With no SPLOST, PTC faces tax hike, service cuts or use of reserves


An update on the Update. Regarding my “From the Mayor,” it is always over a month old by the time it reaches Peachtree City homes. That is not timely and often more information or changes have occurred since it was submitted. Therefore as long as The Citizen allows me a column I will be using this communications avenue instead.

Concerning a new SPLOST, last week the Association of Fayette County Governments (AFCG) met. The issue was discussed and the majority present did not want to move forward on another at this time.

What that means for Peachtree City is what I said in the Update remains true, but for now the SPLOST option is no longer part of the budget consideration mix for at least 2011.

Now we must choose between service cuts, a property tax increase and/or use of the reserve. We have the survey and welcome more citizen input during the remaining hearings and Town Hall beginning in June.

On the issues of cell towers, we continue to gather the needed legal and technical data to make an educated decision. Since this impacts so many people while falling under federal law we must make sure every consideration is properly weighed into the final product.

The dog leash law ordinance consideration is an emotional issue for many on both sides of the argument. We have had strong sentiments from those who truly believe their dogs are never a threat to anyone and those who have been attacked by dogs not on leashes. We have had opinions from certified trainers, a behaviorist and a veterinarian. There is also the state law in the mix.

We know that no matter what we decide on this issue some are not going to be pleased because it is impossible to please everyone on an issue of this nature.

An issue from the 2010 legislative session that requires examination and concern is HB277, the Georgia 2020 Transportation Act. While we could not be required to contribute to MARTA, etc., we need to examine what is contained in the list our RTR (Regional Transportation Roundtable) would be voting on. That list would be not be generated by the RTR, but the state Capitol.

The RTR represents the same area as ARC. As with ARC, Fayette will be represented by the county commission chair and one mayor chosen by the mayors of Fayette. I simply do not believe having the same individuals voting in both groups is wise.

I can say here that as with Fayette there are other counties within ARC that do not want to become simply another part of Atlanta and are not pleased with being donor counties to Atlanta. Each has its own needs and uniqueness and can use their money at home. All have concerns about ARC, and I believe we need a voice that shares those concerns holding at least one vote.

Yes, the gridlock of Atlanta traffic does impact us. But the question is who is responsible for funding the fixes?

So this will be an issue I will be considering and having to deal with in the future at least at a minimal level.

Between Peachtree City issues, elections, the economy and all the rest, this is a very busy year.

[Don Haddix is mayor of Peachtree City.]