The Fayette County Public Library honors Jack Smith


The word “advocate” was used a number of times by Chris Snell, director of the Fayette County Public Library, at an event last Friday evening. The event was a reception to honor the county commissioner who had been a staunch supporter of the library, Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith.

The word advocate, according to Mr. Webster, means “a person who supports or speaks in favor, or who pleads for another.”

When Snell mentioned to Smith that the library was in desperate need of enlarging, Smith said let’s do it, and found the money.

Snell also added that various meetings and programs throughout the year that could be enhanced with a word or two from Fayette County’s commission chairman would go a long way towards its success. “Jack always complied with that request,” she said.

“An Appreciation of Jack Smith” reception included entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, donated by various Fayetteville businesses, and over 70 citizens who shared in the evenings festivity.

Several advocates also mentioned how the library and its various classes that are offered have made their lives richer.

Snell thanked them for their participation and also the Fayette County commissioners for their continued support.