Vote Nov. 2 to take back country from socialistic government Democrats


Nov. 2 will be here soon so if you believe as we do then help us get the right people in office to take our country back.

We believe that the government is out of control with its reckless government spending and socialistic “spread the wealth” programs that are taking money out of our paychecks every week.

We believe that we should be responsible and accountable for ourselves and not have the government being Big Daddy for everyone and responsible for us.

We believe that we should:

Repeal ObamaCare.

We don’t and won’t socialize healthcare.

Repeal Social Security.

Today we have 401Ks, IRSs, Roth Accounts plus countless other ways to save for our own retirement. We don’t need the government taking money out of our pockets to give to someone else so they can sit in a rocking chair somewhere.

Put that money back in our pockets and we will save for our own retirement, and when we get to where we can no longer work and if we have chosen not to save for retirement, that will be fine, too. America has millions of bridges we can choose from to live under.

The point is that it will be our choice as a free Americas and not the government choosing for us. It’s called being responsible for ourselves.

Repeal Medicare and Medicaid.

Medicare and Medicaid are socialistic “spread the wealth” programs that waste billions of dollars every year, plus billions more lost to fraud every year. This is money that comes out of our paychecks every week. Put that money back into our paychecks and we will pay for our own medical needs.

Not allow any health insurance.

That’s right. Put an end to ALL health insurance. The reason we have high cost in healthcare now is the fault of the insurance companies. By putting an end to all health insurance, it will force the people in the medical field back into the free enterprise system. Doctors and hospitals will have to start competing against each other for our business.

As a result, prices will fall. In the end, almost everyone will be able to afford to go to the doctor.

Repeal the school system.

Ever wonder why little Johnny graduated from high school but can’t read? Ever wonder why our children can talk about and even study Satanism, witchcraft and voodoo in school, but if they just mention Jesus or God in the same breath they can be in big trouble?

Ever wonder why there are so many high paid people in the school system doing the same amount of work that half that many people could do?

Ever wonder why we only rank 27th out of 41 industrialized nations?

It’s because the present school system is one of those government-run socialist programs. We all know that children that go to private schools are far better educated and graduate eligible for much higher-paying employment than those who go to public socialist schools.

The public school system, like any other government program, is loaded with billion of dollars in waste. Let’s put an end to this socialist program and replace it with private schools for everyone.

Also, people who choose to have children need to be responsible for them and pay their way though school. Look at how much we pay each year in school taxes, about half of which is wasted. It’s so unfair for people who are trying to put their children through college to have to also pay for someone else’s child’s schooling. It’s so unfair for older people on a fixed income whose children are grown and gone to have to pay for someone else’s child to go to school. It’s time for us to start being responsible for ourselves and our own children and break our dependence on the government.

Repeal the socialist healthcare for government workers.

From the President on down to the lower government workers our tax dollars go to help pay for their health insurance. We don’t want Obama’s socialist healthcare and we don’t want to pay for someone else’s either. We will pay for our own healthcare and let government workers from the President on down pay for theirs.

Repeal the socialist retirement plan our government workers have.

As we stated before, today we have 401ks, 403bs, IRAs, Roth Accounts, etc. We should save for our own retirement and let the government workers do the same. Put that tax money back into our pockets and stop using it for these “spread the wealth” socialist programs. Each year, billions of dollars comes out of the taxpayers’ pockets to pay for government workers’ healthcare and retirement. It’s time to put a stop to it and let all of us be accountable for ourselves and not someone else through a government-run “spread the wealth” socialist program.

If you feel like we do and feel it’s time for us to take back our country then please look up the nearest Tea Party group near you and join up. Remember to vote for those Republicans that believe as we do and let’s get those Democrats out of office. Together we can do this.

Jim Lowe

Peachtree City, Ga.