PTC Info & Issues – March 22


Lots going on or on the horizon in Peachtree City this week – leash laws, cell towers, transportation plans, and more!

Leash Law & Cell Towers Workshop April 12 – Council will hold a workshop to continue discussions on potential changes to Peachtree City’s leash law (including possible elimination of the “voice command” option and restrictions on unattended tethering of dogs)

and on the location for future cell phone towers (note – no applications have been received for future towers, but the providers have been working with the City and the public to identify coverage needs, appropriate zoning, and available and appropriate sites). Because the regular date for Council Workshops falls during Spring Break, Council will hold a workshop on Monday, April 12, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. The cell tower discussion will include the Planning Commission, and this workshop is on the Monday of the regular Planning Commission meeting. The public is welcome to come and provide input on both of these issues.

Fayette County Transportation Plan Informational Meeting on March 30 – Fayette County is finalizing its Fayette Forward Comprehensive Transportation Plan. This meeting will include the results of their work (and the public workshops in 2008 and 2009) and provide time for the public to comment on their recommendations. The meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 30, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. at the Fayette County Commission Chambers in Fayetteville.

50th Anniversary Historic Sculpture Project – On Thursday, March 18, the Mayor and Council approved an increase in the 50th Anniversary Historic Sculptures fundraising goal. The project is being financed entirely through private funding and has received $21,500 in donations toward the $25,000 cost for the first phase. Phase 1, which was approved in 2009, consists of busts of two of Peachtree City’s historic figures, Joel Cowan and Floy Farr, by sculptor Andy Davis. Phase II will include a “pre-history” Founders’ Corner and a timeline of Peachtree City milestones around the plaza and fundraisers are seeking an additional $35,000 to implement this phase. More information & conceptual design . . .

Online vehicle auction – Three undercover Police vehicles will be available for bid at beginning Thursday, March 25. The auction will remain online for approximately 1 week. Go to and search by QAL # 818.

Spring Yard & Garden Show on Saturday, April 24 at Shakerag Knoll – Vendor spaces still available for gardening and landscaping specialists and retailers – booth prices start at just $45.00! Vendor application . . .

Note: Rain last week continued to delay the final paving on all projects – paving will take place as soon as the weather permits (hopefully this week).
Flat Creek Bridge Approaches. Paving partially complete, delayed due to rain.
CSX Bridge / Path Connections. Paving delayed due to rain.
Police Department Entry Drive. Paving delayed due to rain.
Paschall / Willow / Hwy 74 Tunnel & Path Connections. Pre-construction meeting with contractor held on March 18. Menlo Park easement acquired. Post Office easement pending (estimate 2 more weeks to finalize). Construction still scheduled to begin in April.
Huddleston Pond Playground & Benches. With the increased rain this past year, the benches and playground have been prone to flooding. These will be moved to higher ground in the same area in the coming two weeks.
Wisdom Road Stormwater Project. NEW PROJECT APPROVED MARCH 18– The City is estimating a 45 day construction period to replace the culvert under Wisdom Road across from Peachtree City Elementary & Riley Field and to restore the road and path shoulder on the opposite side. The project will require intermittent lane closures during the construction period, but the contractor will work to avoid any impact on school drop off and pickup times. The road will be closed the full week of Spring Break.