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Radio talk show host warns of global Islamic agenda

More than 130 people filled the meeting room at The Carnegie in Newnan July 12 to hear radio talk show host and former pastor Dr. Jody Hice explain that Islam, far from being only a religion, is actually a totalitarian way of life that stands in opposition to the freedoms guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.

From one perspective and to some Muslims, said “Let Freedom Ring” radio show host Jody Hice, Islam is a religion where Allah is worshiped. But Islam is much more than a religion. It is a complete way of life that encompasses financial, judicial (through Sharia law), political, military and religious aspects of life, he said. That way of life, said Hice, stands in diametric opposition to the American belief in human rights based on Judeo-Christian concepts and the U.S. Constitution.

“Most people think Islam is a religion, It’s not. It’s a totalitarian way of life with a religious component. But it’s much larger. It’s a geo-political system that has governmental, financial, military, legal and religious components. And it’s a totalitarian system that encompasses every aspect of life and it should not be protected (under U.S. law),” Hice said.

Hice maintained that the civil liberties of Americans are jeopardized by the legal framework of Sharia law, citing examples of that legal system as one that permits honor killings, beheadings and female genital mutilation. He referenced 19 current cases dealing with Sharia law in 12 U.S. states.

“This is not a tolerant, peaceful religion even though some Muslims are peaceful. Radical Muslims believe that Sharia is required by God and must be imposed worldwide. It’s a movement to take over the world by force. A global caliphate is the objective,” said Hice.

“That’s why Islam would not qualify for First Amendment protection since it’s a geopolitical system,” Hice continued. “This is a huge thing to realize and I hope you do. This will impact our lives if we don’t get a handle on it.”

As examples, Hice cited accepted Islamic practices such as honor killings, decapitations, women being stoned for being accused or found guilty of adultery and men’s testimonies in court counting twice.

“These things are in no way compatible with the U.S. Constitution,” said Hice. “Islam and the Constitution are oceans apart.

Broadening the conversation pertaining to the potential introduction of Sharia law and other aspects of global Islam into the United States, Hice said there are 200 Islamic organizations in the United States that answer directly to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“It’s about controlling your behavior, when and where you can worship and legal issues. The number one threat is to our worldview and whether we chunk it for secularism or Islam,” Hice said. “So get involved and stay involved. Hold elected officials accountable and pray for our country.”

The June 12 event was sponsored by the Coweta County Tea Party Patriots.

A previous appearance by Hice came in April at the American Family Summit in Fayette County sponsored by the South Atlanta Tea Party Patriots.
Hice received a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Luther Rice Seminary in Atlanta.

According to his website, Hice served as Senior Pastor of Bethlehem First Baptist Church, in Bethlehem, Georgia from 1998 to 2010. In addition, he served as First Vice President of the Georgia Baptist Convention (2004-05) and Professor of Preaching at Luther Rice Seminary. Rice currently serves as President of Ten Commandments – Georgia, Inc., and Let Freedom Ring Ministries, Inc. He hosts a daily radio program entitled “The Jody Hice Show,” an outreach of LFR Ministries, a program dedicated to informing listeners of moral, Constitutional and religious liberty issues facing our nation. Hice is also the chairman of Peach Tea PAC, a political action committee dedicated to electing Christian leaders who are deeply committed to the Constitution, life, marriage, and other conservative values, the website said.



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Dr. Jody Hice spoke at a Coweta County TEA Party meeting, July 12, 2011 on the harm radical Islam is doing to America. His talk was very informative and Dr. Hice is well versed on Sharia Law and how the Islamists plan to destroy America from within.

Proud Citizen of Fayette County, Tyrone, Georgia. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life..John 3:16

.......except for some!

They are liable to get us!! Yes and so were the Blacks, the Asians, the Irish, the Hungarians, etc, the Catholics, The Mormons, and the Atheists and the "I don't knows."

They didn't and won't.

Why don't you go ahead and re-organize the KKK, NOWP, MMP (Montana Mountain People, the cave hoarders, segregation now, segregation forever, and many many more used in the past by ignorant and selfish groups.

While you're doing the "why don't yous", why don't you present some cogent facts to disprove that Tice (and coincidentally, Herman Cain) said---or would that just be totally out of character for you?

I don't know this Tice dude but I suspect that he is another of the right wing people who get paid by non-profits to spout Christianity and hatred of all other religions.

Herman Cain won't give any Muslims a job will he?

I remember that the WVA coal miners used to hate the "hunkies," "tallies," and of course the blacks for taking their jobs in the mines. They didn't like to participate in unions!

Those people have assimilated now and aren't recognizable as different!

All Muslims aren't out to kill you! About the same percentage as whites who want to kill them!

I find it sad that such a clear anti-Islamic bigot is being given such a loud voice. And that so many people are apparently listening to him. But even scarier than that is his comment that "Islam would not qualify for First Amendment Protection." Let's be clear, Islamic extremists are a very small percentage of the Islamic population and they are rejected by the much larger mainstream segment. And while stonings and beheadings and other violent incidents are deplorable, Sharia law has absolutely ZERO chance of being implemented in the US. Yes, there have been lawsuits made in the name of Sharia law and all them went completely no where. So let's all please distinguish between the extremists who wish to do us harm and the average Muslim who only wants to live their lives and practice their religion. The real threats to our safety and liberty are the people who throw out comments that certain groups "do not qualify" for the protections of our Constitution.

