Police reports Apr. 15-19


The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
Tuesday, April 13 – Monday, April 19
Davion Furshun Bell, 21, of Robin Hood Drive, Elgin, Ill., for suspended license.
Michelle Ines Rodriguez, 27, of St. Ives Court, Stockbridge, for DUI less safe and duty to stop upon striking a fixed object.
Marcus James Williams, 38, of Chantilly Terrace, College Park, for probation violation.
Samuel Propst Chapman, 35, of Brechin Drive, Senoia, for deposit account fraud.
Paul Alexander Shaboyan, 17, of Fayetteville Road, Jonesboro, for interference with custody.
Dameion Sanchez Bullock, 25, of Riverview Place, Jonesboro, for burglary.
Richard Chevelle Harper, 23, of Riverview Place, Jonesboro, for burglary, criminal attempt and possession of burglary tools.
Paul Lawrence Lomnick, 19, of Trinity Place, Riverdale, for burglary, criminal attempt and possession of burglary tools.
Sergio Ruiz-Rodriguez, 24, of Bradford Park Drive, Auburn, for failure to appear.
Hugh Edward Smith, 57, of Buckingham Circle, Hampton, for deposit account fraud, bad checks.
Lucyndria Kattleen White, 34, of Fairburn Road, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Louis Ledesma Wood, 31, of Curley Street, Baltimore. Md., lane violation and DUI less safe.
John Wozniak, 21, of Kenton Place, Peachtree City, for obstruction.
Ashley Nicole McGill, 20, Thomaston, for probation violation.
Autori Steele-Austin, 30, of Winterside Lane, College Park, for drug law violation.

Fayetteville Police
Renee Frost, 38, of Clearridge Park Drive, Morrow, for failure to appear and traffic offenses (2).
Elise Kaleah Landry, 21, of Flint River Road, Riverdale, for shoplifting and interfering with police.
Dion A. Smith, 40, of Doe Run Drive, Fairburn, for failure to appear.
Raven Danielle Papillon, 18, of Whaleys Lake Drive, Jonesboro, for traffic offenses (2).
Alejandra Gonzalez Gonzalez, 18, of Red Fox Trail, Jonesboro, for traffic offenses (2).
Dewarren Wayne Crist, 20, of Swanbrook Drive, Fayetteville, for possession of alcohol by a minor, DUI alcohol and traffic offense.
Brittani ann Mitchell, 25, of Laurien Street, Fayetteville, for drugs kept in original container, interference with government property and traffic offense.
Daniel Bernardino Cuevas, 25, of Circle H Road, Sharpsburg, for traffic offenses (2).
juvenile, 14, Fayetteville, for unruly child.
Tarrance Tuvoris Thomas, 27, of Wilder Way, Williamson, for traffic offense(2) and DUI alcohol.
Deeandra Lakota Boozer, 24, of Couch Street, Senoia, for DUI alcohol and traffic offense.
Pearl Elizabeth Chapman, 49, of Church Street, Rivedrdale, for shoplifting.

Peachtree City Police
Jonathan Hall, 25, of Adams Park Drive, Fayetteville, for DUI, failure to maintain lane, suspended license and possession of marijuana.
Joseph R. Solberg, 52, of Crown Court, Peachtree City, for loitering and DUI.
Jack Harden, 52, of Columns Lane, Peachtree City, for DUI.
Brian Robert Petrivelli, 21, of Christian Drive, Newnan, for DUI, speeding, open container and reckless driving.
Joseph Summerville, 27, of Kelley Lake Drive, Decatur for disorderly conduct.
Thomas Angelo, 35, of Club House Circle, Decatur, for suspended license and windshield violation.
Ann M. Howard, 55, of Wisdom Circle, Peachtree City, for probation violation.
Lisa Shotwitharrow, 23, of Peachtree Station Circle, for probation violation.
Valerie Burdex, 43, of Sylvan Road, Atlanta, for probation violation.
Jason H. Elliot, 21, of Woodland Drive, Peachtree City, for DUI, failure to yield to emergency vehicle and failure to maintain lane.
Marco Polo Soto, 23, of Meadow Road, Peachtree City, for no license, window tint violation and suspended registration.
Kyle Middaugh, 36, of Shelley Lane, Ellenwood, for theft by taking in breach of fiduciary obligation.
Joel Kevin Meade, 41, of Kenton Place, Peachtree City, for battery (Coweta County).
Willie Frank Keith, 46, of Johnson Road, Senoia, for probation violation.
Benjamin Smith, 17, of Wounded Knee Circle, Peachtree City, for terroristic threats.
Ugochinyere Anyikire, 25, of Hidden Brook Circle, College Park, for failure to appear.
Phillip D. Estrada, 48, of Sullivan Mill Road, Senoia, for DUI, open container and speeding.
Ayala M. Polk, 37, of Clingsot Circle, Newnan, for probation violation.
Brandon Endsley, 29, of Parkway Drive North, Newnan, for DUI and driving the wrong way.
Leon Demsha Redding, 23, of Pine Circle, Fayetteville, for failure to appear and simple battery.
Ivan Martinez Garcia, 18, of North Meade, Peachtree City, for no license, defective exhaust and window tint violation.