Culture wars: Please, no enemies

I knew at some point this article would have to be written, and for well over a year it has been something that has been on my heart to do, but out of fear, I have restrained myself from writing it. However, I sense that now is the time to address one of the more […]

An impending Millennials problem?

With the question of Millennials being in the news lately, I am reminded of a commercial that, quite frankly, makes me cringe every time I see it. It is a commercial that is a part of an ad campaign for HGTV’s latest “House Hunter” series, “Tiny House Hunters.” It shows a cute 20-something couple taking […]

Batman-Superman: Cultural sermon

This past weekend my husband decided to take me to the movies to see “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Thankfully, it was just the two of us, and not our entire family, because it is not a movie I would recommend for children under the age of 13 (or even 16 for that matter). […]

Easter in a divided country

I love Easter! I love the flowers and trees coming into bloom. I love the sunshine and the return of warmer air. I love the signs of new life in creation. Most of all I love the reminder of joy and love celebrated at the remembrance of Christ’s death and resurrection for the sake of […]

Bernie Sanders and the illusion of socialism

While driving the other day I saw a bumper sticker for Bernie Sanders, and I was reminded of a campaign rally where I saw him on television speaking before thousands of college students. It dawned on me that Bernie Sanders’ march towards socialism is gaining traction in this country — even in Fayette County, Ga. […]

A conversation about race

I don’t recall a time in my lifetime where our county or our country has been so racially divided. And while there may be those who are attempting to capitalize on this division, I think most citizens do not like seeing communities so divided. Whether it’s the seemingly perpetual saga regarding district voting within Fayette […]

The political lynching of Ben Carson

Long before he decided to run for the highest elected office in the country, long before his rise in the polls, long before the attacks on his character, Dr. Benjamin Carson has been an inspiration to me and my family. I’ll never forget the day when my eldest son had to choose someone for Black […]

District voting: Not so ‘common sense’

With November elections coming up, the case for district voting seems fairly clear-cut and virtually a matter of common sense. So much so that proponents often suggest that detractors must be racist who desire to oppress the black vote and maintain a political stronghold. They argue that if you live in a district you should […]

Celebrating work this Labor Day

As we celebrate Labor Day this week, I recall a conversation I had with my mother-in-law, who emigrated from Jamaica several decades ago. I asked her what drew her to America. She explained how she saw Americans working hard and achieving success. She believed that America was the land of opportunity, and that if she […]

Is human life not sacred?

Is human life not sacred?

There we were in the hospital waiting for the doctor to listen to the first heartbeat of the latest addition to our family. After four children, this had become a familiar routine for my husband and me, but somehow this one felt different. I didn’t feel the nausea I felt with the others, and I […]