Caine and Hice are dangerous bigots. Anyone who listened to Caine on the radio would know that he is just another right wing radio buffoon. Remember his "intelligent thinkers" movement--whatever that was supposed to be. And he thinks he has the knowledge, character, and experience to be President of the United States!!! He certainly has a thick crust ego. And he pretty much writes Muslims out of American society and the protection of our Constitution.

I do not know Hines except from the newspaper articles. Sounds like another third string right wing conservative radio talker. (Is there no limit to the number of these fools?)

The poor gullible tea party folks listen to the bigotry and ignorance Caine and Hice and their ilk spew forth and wrap themselves in the American flag as "constitutionalists". How sad.


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“Most people think Islam is a religion, It’s not. It’s a totalitarian way of life with a religious component. But it’s much larger. It’s a geo-political system that has governmental, financial, military, legal and religious components.

Dear Bozo,

In case you are totally lacking in your knowledge of history, this is almost exactly what radical Muslims and many non-Christians view the Christian religion as, though they are more likely to use the word "imperialism" than "totalitarianism." Same goes with how Hitler felt and now militant so-called Muslims feel about Jews.

Every pathetic loser needs a target to hate and I guess Hice's is Muslims, though he does say that "some are peaceful." Decades ago, some real bigots said "some black people are OK" too.

What a crock of bigotry and fear.

PTC Observer's picture

What an appropriate picture.....

is it the start of something bigger? I am sure Mr. Hice hopes so.

Cyclist's picture

has burned any Qurans lately.

Now with that said, I wonder how France will accomodate Muslims regarding state secularity laws such as preventing Muslim girls from wearing a hijab/burqa at public schools.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

The more the TeaBaggers listen to you and the more Mickey Bachmann talks, the more Paleon's movie tanks, the more money the O-man raises to fight distorted lies, the more likely I see 4 more years to see that the job started can be pushed further along. There is no middle in the Repug party. There is no RAYgun's "Big Tent". There is only narrow minded fundamentalism w/ large doses of hypocrisy. Middle American women especially are going to wake up and realize that there is only 1 party to cast their lot & vote. PTC Bubble probably excluded.

I often think of Old Lodge Skins in 'Little Big Man'
"My son," says Old Lodge Skins to a recently returned Jack, "to see you again makes my heart soar like a hawk,"
That's how the TeaBaggars make me feel. Thank you Lord for sending them to us. Each & every Paleon, Bankermann, Raisin Cain.

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... that he would require Muslims to swear an oath to the Constitution, before hiring him in his cabinet if elected president. This requirement already exist, but actually for EVERYONE whom desires to hold such a position.

Article VI, Clause 3 states the following...

"The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States."

Some believe that Article VI above actually goes against Cains statements, because of it's wording of forbidding a "religious Test", however actually it supports him. It not a religious test, but a test of the person that follows Islam if they will swear an oath to the U.S. Constitution.

PTC Observer's picture

AND they must swear before God, this is difficult for a devout Muslim to do and lie about it.

Actually, a smart idea on Mr. Cain's part.

Not very smart for Caine!
Most of us are not for treating any person differently who is wanting appointment to a job! Hindu, Buddhist, Southern Baptist, Mormon, etc.

Would his special treatment not apply to whites and blacks?

Why would we want a President who would have severe troubles with most of the rest of the world due to attitude!

Next, he would start separating the rest of us!

fear of anyone who looks, acts or believes differently than they see the world.. Stop talking fear and loathing and do what religious people should do sit down and talk out differences.

With one billion + Muslims in the world - If 10 million are radical that's what 1 % - so condemn all ?

Neither enlightened or intelligent thinking from Hice.

George John Dasch and his Nazi pals landed in Long Island, NY and Ponte Vedra Beach, FL because they wanted a beach vacation.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were just innocent scientists.

The 9-11 hijackers were just practicing their flying lessons …

The fact that they all represented totalitarian philosophies is just a coincidence that no one who is not “from the right” should believe has any meaning whatsoever. It is much easier to pretend that everyone is nice and they don’t wish us any harm.

PTC Observer's picture

you're smarter than that. That's like saying we should all fear all Christians because some of them band together in order to overthrow the USA.

Let's focus on the people that make these threats and stop accusing everyone that happen to be in the same group with the wackos. You can't even control those that join the Republican party for crying out loud, should we choose to go after all Republicans because of a few?

It is true, and I have said it here before, that 1% of a billion people is a big problem, but let's not condemn them all.

What do you say Peter?

