T and R Insurance can help you navigate through Medicare enrollment


For most Medicare beneficiaries this 2011 Anual Enrollment Period is no different than in previous years, a headache. Regardless of whether they are forced to find a new plan because they are losing their current coverage due to a service area change or searching for better benefits; it can be a challenge without the advice of a trusted agent. There are so many different types of plans to choose from. Which is better? A PPO, HMO, PFFS, and by the way, what is a PFFS. There are many factors to be considered when picking the “right ” plan. Is my doctor “In-Network? Is my hospital “In-Network”? This is why it is important to have guidance from someone who knows all of the plans, premiums and benefits. 

One important factor this year to be considered is that all Piedmont hospitals will be Out of Network for any Medicare Advantage plans for 2011. They will file most all plans except for HMO plans. This means added out of pocket expense for most beneficiaries. However, there are ways around this problem. There are plans that have the same Out-of Network benefits as In-Network. 

There is an exception to this rule regarding state retirees, their plans will be considered In -Network. These individuals will continue to have full access to all Piedmont hospitals and physicians without any additional out of pocket expense.

T and R Insurance LLC specializes in helping seniors navigate their way through the Medicare maze and the many changes that are taking place. They provide Medicare Supplement plans as well as Medicare Advantage plans and offer all of the current plans that are available in Fayette County and the surrounding counties. They also provide life insurance, final expense and health insurance for many carriers. 

T and R Insurance LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau and owned and operated by Fayette County natives. They are located at 605 N Glynn Street Suite B on Hwy 85 in the Whitlock Ellis building. Just across the street from Pizza Hut. Please call 770-460-0592 or stop by if you are in need of their assistance.