Fayette needs public transportation


I am disgusted at the ones running for County Commission always throwing off on county transportation.

If you were older, poor and no longer could drive, you lived alone, whether in city or county. No family to help. Alone. How would you get to the doctor, grocery store, drugstore, church, other older friends. How?

Our Fayette County needs transportation for all senior and younger citizens who need to get out of their homes.

Try a little empathy. All residents aren’t able to jump in cars and go. Some no longer can afford to keep up a car. County transportation is needed badly and soon.

Wake up to all citizens in our county. They all can and do vote. It’s not a reason for election to oppose public transportation. When you throw off any needs of others what does that make you?

In other words as I told my children when they spoke out of turn, HUSH!

Joan Neal

Fayetteville, Ga.