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Haddix to seek re-election

Following his annual “State of the City” address to the Peachtree City Rotary Club Thursday, Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix announced that he indeed will seek a second term in the November election.

Haddix specifically cited tax increases, added debt and the dissolution of the city’s development authority as matters that “need to be corrected to move the city forward.”

“They know I keep my word and work to accomplish my agenda,” Haddix said.

Haddix has had a heated relationship with his fellow council members, and his campaign website is already up and running with material that is highly critical of councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch, his only announced opponent so far.

Haddix and his fellow council members have failed to see eye to eye on a number of issues but perhaps most critically on the budget. Haddix has advocated for staving off property tax increases, but was unable to recommend specific cuts to the budget to accomplish that goal. Instead, Haddix has appointed a committee of volunteers who are studying city spending and seeking citizen input on what should be prioritized along with a millage rate.

Haddix and the rest of council have also clashed continually over the city having to pay more than $10,000 to defend and settle a libel lawsuit filed by former Mayor Harold Logsdon stemming from an email Haddix sent to a city employee in which Haddix claimed Logsdon was “part drunk” at council meetings.

Council in May voted to dock Haddix’s pay to help reimburse the city for the expenses, but they restored his salary, including back pay, in December after Haddix threatened to file a lawsuit challenging their action, which he argued was not authorized by the city charter.

Despite the clashes with his fellow council members, Haddix told Rotary members that he has been able to score some victories including changes at the city amphitheater and tennis center that saved about $500,000 a year. Haddix also noted that the former development authority, before it was disbanded, helped redevelop the Kedron and Braelinn shopping centers, the Fresh Market grocery store “and enabled the desires of Kroger to expand their Braelinn store.”

Haddix also cited victory on making changes to “city staff and structures” that he sought in 2011, though he noted those changes involved a struggle with some on city staff and some council members.

“It has been a great honor to serve Peachtree City, first as a councilman and now as mayor,” Haddix said. “Having taken everything into consideration and in respect to all those who asked me to run again, I am announcing my candidacy for re-election as mayor.”

In his state of the city address, Haddix noted the accolades the city received the past year including the designation from Bloomberg Businessweek as “Best place to raise kids in Georgia” and from Reader’s Digest as having the “Most Interesting Parade.”

Haddix also noted that more than four miles of cart paths were improved, the city also repaved north Peachtree Parkway, much of Dividend Drive in the industrial park and several other city streets, though the city is now out of sales tax money used to fund the projects, an issue that will be “of great and costly concern for the future.”

Another financial issue gripping the city is the identification of $62 million in stormwater repairs with no money leftover to fund them. City officials have previously said they are studying an increase in the annual stormwater fee assessed on all parcels in the city.

Haddix said the reorganization of the police department by the elimination of three captain positions “has saved over $300,000 while improving efficiency and operations.” and that the city saw a 40 percent reduction in DUI-related crashes according to police data while serious crimes increased by 2.58 percent.

Haddix also cited the fire department’s work to keep and improve a volunteer force to supplement career members along with the department’s successful public education efforts.

In the area of recreation, Haddix noted improvements in turf management at the city’s baseball, soccer and lacrosse fields along with the resurfacing of various city public tennis courts and the replacement of the Kedron pool bubble enclosure. The tennis courts and bubble replacement were funded by the city’s $3 million facilities authority bond, Haddix noted.

The mayor also said he is looking forward to the results of the work of a citizen “needs assessment committee” that is preparing an unbiased survey to help with strategic planning on taxes and spending. Haddix noted that he appointed all of the citizens who applied for the position in an attempt to prevent bias.



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<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Just went thru your re-election website. Attack after attack, after attack. No one believes this dribble.

Suggestion for a new forum item: "Part Drunk". I want to understand why you felt the need to slander someone using the city computer.

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He really is easy to understand when you apply that description to his every deed. The Car Talk guys coined that phrase for themselves as self-mockery, but they were just clowning around. I'm afraid "Unencumbered by the thought process" is SOP for STM.

Live free or die!

Your website asks one to register in order to post or ask questions. I tried to register, but this application states that it is disabled by the administrator.

Did you not proof your site before opening?

The posting of your website violates the posting rules for this website. "Spammers and posters who link to offsite urls are subject to being blocked from further use of the website."

Some people simply have no shame. Petty politics, massive ego's, and the office of Peachtree City Mayor seems to draw both.

