.C. Booth Middle: Lianna Arcelay; Jonathan Ciecka; Amelia Traylor; Benjamin Naber.

• Fayette Middle: Anna Franklin.

• Flat Rock Middle: MarcJamal LaGrande; Preston Earle; Ellie Klarl.

• Rising Starr Middle: Annefloor de Groot and Brooke Wade; Emilia Ruzicka.

• Whitewater Middle: Sarah Chapman; Stephanie Johnson.

Special awards were also given at the competition. Both Jessica Richey (Starr’s Mill High) and Sarah Chapman (Whitewater Middle) received the Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association Award; Lionel Jones (Bennett’s Mill Middle) received the Institute for Environmental Insight Award; Jenny Ritter (Bennett’s Mill Middle) received the Capital Microscope Teacher Award.

Additionally, the following students received the Fayette County Association of Educators Special Recognition Award: Nageen Merchant, Areesha Ikram, and Donna Pham (Fayette County High); Vivian Nguyen and Mynah Holloway (Starr’s Mill High); Morgan Caola (Starr’s Mill High); Nicholas Powell (Bennett’s Mill Middle); Laura Phillipp (Bennett’s Mill Middle); Preston Earle (Flat Rock Middle).