Bookmarks of Blessings


    Kay Jones’ parents were flipping channels after the earthquake in Haiti and she asked them to stop on the coverage. She, like many, was struck by the devastation she saw and wanted to do something to help. Her idea was to make and sell bookmarks to raise money to donate.

    “I have a lot of stickers, strings, stamps and beads and my mom let me use some of her scrapbooking stuff,” said Jones. “Some of the stamps have bible verses and others are pictures of Mother Teresa.” She called them ‘Bookmarks of Blessings’ and soon she was selling them to friends at school and at church. Proud of her daughter’s actions, Kay’s mother, Erin, posted some news on Facebook and orders from friends came pouring in from all over the country.

    “We’ve shipped them to people in Indiana and Seattle, Washington,” said Jones, who stated that she has been making big batches of bookmarks for several works, putting in three or four hours at a time. The money Jones raises will go to Haiti through a program at her church, First Baptist of Peachtree City.

    The bookmarks aren’t the only way she’s been helping out. Like many children in the area, she has also participated in fundraising drives at her school. She is in the third grade at Kedron Elementary. When asked why she thinks so many kids like her have jumped at the chance to help the earthquake victims, she answered, “They have had a big earthquake and two aftershocks and it’s important to help them.”

    “We had no idea how big this would get,” said Erin Jones. “She’s sold a lot just by going door to door and the rest has spread through word of mouth.” Jones also addressed some Sunday School classes at her church. So far, she has raised over $600 with her bookmarks, which sell for $5 a piece.

    “This just goes to show that everybody can do something to help,” said Erin Jones.

    If you would like to buy one of Kay Jones’ Bookmarks of Blessings, phone 770-631-1127.