You have got to be kidding me, dont think you have a chance and I will do all I can to persuade all my friends to VOTE for your opponent. I have an idea , move to a neighboring county and run for public office

Larry, Curly and Moe? Dont forget Mike, too funny.

Hope everyone takes the time to get to know the candidates, attend ralleys drop in on them and talk, do what's necessary for your own personal veting...Makes me realize perhaps not too many of you did that if you voted for our current Mayor.

God Bless

that I did not vote for the current Mayor.

The mayor and each councilmember AT LARGE are elected by the entire community. Each person sitting on the podium is elected by all of us.This means that "city council", including the mayor, must work by consensus and under majority rule.

Haddix continues to pursue a minority agenda ignoring majority rule. Example is his obsession with DAPC and declaring it part of his re-election agenda!

Contrary to the majority rule who defunded and closed DAPC he disrupted city government when he intentionally ran off Joey Grisham, our city economic development manager AND for 3+ years completely disrupted Economic Development which is one of our most important Peachtree City programs.

Now that PTC's economic development is under FCDA and is beginning to show signs of life with the announcement of CALPIS opening in the city, he wants to re-raise the DAPC again.

Haddix does not accept our form of government and majority does not rule in his eyes!

If the citizens re-elect Haddix, PTC Economic Development will be thrown back into disarray yet again for another 4 years because he will fight with a new council against majority rule to revive DAPC while FCDA waits for direction, guidance and assistance from our council in reaching out to prospective companies. Also, no company will want to move here and FCDA will not focus on PTC with this disuptive mayor fighting council for another 4 more years.

Don Haddix's ego, disruptive and combative personality issues have crippled Peachtree City and has also brought a number of lawsuits at taxpaper expense.

Need more proof? Just read his blog and see his attack on Ms. Fleisch. What you read is what you get. He shows no leadership skills and is incapable of getting along with others. He will continue to fight for his own viewpoint and will disrupt PTC government in an effort to win. This is what he has done for 4 years. His record speaks for itself. This is not leadership. This is not healthy for the growth of Peachtree City.

If you want more of the same which is lack of any progress, continued fighting and attacks and more "bad press" in Atlanta and all over Georgia which contributes to further paralyzing our city, vote for Don Haddix again. Otherwise, seek out a real leader with intelligence and sanity.

Don Haddix's picture

<cite>This means that "city council", including the mayor, must work by consensus and under majority rule.</cite>

The City Charter and the GMA Handbook are posted on the website. Please show where your claim is supported. Especially when GMA says while consensus is good, one must stand up for their promises to their constituents and their conscience first.

I do enforce all that is passed and law. I do not have to support the majority position. Nor am I barred from trying to change laws and policies.

Who says on a new Council I will not be in a majority position? Of course, you and the others would then argue against the majority.

<cite>Don Haddix's ego, disruptive and combative personality issues have crippled Peachtree City and has also brought the highest number of lawsuits at taxpaper expense.</cite>

Show your data to support those claims.

As far as bad press in Atlanta, I remind you those on Council attacking me were called "Divas," etc in the AJC. Plus they angered people by backing Ken Steele, Jack Smith, the TSPLOST, etc.

As far as "all over Georgia?" Yep, I have had a lot of feedback from other cites. They all said stand up to the Councilmembers.

Leadership is standing up for what is right and fighting for it. It isn't rolling over when opposed.

Have fun replying. Those who have any historical knowledge of the blogging of you and the others here know all about you.

You have every right to have a different view on issues. But creating false claims? That you do not have a right to do.

Now, anyone reading the blogs will see your statements and mine. They can decide for themselves.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Don you're right about one thing and that being folks can decide for themselves, and please don't characterize yourself as a model of leadership because we both know you're far from it. Leadership is better defined as guiding or directing a group, not solely standing up for what you perceive as right. Many would view you as obstinate, especially in those instances you were proven wrong and simply refused to alter your stance.

Leadership is acting in a manner in which others would emulate while earning the trust of those with whom you work, can you honestly state that you have?

Leadership is being sound of character and accepting both the strengths and weaknesses of others, can you actually state that your numerous letters to the editor have reflected such?

Leadership is an ongoing process of giving credit where due while possessing the humility of avoiding the spotlight, can you actually state that you have?

Honestly answer these three simple questions to yourself, and you might just learn that you have a long way to go before you can be characterized as a leader.

