Camouflage future cell towers in PTC


I have lived in Fayette County/Peachtree City for over 20 years. Recently I have seen in the paper talks about cell towers and how we need additional cell towers in PTC.

In driving west on Ga. Highway 54 past Peachtree Parkway you can see the cell towers in the distance and how much they stand out on the horizon. In driving south on Ga. Highway 400 past the toll plaza you see the cell towers are made to look like pine trees and they are not such an eyesore.

This is what PTC needs to require future cell towers to look like. I am tired of the northside of Atlanta and even other parts of the state having better restrictions of what is installed in their area.

For example the new cement walls on Ga. Highway 74 south of Hwy. 54 that look like plain cheap cement walls. But, traveling I-20 going into Augusta, Ga., you see the cement walls that are textured to look like stone or brick instead of cheap cement. These textured walls divide trailer parks and industrial sites view of the interstate, but here we do not have the same consideration for homeowners who now back up to these walls in PTC.

This textured cement wall could not be that much more expensive, but look at the improved look of the area that is provided by this increased expense.

I have also noticed that on Hwy. 54 coming into PTC in between the Waffle House on the left and Coldwell Banker on the right that some landscaper has decided that it is desirable to have pine trees planted under or close to power lines.

These trees as they mature are going to increase cost as they start getting tangled in the power lines. There are other ornamental trees that would not grow tall that would have worked here so much better. Who would have dreamed a city in Georgia would be paying landscapers to plant pine trees?

Remember PTC is one of the most desirable places to live, but we have to do the little things now to keep it that away in the future for all of us.

Thanks for listening to my suggestions and I look forward to hearing back from you or seeing some of the suggestions implemented in the future.

Donnie Price

Peachtree City, Ga.