Steve Brown has fought to check local government abuse here


The sad reality is that “politics” is a part of public government, which is a part of our existence. The other side of the coin, however, is that people all across the country are getting very tired of all the politicians who totally ignore their constituents.

Incumbents are falling like flies because they don’t have what it takes to stand for what the people want. Fortunately, there have also been (and are now) men and women who stand on the front line to make things better.

When I read how Board of Education Chairwoman Terri Smith made a $12 million “paperwork error” on her public financial disclosure, I was appalled.

I think it’s clear to everyone that Steve Brown caught her withholding crucial information from the general public. The chairwoman had to admit, “The state financial disclosure statement filed in January 2008 was amended in November of that year after she read a column in The Citizen by former Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown.”

Most people are just too busy to keep up with what is going on in government. We are lucky to have someone who is willing to take on the challenge of wading through the documents and figure out what is going on.

People in our community like Steve Brown don’t qualify as saints, but they are leaders, dedicated to the people’s well-being. Brown has continually taken stands against powerful and influential individuals with impure motives. Terri Smith would still be keeping everyone in the dark if Brown hadn’t exposed what was going on with her failure to make the required disclosure.

Steve Brown is one of the most responsible people for keeping government abuse in check in our area.

Why wouldn’t we believe Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith when he said he opposed mass transit in our county? Just like the case with Terri Smith, Brown actually looked up the records for regional government meetings where Jack Smith voted in favor of all the plans that included transit bus routes entering our county from Henry, Clayton and Coweta counties.

Thanks to Brown (and others), the West Fayetteville Bypass was also exposed. The project is literally the road to nowhere.

Brown is clearly trying to keep Fayette County and the lifestyle we enjoy from the radical changes others want to impose. Most of the people whining and moaning about Brown’s candidacy for the Fayette Commission have nothing to say about the big issues. Since they have nothing to say on anything of importance, there is not much of a choice. Steve Brown gets my vote.

It’s time for honest government.

Dennis D. Benson

Peachtree City, Ga.