Frady gavels down dissenting views


Fayette County Commission Chairman Herb Frady’s reprehensible behavior at Thursday night’s commission meeting was beyond belief. Mr. Frady’s actions were the worst example of leadership and censorship I have ever witnessed. Mr. Frady owes the public and Commissioner Brown an apology and should step down as chairman.

When Commissioner Brown tried to speak during the Commissioner Report section of the meeting about the West Fayetteville Bypass, Frady shouted him down, banged the gavel and told him he was out of order.

I understand Commissioner Brown followed the proper procedures to place the issue on the agenda, but Mr. Frady refused to allow this to happen. Also, Mr. Frady previously removed the Commissioner Report section from the Jan. 5 and Jan. 13 meetings to prevent Commissioner Brown from speaking publicly about this or essentially any other matter.

Citizens of Fayette County should be outraged by Frady’s censorship and outlandish behavior. They need to attend meetings and let Frady know we will not tolerate his rude behavior in the future.

Mr. Frady reminds me of a guest who has overstayed his visit but doesn’t have the good sense to leave. He has definitely outstayed his welcome for several years and needs to step down and let us elect a suitable replacement.

Several people in the audience, including me, loudly voiced their outrage at his behavior. One lady in the audience yelled, “I have had enough,” and headed for the door, soon to be joined by two other people from the audience.

I have heard that Mr. Frady will not be seeking reelection, but I hope this is not true because I would gladly join others to soundly kick him out of office, just like the citizens did in voting out two of his former pals, Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell.

Lee Hearn was absent but Robert Horgan joined Herb Frady in voting against a motion made by Steve Brown and seconded by Allen McCarty. So far, the three former commissioners, Frady, Horgan and Hearn, have voted as if they were one person against the two new commissioners on virtually every motion, and I fear we will see this nonsense continue until these three are off of office.

Jim Richter

Peachtree City, Ga.