Please remember that those who read these blogs also know you repeatedly lie when you post here.
Including the incident involving Joey Grisham and your wife at Fresh Market where you repeatedly lied that she said nothing when she had and you knew it

Just one of many lies and 1/2 truths you have told here.

Don, you have no credibility and when you took the $12,000 in taxpayer money you lost public trust.

No political party will support or endorse you. You're politically shunned!

Your opponents and the voters will speak very loudly.

on this site. Yet, I must admit I find it hard to put much stock in someone who posted under someone else's name for a period of time and only stopped when you were caught and banned from this site for a time. I know you have chastised me for bringing this up before saying you have regretted that you did it and have apologized. The only problem Mr. Sussburg is that you only regretted it after being caught which reminds me too much of all the politicians, religious leaders, etc., who are always regretful and remorseful after being caught. What is hard for me to swallow is how often you come on here and accuse someone of lying. Pot meet kettle. To do something so wrong, get caught, apologize, say you are sorry and then go on time after time accusing someone else of lying smacks of lack of character or at least lack of memory.

You must have been waiting for such a long time to make your statement. I hope that you feel good and glow in the warmth of your words.

Unfortunately, you are not totally correct because it was I who contacted Mr Beverly and told him what I had done.

I did that after confronting the person who gave me that name and password and after admitting it was stolen, I contacted Cal. I also knew it was not a punishable offense and could have remained silent with out consequences but I elected to step forward because it was wrong. Shame on me for accepting that alias name and password.

So, contrary to your tale, I was not "caught".

You can email Cal to confirm if you wish.

As for this upcoming mayoral election which is the real issue, I would have never taken $12,000 from the citizens and I would never repeatedly tell lies like our current mayor or verbally attack a city employee like Joey Grisham at Fresh Market.

I accept your critical comments, but please get your facts straight.

Was I caught, then confessed, NO

Did I steal the alias name and password, NO

Am I guilty of accepting the alias and password thinking it was someone's family member and posting using another name and violating The Citizen's policy, YES

Lack of character for doing so, YES

Stand up and admit the truth, on my own recourse because it was wrong not "caught" as you claim, YES

Thank you

remember, I brought this subject up once before. And I do believe there was already a search on for the person who was using another's name, after the real owner of that name made it known that they had not sent those posts. Several times you have stessed here that you always use your own name and not a blog name---I was pointing out that this has not always been the case as it has not always been the case that you were honest and truthful in what you had posted. The thing that bothers me is the holier than thou attitude you present on occasion. As for the real issue here, I believe above all it should be honesty--and you did use someone's name more than once without their knowledge and/or approval. Constantlty pointing out someone else's perceived fault when you have been guilty of that fault seems, well, dishonest. Just posting my feelings as does everyone else on this site.

First you need to be honest with yourself... You are known for stalking people on this blog and pointing out everyone's flaws. Then, when you decide you dislike them, you really rev it up. Please be honest with yourself and accept that truth.

Your attacks on Mad Mike, Eric Imker, DM, and when I was thrown off the blogs, you had a field day at my expense for 3 for 4 days at least.

As for my errors, dishonesty whatever you want to call it, I actually posted 2 times and as soon as it was reported to Cal and he contacted Greenbelt and posted the results on The Citizen On Line, I confronted the individual and went directly to Cal.

I never asked for forgiveness and I was never caught as you describe. I did what was right on my own, after finding out the truth knowing I would never get caught but I played a part in something very dishonest which is why I fessed up.
As I have said, ask Cal yourself, but that not what you are really interested in.

My focus is and will continue to be on Mayor Haddix and the policies and problems that this city is plagued with as a direct result of him. He has attacked many council members, city employees and bloggers with 1/2 truths and lies. Not 1 or 2, but many. Feel free to call that "holier than thou" but the realities of what he has done and it's impact on people and the city effects us all.

I will continue to voice my opinion, on this and other issues like ESPLOST. Each time I do feel free to call me a liar, a cheat, dishonest...whatever makes you feel good but I will speak up on the issues at the appropriate times.

I have never considered myself perfect, "holier than thou" and I am filled with errors, mistakes and sin. I am always open to critcism and improvement and try to do the right thing even when I do something stupid like Greenbelt.

So go ahead be "holier than thou" all over me! I am a very easy target..have at it.

