Fix foggy window problems in your home


Do you have a problem with foggy windows?

Foggy windows are caused by excess moisture between window panes in insulated glass units (IGUs). If the air in your double pane window contains moisture, this will result in condensation between the panes of glass, especially in the damp cold weather when the windows contract more and pull moisture through the failed glass seal.

“Many people don’t realize that they don’t have to replace their entire window when the glass unit has failed, windows become foggy or the glass has been cracked or broken,” said Bill Wincapaw, owner of Capitol Glass, Inc.

All insulated glass unit (IGU) windows will eventually begin to fog due to seal failure. Window glass replacement is simpler and far less expensive than full window replacement, restoring your thermal double pane windows can save you up to 70 percent off the cost of regular window replacement.
Nearly all windows are designed to have the glass units replaceable and can be fixed by simply changing out the failed glass unit with a new factory sealed glass unit.  This is an easy and economical solution to making your windows look newwithout replacing the whole window.

Wincapaw started into the business when he moved to Fayette County from Southern Florida in 2005. He is a one man operation and gives his customers one-on-one personal attention from start to finish. Capitol Glass, Inc. has earned an outstanding reputation as an affordable and reliable company you can trust.

“Family owned and operated, we really care about our customers and believe in an honest value for high quality products done right the first time,” Wincapaw stated.

Capitol Glass, Inc. is located in Brooks, Ga and serves the Fayette, Coweta and South Metro areas. Services offered include window glass repair, whole window replacement, sash kits, tempered glass table and desk tops. We offer expert workmanship, affordable prices without cutting corners on quality and free estimates.

For more information, call Capitol Glass Inc. at 678-817-0801.