A time before light sabers

A long, long time ago on an old familiar street not so far away, a brave young group of kids banded together to fight off all adversaries — both of this world and worlds beyond. Enemies came in all shapes, sizes, and species. Some attacked the brave band of Flamingonites by crawling, others by flying, […]

The destroyer of toys

Question: Just how long will the joy of Christmas last in a toy? Answer: right up until it breaks. The time it takes for a toy to break depends on three factors. First, what kind of toy it is. Second, how well it has been constructed. And third, whether or not you have a resident […]

The very grumpy raindrop

There was only one thing that separated him from all the other happy raindrops – he wasn’t. He was grumpy. Why all the other raindrops calling his cloud home were terminally happy, he really had no idea. “What’s the sense of it all,” he thought. “We start off small, grow up by joining together, then […]

One day like tomorrow

For this, my last column of the year, I’ll do something different. Instead of looking into the past for a story, I’ll simply look down in order to look into the future. Last night Sweet Caroline asked if her Papa could rock her to sleep and tell her a story. Happy to do both, with […]

The Christmas Train

Sometimes the further you get away from childhood, the harder it is to remember things that happened. Not so for one childhood memory from our time living at 110 Flamingo Street. Though it’s been almost 50 years, I remember it like it was yesterday. Lucky for me, being a writer, a lot of what I […]

The perfect hiding place

Dear Reader, I have a problem. Depending on whom you ask — like my brothers — some folks will say I have a multitude of them. But those problems aren’t the one I’m writing about. If you’re reading this and you have children, then you might have this problem too: Where do you hide all […]

Holiday mistakes: What not to do

They say past performance is indicative of future performance. I certainly hope not because my performance during the Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t need repeating. But before the big guy comes bounding down the chimney with his big bag of gifts, we need to look at the holiday mistakes we’ve made so we don’t make them again. […]

It’s all Big Bird’s fault

Children shows today like Blaze and the Monster Machines, PAW Patrol, Wallykazam!, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora the Explorer and many more teach kids math, science, Spanish, English, and problem solving skills. A precursor to these shows premiered back in 1969 with a giant yellow bird with big orange feet who has danced and sung his […]

The Magnificent

As far as he knew, he was the only one of his kind. In his entire life, he had seen no other like him in the forest. He was bigger, faster, and more powerful than all the rest. These were the first thoughts entering his mind each morning. Standing on the edge of the giant […]

Zoo insight

Some spend all of their lives running away from their past. Others are so focused on the future that the past is something they just can’t see anymore. For me, it seems the further I get away from my past, the closer I actually get back to it. For example, last weekend The Wife, our […]