McIntosh leads SAT pack, Starr’s Mill right behind


For Georgia the score is 1,453. For the United States the score is 1,509. But for Fayette County the number is 1,547. And that number represents the average score by local public high school students taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) in 2010.

The SAT includes three sections: critical reading, mathematics and writing. Fayette students taking the test earlier this year outscored their state and national peers on all three sections.

Fayette students averaged 520 points in critical reading compared to a score of 488 by students across Georgia and a score of 511 nationally.

Fayette students scored 524 in the mathematics section, besting Georgia students averaging 490 points and students nationwide scoring 516.

And in writing, Fayette’s average score of 503 topped the state by 28 points and the nation by 11. Each of the three SAT sections carries a maximum high score of 800 points, for a possible high score of 2,400.

Students at McIntosh High School averaged a total of 1,624 points followed by Starr’s Mill High School at 1,617.

Fayette County High School students averaged 1,491 while Sandy Creek High School averaged 1,436. Whitewater High School students scored an average of 1,518 points.

Fayette County School System spokesperson Melinda Berry-Dreisbach said 1,358 students took the 2010 SAT. That represents a 3 percent increase in test-takers over last year. Prior to 2010 the school system had seen a decline in the number of students taking the SAT in recent years.