An unhealthy obsession with climate change

On June 1 came the encouraging news that President Trump has decided the United States will exit the U.N. Paris climate agreement. The agreement imposes huge burdens while producing little or no impact on the global climate. From the outrage shared by the media, one would think Trump has doomed the world to certain destruction. […]

Who’s manipulating climate change data?

This [past] month in the U.S. Senate, Democrats took to the floor to attack national and state organizations that oppose their climate policies in what they called a “Web of Denial.” The Georgia Public Policy Foundation was among 22 signatories to a letter that denounced Democrats’ attack on free speech. But what about the so-called Web of […]

The Gulf oil spill: A drawn-out tempest in a teacup

The April 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was called catastrophic by many. President Obama declared, This oil spill is the worst environmental disaster America has ever faced; the National Resource Defense Council said, two years later, a people wronged and a region scarred remains. Five years later, what remains of […]

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