But, if you are a PTC resident, please pay close attention to this campaign and the issues so we all vote for the right person in November, who ever that might be.

Thank you.

honest. When have I ever"stalked" anyone? When I 'go after" ( your words) someone it is usually someone who has 'gone after' others. As for Mad Mike--he was the one who started on me- and he gave as good as he got. It was give and take on both sides as it has been with several people on this site. I did not hear him complain. My opinions about Mr. Imker were in reply to things he had posted. As for DM--she too has always given as good as she got and she has never complained. In fact, in most instances I have been replying to statements made by other bloggers---that is usually what is done here and on other blogs and when I see people constantly attacking anyone regardless of the subject I say what I think. As I have said before if you feel you can do better than someone who is serving in any capacity-put your money where you mouth is and put yourself out there or work to put someone you think better qualified in office. As others have stated here, there are some who mention Haddix' name regardless of the subject--I have not been the only one to remark on this. There is quite a bit wrong with all of the City Council--they all need to act maturely and for the best interests of the city-none of them have been exemplary in their behaviour. I will use my vote to help put who I consider will do the best job for Peachtree City in office and yes, I am a resident, a long time resident. And, unless I am told I am doing something wrong by Mr. Beverly I will continue to voice my opinion as I see fit-- Thank you!

Of course you believe you are honest with yourself! As for stalking and criticizing people, you actually answered your own question in your response. I gave you a few names I remembered and you have criticized all of them. You just jumped in and criticized them based upon your value system but none of them asked you.... Hmmmm.

Meanwhile, It's not a good feeling being put on the defensive, is it? Try to remember that in the future and when you attack someone, and most of all have your facts straight. You didnt when you decided to tear out after me with your "holier than thou" opinion. It's ok though, I'm a big boy and can handle it.

As for putting my money where mouth is, I did with ESPLOST and if you search back you will find the answer to that regarding this election.

And, as for the election, I am glad to hear you will vote, that's very important.

Lets end this discussion now. Mr King and Mr Garlock tell me you are a nice person when they meet you for coffee. However if you feel the urge to keep attacking me, feel free.

All the best.

are so misguided. I am not 'attacking' you. I am stating my feelings as to the things you post, as many do. I feel it is not an attack to question someone who dwells on honesty regarding others when they themselves have been dishonest. Simple.

As for voting, I have voted in every election since I have been of voting age. I believe it is important to vote on and for the things that are of importance to your community, your state and your country. I also know that I would not be a good candidate for office and therefore I do not put myself out there. I study everything about the candidates and the issues. I vote for whomever I consider the candidate/s who wil do the most good. Sometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong. I will continue to cast my vote where I feel it does the most good and thank the people who do put themselves out there and run. I will also go to the polls and vote against anyone whom I feel has not lived up to their promises who is running for re-election. I feel this is the way it should be done.

I have never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Garlock, but do admire his writng and his views. I mostly agree with him but there are times I do not (assault weapons for one) but he always presents a well thought out article and/or rebuttal. He is truly a gentleman and always a pleasure to read. I have had the pleasure of meeting Mike King and sharing coffee/adult beverage with him and other bloggers on several occasions and have always enjoyed him and our conversations tremendously. As Mr. King can attest, I do not have fangs and horns.

Mr. Sussburg, I write what I think and what I feel as you seem to do. Why should you have that right, yet feel I shouldn't? Believe me, I can take anything anyone on this blog wants to throw at me--and I do not go on the defensive. I state facts as I see them. Everyone else on this site seems to understand and accept that.

I, like you, see no reason to continue this discussion. but I will say if I read something that I think is wrong I will not hesitate to remark on it--as you do. Thank you.

suggarfoot's picture

and thought it "ok"? You posed as someone else and thought that ok? Someone gave you another's password and name and you posted as them?

I don't kmow where to start on that one. When I was remarking on the way Smith, Smola, Wright, and Sullivan, felt the school system should run like money was no limit, it seems someone blogged on here under my real name, singing their praises! I complained to Cal also and he blocked them. Then I started getting hate mail from Alonzo Cowbelle",, making remarks about myself and my child, ofcourse, untraceable unless I wanted to spend money.

I hit a nerve, and a coward stepped forward to defend themselves in the only way they felt comfortable. I really can't believe you felt it "ok" to do the same. I have no respect for you sir.

Did you get the name and password from any of the above mentioned or their friends? (Just wondering)

The answer to your question is No...

