Golden Dragon Acrobats give stunning performance


From China to New York and on to Newnan. Again. For the third time, the Golden Dragon Acrobats performed last weekend at The Centre for Performing and Visual Arts of Coweta County. The two-hour exhibition of coordination and strength was nothing short of stunning.

The Golden Dragon Acrobats team performing Sunday came with 23 team members. The ages of the male and female performers ranged from 17-22, though one team member is 31 years old.

There are few words that can adequately describe the performance born in the Chinese tradition that spans more than 25 centuries. It was a tightly-formed melding of athleticism and art.

Whether balancing several pyramids of small water goblets while contorting the body, forming a human pyramid, simultaneous hoop jumping by several cast members or doing multiple handstands atop enough stacked chairs for the performer’s toes to touch The Centre’s tall ceiling, the sheer range of athletic abilities, physical strength and coordination required was difficult to believe. But it was impossible to deny for the hundreds in the auditorium who soaked in the acrobatic marvels occurring before their eyes.

The two-hour choreographed performance was rich with colors and used both contemporary and traditional music to accompany the extraordinary skills displayed by the team.

The Golden Dragon Acrobats have toured the U.S. for more than three decades. The group’s Broadway debut was in 2005 at the New Victory Theater in New York. As for the possibility of their return, Centre Director Don Nixon said consideration is being given to have the Golden Dragon Acrobats return to the Newnan area.

The performance of the Golden Dragon Acrobats was but one of many venues to fill the performance hall at The Centre. At 48,000 square feet and with seating for approximately 1,000, The Centre is owned and operated by the Coweta County School System. For more information about events at The Centre visit