Daycare center owner blocks state road crews


For Starr’s Mill Academy owner Glenn Dinofer, it was a matter of work crews keeping their word and not creating an imposition on his customers.

Dinofer took matters into his hands Monday by using his buses to block bulldozers being used for the widening of Ga. Highway 74. That move came after the work that was to be done over the weekend adjacent to the driveway of his childcare facility was not finished, creating a problem for parents dropping off their children.

“They are trying to destroy our business. These are moms trying to drop off their kids and get to work,” Dinofer said Tuesday morning.

Highway work crews were supposed to complete the work adjacent to the center’s driveway by 7 p.m. Saturday and no later than Sunday, Dinofer said. But Monday morning came and the bulldozers were still sitting next to the driveway.

“They were going to crush the concrete at the edge of the driveway with cars driving right by it in the parking lot,” Dinofer said. “That was too dangerous with cars being so close to the bulldozers so I blocked them during our rush hour from 6-9 a.m.”

Dinofer said a supervisor with Georgia Dept. of Transportation came to the location and said he would call police, but that did not happen. Meantime, Dinofer moved his buses just before 9 a.m.

Dinofer decided he would call the law himself. He said officers arrived but told him there was nothing he could do about making the work crews move the equipment.

“I was guaranteed to be ready for business Monday morning,” Dinofer said of his action. “So I stood up for the parents and my business and stopped them myself.”