People make mistakes, I surely did.

I am sorry to hear that you received such emails, I'm currently receiving them from a gmailer about the PTC mayor and prior to that, from another g-mailer when I defended the appointed Chair of the FCBOE followed by support for the ESPLOST.

Seems to an unfortunate problem in Fayette targeted at people who passionately express their opinions.

suggarfoot's picture

I understand, people do make mistakes.

suggarfoot's picture

who was he posting as before?

Try "Greenbelt"

got hit by that flu bug and then too, I am rather computer challenged so it has taken me a while to get info for you. Here is one of the places with explanation: remains


- from Wikipedia = "Leadership has been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task".[1]"

- from "Concepts of Leadership" = "Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent"

- from "The Business Dictionary" = "Leadership involves
(1) establishing a clear vision,
(2) sharing that vision with others so that they will follow willingly,
(3) providing the information, knowledge and methods to realize
that vision, and (4) coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all members and stakeholders."

"LEADERSHIP is a dynamic relationship based on mutual influence and common purpose between leaders and collaborators in which both are moved to higher levels of motivation and moral development as they affect real, intended change. (Kevin Freiberg and Jackie Freiberg, NUTS! Southwest Airlines' Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, Bard Press, 1996, p. 298)"

No where do I find your defination of leadership

Bad Press...first page of Google

-CBS News Atlanta:
"Council Member: ‘Stupid’ comment cost tax payers thousands"
In the day and age of emails, and an unlimited connection to the outside world, one Peachtree City Council Member said Mayor Don Haddix should have been smarter about his word choices.

In February of 2011, Haddix sent city email in relation to a city council agenda item that got him in a lot of trouble.

The direct quote was towards the former mayor, XCNXN XLKXHNN. Haddix said the quote was inappropriate and only used to strengthen his point that extending alcohol sales past midnight on Fridays and Saturdays was a bad idea."

no where did I find "divas".

I agree that people who blog "know all about me"...and that's ok, some have already responded here and that's ok too. However, I stepped forward when I was wrong, you could have and returned the $12,000 you took from the taxpayers but you didn't.

Now, as for the issues:

1-What's your plan on economic development. Specific for year 1,2,3,4 in a new term as mayor. Set clear goals as to the # of new companies for the industrial park and office space and # of new retailers filling retail space.

2-Plan of execution of the economic development plan - who, what, where, when how....complete layout and timetable.

3-Budget cuts - by department, who, what, where, how and why. Define objectives, savings and impact on the community.

4-4 year projected budget - identifying how money will be spend with a capital improvement/expenditures plan.

As a candidate you should have this information and be prepared to present it and hold yourself accountible to it every year in office. It's a 4 year plan that is then broken down by each year. It's what good business leaders do all the time in planning.

The citizens should expect this from you and the other candidates. Excel spreadsheet is fine.

Don Haddix's picture

Now that you have selectively quoted from corporate sources, where are your quotes from such as GMA, where they get down to more plain spoken language. Where they deal with having to hold public meetings rather than behind closed doors. I see nothing from them by you since nothing backed you.

You have tried to define leadership as capitulation to the majority. I reject that as failed thinking that is doing great harm to the nation.

Two can play the selective quoting game:

ht tp://

<cite> Regardless of the definition used, leadership must have a worthwhile purpose. Without a specific goal, leadership can degrade into an exercise in self-aggrandizement rather than mission accomplishment.</cite>

<cite>3. Courage. Courage is the quality that acknowledges fear but allows you to meet danger or opposition calmly and with firmness. You show moral courage by standing up for what is right even though it may not be popular or immediately advantageous to do so. Courage is developed when you:

Stand for what is right, even if it is unpopular. </cite>

You defend Vanessa Fleisch and the others because you are pro tax, in example. They stand for what you believe in. Your problem is you do it dishonestly with false accusations.

As far as your selective quotes from newspapers, I have the hard copy at home. There were pro and con articles in various sources. Of course, the con went with negatives presented and never came back when they were proved wrong. Sensational news gets reported. Boring, not so much.

Still remains a fact other cities were and are not happy with the Councilmembers in all of this.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

NUK_1's picture

Did you ever think for maybe a SECOND that you were THE PROBLEM and could not lead a starving man to food/water because of your total immaturity, lack of leadership and just being a total jackazz? Did that ever occur to you? Of course it didn't because you believe your own BS and lack anything resembling humility, grace or even intelligence.

