Senior citizen discounts

It has taken my entire life to get here, but finally it’s happened and it’s better than even I could’ve imagined. I received the designation “Senior Citizen” last Wednesday, bestowed upon me by cashier number one at our local grocery store. She asked if I qualified for the discount, and I replied that I would […]

A life-changing decision

Standing in the middle of the football field, wearing nothing but well-worn tennis shoes, shorts and a tank top in 35-degree weather, I knew I had to make a life-changing decision. My option: either stand there and freeze to death, or, for the first time in my life, quit something that I had started and […]

Once in a lifetime

Our trip of a lifetime actually starts in our basement. Not really a strange place to start a trip because we actually live in our basement. Why? Well, there are two reasons, and they are as cute as they can be. Our two granddaughters live upstairs. Ours is a unique family situation, but that’s a […]

On alert, unsleeping, a quarter past 3

It’s a quarter past 3 in the morning, outside temperature has dipped to below 30 degrees, and I must stay awake because it’s a matter of life and death. Sounds of the night reach through walls of our home bringing with them a unique picture of the outside world occurring under the cloak of darkness. […]

The first dance

Confession is good for the soul, so here goes. My first confession: there’s another lady in my life younger than The Wife. Our relationship started with a brief encounter in a crowded room what seems now to be a lifetime ago. Since then we’ve spent a lot of time together. Now, my other lady and […]

A comedy of errors

It was a simple request from The Wife: could I repaint the bathroom? Now looking back, the request was anything but simple. Who knew it would start a series of events that can only be described as a comedy of errors? It started early Saturday morning. It ended nine hours later with over $1,200 spent, […]

A time before light sabers

A long, long time ago on an old familiar street not so far away, a brave young group of kids banded together to fight off all adversaries — both of this world and worlds beyond. Enemies came in all shapes, sizes, and species. Some attacked the brave band of Flamingonites by crawling, others by flying, […]

The destroyer of toys

Question: Just how long will the joy of Christmas last in a toy? Answer: right up until it breaks. The time it takes for a toy to break depends on three factors. First, what kind of toy it is. Second, how well it has been constructed. And third, whether or not you have a resident […]

The very grumpy raindrop

There was only one thing that separated him from all the other happy raindrops – he wasn’t. He was grumpy. Why all the other raindrops calling his cloud home were terminally happy, he really had no idea. “What’s the sense of it all,” he thought. “We start off small, grow up by joining together, then […]

One day like tomorrow

For this, my last column of the year, I’ll do something different. Instead of looking into the past for a story, I’ll simply look down in order to look into the future. Last night Sweet Caroline asked if her Papa could rock her to sleep and tell her a story. Happy to do both, with […]