Fayette Chamber of Commerce honors Dr. DeCotis


The Fayette County Chamber of Commerce held its 11th Annual Partners in Education Recognition Breakfast May 14 to honor its 2010 Outstanding Business Partner of the Year, to honor the retirement of School Superintendent, Dr. John DeCotis, and to recognize the Fayette County school demonstrating good relations with its Partner in Education.

Georgia School Superintendent Kathy Cox was the guest speaker. She spoke of coming to Fayette County from Emory University in 1987 to interview for a job teaching school when she first met John DeCotis. They became colleagues, then he was her boss, and now she is his boss.

“He is one of my truly good friends,” she said. “He has always put students first. He is a good example of servant leadership. He has never stopped helping to keep this community in focus. He has groomed the talent here and not let it get away.”

Cox, who lives in Peachtree City with her husband and two sons, noted that she is a citizen, a taxpayer, and a mom and has always been pleased with her children’s education here.

She was given a copy of “Historic Fayette,” published by the Chamber last year.

Commented DeCotis, “There has always been community involvement in Fayette County, coming from its schools, churches, and non-profits.”

He was given “Historic Fayette,” a plaque, and in case he decided to visit somewhere, a piece of luggage.

The Business Partner of the Year was given to the Rotary Club of Peachtree City. The group donated $2,000 from their own fund-raising efforts towards the National Certification for Afterschool Teacher training, Vocation Education Certification program for Construction, and the county’s first Robotics Program and teacher. It also submitted a grant to supply all Fayette County third-graders with dictionaries. They support the Junior Achievement program and provided $500 towards J.C. Booth Middle School’s Science Olympiad.

A second award went to Fellowship of Love Church, for providing 50 backpacks filled with supplies for all different grade levels for those students in need, making sure these students started the year positively with all necessary materials, It also had church members mentor “at risk” students, started a Chess Club, and in general, served as positive role models.

Peeples Elementary School was given a check for $1,000 due to its decision to engage the business community to become involved in various areas to support and provide opportunities to benefit and create an enriching environment for its students.