You are a disgrace to PTC and anyone who who has tried to serve honorably and I cannot wait until you are gone. 11 more months until you can finally go away.

It all boils down to communication.

Your communication skills stink. This is the act or an instance of communicating; the imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feelings. If you can't convey your thoughts intelligently, then no-one listens.

Your interpersonal skills have a lot to be desired. This includes the ability to communicate well, to resolve problems, and to understand the needs and desires of other people. The last 3 years have been nothing but fighting, mostly started by you or when you don't get your way.

When you lack both of these skills, its hard to get people to follow you (Leadership), especially when you fight everything publicly in the papers and have to get the last word. You can have all the courage in the world, but in the end, you die without the support of others.

Campaign promises are great. Its what gets one elected. However, its a disservice to the people if you vote one way just because you made a campaign promise. There are times when the situation calls for a reverse. Courage is admitting why you were wrong.

Your re-election website is a disgrace for a sitting mayor. If hollers, that you can't convey and further your agenda and blame everyone but yourself. If you are that good, show us.

Prove us wrong over the next 10 months. Show us that you can convey an idea so that everyone understands what you are trying to accomplish. Explain the plan rationally. Show us that you can lead a small group of 4 people for the betterment of the city. We (the constituants) need to see that you can work well with the majority and minority and don't throw a fit every time you don't get your way.

You truly realize you are a pitiful few .....

You wrote, "If the citizens re-elect Haddix, PTC Economic Development will be thrown back into disarray yet again for another 4 years"

Thanks again, hope to chat in the voting line.

Politicians taking credit for things that happen on their watch is nothing new. But with The Megalomaniac taking credit for Bloomberg Businessweek naming PTC as “Best place to raise kids in Georgia”, Reader’s Digest naming PTC as having the “Most Interesting Parade" and a 40 percent reduction in DUI-related crashes according to police data, Donnie Darko has reached new heights in this long standing tradition. And with regards to the changes and improvements to City assets, those changes were the result of council's action and not him acting alone. Donnie wants to paint a pretty picture with this announcement. However with taxpayers on the hook for $10,000 due to his lawsuit, $62 million in stormwater repairs needed with no money available, City Hall in disarray with lawsuits and accusations of illegal behavior, continuing budget issues, the petty squabbling between him and Council and their inability to work together resulting in embarrassment and damage to our city's reputation, things aren't quite as rosy as the voices in his head (or Doug Sturbaum) is telling him. Cyndi Plunkett, Scott Bradshaw, Mike King, Terry Garlock, Randy Gaddo, Terry Ernst...please consider running for Mayor and let's get things turned around.

Will be a hoot to finally see a name and participant stand up. Pick any one of those and the rest be supportive. Could prove to be some interesting campaign ralleys and debates. Isn't this exciting?

You just never know. But if I did, I promise you would be the first to know.

ptctaxpayer's picture

Hang it up, Donnie. Yeah, the whole crew should be swept out but you are gonna get your ass kicked even if your only opponent is an organ grinder's monkey. Don't get me wrong--- I don't like the rest of council either. But you make Steve Brown look like a wise statesman. You and Pumpkin and your wife need to move or something.

Thank you for response. It proves the point perfectly. You are someone who can't see the forest through the trees!

You have failed our city in Leadership. It is evident by the turmoil that has followed you and your limited accomplishments.

It is for these reason and the $12,000 you took from the taxpayers that no political party will support or endorse you and you will lose this election.

This is the most telling statement.

"Haddix has advocated for staving off property tax increases, but was unable to recommend specific cuts to the budget to accomplish that goal. Instead, Haddix has appointed a committee of volunteers who are studying city spending and seeking citizen input on what should be prioritized along with a millage rate."

Mr. Mayor, We voted for you because we thought you could make decisions based on what is best for PTC. Yet you don't contribute any specific budget cuts to stave off a property tax increase. This says to me that you are not knowledgeable about the budget to make recommendations, are too lazy to attempt, or you will use these volunteers as pawns in your political game. (They make one single positive recommendation and you take credit, or they fail to come up with any possible savings and you blame them or council)

Mr. Mayor, noone wants any tax increase, but you either come to the table prepared to initiate cuts or don't cry foul when you left with another 4-1 vote.

Don Haddix's picture

Since it is inaccurate. Go back, read the Minutes and watch the streaming. Listen to what the City Manager said closely.

