Run for the cure? How about racing to find the cause of cancer?


To start with, let me say I have had breast cancer. Thanks to a wonderful female doctor who found mine in time, I am still here 10 years later.

Now to my point of view that gives me a sick feeling in my stomach each and every year women get all worked up for the Susan G. Komen run for the CURE.

All that money they raise goes for a cure of breast cancer, so let’s look at the word “cure.” That means drug companies get the money to do research, discover another medicine, which goes out and is sold to doctors who make money to CURE cancer in women. The drug company gets rich, the doctor gets richer and so do the hospitals where the women go to for the CURE that they marched and made money for, but they still have to pay through the nose for the CURE they gave money for the research to discover the CURE.

NEVER do you hear about a study to find the CAUSE of breast cancer; wonder why? Look at all the money the drug companies, doctors, hospitals would lose: no one to CURE and women free of cancer. Again women are taken advantage of.

Now let’s look at the drug that is given to young girls to prevent a cancer from a virus passed on from a man to women that causes cancer, but do you ever hear of a research to give a shot to men to prevent the virus in a man BEFORE he passes it on to you women? No. I would never, never allow my young daughter to take this shot that is making a drug company rich. First of all, we don’t know [whether] years from now it could cause more problems than it prevents.

The older I get the more I see the abuse that women endure so that a man can enjoy and satisfy his desires. A few women will read this and get it; others are so brainwashed they just won’t get it.

Years ago a beautiful young woman needed a heart transplant, couldn’t raise the money soon enough and passed away, a beautiful life lost. Yet every day you read about a hospital somewhere in the United States that has brought over a child from a foreign country and given them heart surgery free.

So why can’t our money stay at home and help children here in America?

Thanks for listening, I feel better, and just maybe someone out there will start a race for “the CAUSE” of breast cancer, and our beautiful daughters, granddaughters, and women of the future will no longer have to deal with the horrible disease.

LeGay Saul

Fayette County, Ga.