Heritage resident Fran Kolts celebrates 104th birthday


The Heritage of Peachtree community turned out en masse to celebrate the 104th birthday of fellow resident, Fran Kolts on Oct. 26.

Born in 1906, Fran has seen unimaginable world events over her lifetime. With the 20th century, came incredible changes, not the least of which was the Great Depression which caused massive world-wide economic disruption. Many other world-shaking events have occurred over Fran’s lifetime, including two world wars, a cold war, the Korean War, Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the creation of Israel, a Chinese famine, feared despots, terrorism and the Holocaust, just to list a few.

On the brighter side, the world has celebrated the development of vaccines that have saved millions of lives, drugs and health aids that have greatly improved the quality of life for countless individuals. Childhood diseases and infant mortality rates have been reduced while technological advances have turned life expectancy rates upside down.
Technology-wise, when baby Fran was born into this world we were still in our infancy. Automobiles, airplanes, washing machines, clothes dryers, furnaces, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and radios were not in existence and didn’t become commonplace until after Fran was already a young woman. Items that we consider an absolute necessity—computers, television, record players, microwaves, plastic items—didn’t make their debut until Fran was in her forties!

From horse and buggy days to a man walking on the moon, Fran Kolts has seen it all. Over her lifetime, she has seen advancements in medicine, technology, science, energy and world events like wars and politics. Looking back over it all, Fran feels the most memorable event of her lifetime was World War II. She remembers the sense of peace and relief that was profound as our boys came home from the war.

As a girl growing up in Hoboken, N.J. with her younger brother, Norman, Fran spent many idyllic afternoons with her sea captain father sailing around New York harbor and up the Hudson River. By the time she was in her early twenties, Fran had graduated from business school and was hard at work on Wall Street, when she met and later married her first husband, Albert Jondreau. Fran and Albert had one daughter named Irene (known as Reenie Sullivan). Later in life, Fran married Harvey Kolts and together they opened a wholesale electrical business.

Over the years Fran has been very active, enjoying a variety of hobbies. She was an avid crafter and especially loved needlepoint. Fran is a strong woman of faith and she is a dedicated member of her church, Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church, where she has been involved with the “Holy Folders” volunteer group for many years.

Fran Kolts has four very special grandsons in addition to her cherished daughter and son-in-law, Reenie and Francis Sullivan. Family is very important to her and she values each day that has been given to her.

At Heritage of Peachtree, Fran is an incredible example of the best that life has to offer. Her sweet smile and genuine good humor is always present. Fran truly has never met anyone she doesn’t like. With a mind as sharp as a tack and an indomitable spirit, she’s the real deal and we are so very blessed to have her as a part of our community.

Happy Birthday Fran, we wish you many, many more!

(This article was submitted by Linda Cashdollar)