The City has been getting the band-aid approach for years, resulting in 1.622 in tax and debt increases with more proposed. It has not worked. My comprehensive/strategic approach has been rejected every year. Doug Sturbaum pushing for this kind of change was rejected.

When the majority is unwilling to see anything but tax increases and spending, PTC city is in trouble.

When they brag their approach is working, when it obviously isn't, it is clear they are not prepared to listen. So a new approach to get them to listen or new elected who understand is a must.

Bottom line is your attacking the one on Council who has been trying to change what is happening and defending those who are doing the damage.

To put it blunt, put two on that are also anti tax increase and see we need change, instead of electing more pro taxers, and things will change. Change that 4-1 to at least a 4-1 the other way.

Think about it, Councilman Dienhart says he is anti tax. Give him the chance to prove it. Put two in Council Posts that will work as a team with me and tell Staff to build on the Needs Assessment Committee results and get us an actual Plan that will work.

Or, are you more interested in just continually complaining?

Fleisch is solidly pro tax and spend. A new comer is no guarantee they will keep their promises of no tax increase. Just look a Imker, Fleisch and Learnard for proof of that.

If Imker had kept his promises and voted with Doug Sturbaum and me in 2010 there would have been no tax increase. Change would have been forced. But, he didn't. He went with the status quo.

Same in 2012, this time Dienhart voted against the tax increase, a 3-2 vote yet again.

Everyone on the Dais is responsible for their own vote. No one was elected to be told how to vote by any single person or the majority. It is irresponsible to vote for any other reason that it is the right vote on any given Agenda Item.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

This should be simple.

Did you or did you not come to the table and propose any tax cuts before the last budget was approved? It states here you didn't. If yes, please share these ideas.

If you didn't propose any cuts and we were left at status quo, than your voting against a tax increase was just rhetoric.

Sir with respect you cant deal with these .......... (sorry i am lost for an adjective).... here on this blog.

Invite this outspoken........, again lost for a nice adjective...... to city hall, as a concerned citizen he or they will meet you. This group certainly do not have their facts together or they would request an appointment.

Although their place to mumble, as we all know, is the local eatery where they were selling bumper stickers that reflect their intelligence and second preferred forum to stir it among the fearless five. Certainly they seem to think they have answers but none are tossing their hat in the ring, nor will they, we all know this type. Moan and gripe, get a few laughs,waddle home after the grease and gravy, and feel "job well done" they all agreed with one another.

NUK_1's picture

I understand that some people such of yourself need to worship another human being and all, but maybe you need to think about that in depth as it relates to some stooge now holding the office of Mayor.

Maybe you could actually LISTEN and understand why so many people have a problem with our Mayor instead of being the Amen Choir and drooling over him. The only thing you contribute at all is "GO MAYOR AND HATE THOSE NAYSAYERS" and never say a damn reason as to why. Why should anyone pay any attention to that?

Don Haddix's picture

I will leave that part unanswered. But thanks for the support.

No, none have asked to sit and talk as individuals or a group on the issues.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mr. Haddix

I would love to have a sit down meeting with you. Let me know what day and time.

Let's discuss the current issues and what your plan is for the next 4 years. Actually, my vote is still open assuming there is a change on how things are done.

I can reserve the meeting room at Starbucks next to SteinMart, How about January 28 or January 30 anytime after 6PM.

Please let me know. You can bring a friend/supporter. Let's be open and sincere with each other.

Anyone else interested in attending?

Thank you.

Larry Sussberg

Don Haddix's picture

The 28th I have a Rec Meeting and the 30th a Piedmont Health Needs Assessment meeting. Right now the rest of week after 6:00 is open. Let me know soon before I get more meetings.

Agree, open, honest and sincere. Really no value for anyone to be there to just throw bombs.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

How about Monday the 28 at 8:30AM?

Don Haddix's picture

That I can do. Starbucks still?

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Mayor Haddix, request you re-think this invitation outside of City Hall.

Don Haddix's picture

I cannot use City Hall for an election meeting. It is illegal.

If both Sussberg and I bring tape recorders, that should ensure an honest meeting with no shenanigans afterwards, claimed or otherwise, by either of us. If others show and it becomes obvious it isn't an honest meeting I will leave immediately.

Thanks for the concern.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I'm not bringing one..but be my guest if it makes you feel safe.


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