Obamatron's picture

This guy is a straight up idiot. The flaws with his argument for the whole basis of discrimination against Islam begins with his misconception (or lie. I'm just assuming this guy is ignorant of obscure US legal history and not a straight up liar) that the US is based on any kind of religion or religious values. Don't believe? How about we take a trip back to 1797 and check out one of the United State's first treaties with a foreign nation, specifically the Treaty of Tripoli. Article 11 states: "As the government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion [...]"

I'm pretty sure the government ratified that we are not based on Christianity right there. Don't believe it's real? You can read the full text on the link bellow

Next off he makes the assertion that because Sharia law is apart of Islam it somehow isn't protected under free speech (I know that's a gross oversimplification of what he said but I'm sure if you read the article or anything else by him you understand what I meant). If you think having religious law in one's holy book and having people willing to campaign for said religious laws to become state enforced laws is grounds to ban/expel/not protect a religion in the US, I'm afraid my religion will have to be denied first amendment protection. My last few times reading through Leviticus, Deuteronomy or Judges in my NIV Bible I came across a long list of religious law. Hell you can even come across some examples of it in the New Testament (though it's definitely not on the level of not being allowed to consume the meat of animals with cloven hooves or shellfish). If you want a comprehensive list of many religious laws modern day Christians ignore read through the three Books of Bible I listed.

The point I'm getting at though is just because a religion has such things included in its holy text does not mean we should deny this religion government protection down to its right to exist. If we banned every religion for ridiculous reasons like that we'd be a society of atheists. I've roomed with a Muslim before. I attended worship at his mosque during my 'finding myself' phase after I decided atheism wasn't the answer. They aren't a violent people. Much like Christians, Muslims of strong faith believe only God can judge. A vast majority of American Muslims (and when I say vast majority I mean almost all of them) don't want Sharia law enforced on government level anymore than me as Christian would want the laws laid down in Deuteronomy and Leviticus going through Congress.

There's also legal precedent for philosophies and religions to be exempt from the sedition exception to the first amendment. Take a look at Marxism. The whole Communist Manifesto is a time line of human civilization from the past to the future going from Primitive Communism, Despotism, Feudalism, Mercantilism, Capitalism, Socialism, and then Communism. Want to guess how Marx proposes the proletariat move from Capitalism to Socialism? Violent revolution against the capitalist oppressors and government. There are social groups, political parties, after school clubs at high schools and meetings about Marxist theory all over this country. I'd say that's a little worse than the Koran or Bible having religious law as part of their teachings. To the modern day man, Marxism is all about violent revolution against capitalist governments. That's the end game. The end game of religion is to worship their God or deities. You tell me which is worse? My point however is that in a post-Soviet United States a court has never upheld a ruling that denies a Marxist group first amendment protection.

But here's the biggest problem I have with his irrational ramblings. He was supporting Barrow County to fight the ACLU in court. Sounds like something he would do right? Well do you know what the case was over? Having the Ten Commandments hung in a court room? I'm stunned. Here is he is telling us we can let Islam exist in the US because they'll impose their religious law on us and it's compatible with the constitution? Let me hit you with some thoughts on that subject. First off wouldn't hanging the Ten Commandments in a court house in the United States kind of be implying that we're telling people we're enforcing religious law here? I mean get that we totally don't enforce 6 or 7 of the commandments depending on how you define covet but still the idea that this guy is okay with us hanging his religion's law in our country's court house when at the same time he's telling us another religion shouldn't be allowed here because, what? They're trying to do the same thing. But it's deeper than that according to Hice. They're law is incompatible with the Constitution. Kind of like how the first commandment is incompatible with the constitution because enforcing that would effectively kill any notion of the freedom of religion in our country? I guess you could argue that that's acceptable because we don't enforce that particular religious law or for the most part even attempt to enforce it.

Well you know what?

The Muslims of this country don't try to enforce their laws on us either.

Fear mongering, xenophobia and ignorance are what this man is selling. I also can't think of one reason why he is qualified to make the case against Islam that he does when he doesn't even have a B.A. in political science from a community college.

Down with the bourgeoisie! Long live the peoples of the proletariat!

Mike King's picture

Assuming you have a degree in political science making you an expert in all things relating to religions, what say you regarding 'honor killings' on US soil? Genitalia mutilation? Do you really require women to be covered completely? I won't mention jihad.

[quote]Assuming you have a degree in political science making you an expert in all things relating to religions[/quote]

Really? Political Science was my major. I admit it has been a long time since I was in college, but I would never claim my study of Political Science made me anywhere close to being an expert in religion. What has been added to the Poli Sci curriculum that makes your statement true? Thanks,

never mind who has what degrees, would you just give us your views on honor killings & genital mutilations as Mike asked? Thanks.

I just asked Mike as the years have passed, how has political science made one an expert in 'religion'? If you know the answer, please feel free to answer. I am not claiming to have any expert knowledge on 'honor killings'. . . or how US citizens of the Muslim faith implement Sharia Law. Interesting discussion.

Surely, you must have a personal opinion about "honor killings" and"female genital mutilation"---all I asked is that you share with us your opinion about those activities. In order to not make this one-sided, I will tell you tht I strongly oppose both and put them somewhere in the barbaric community.

Right now I think my multi-tasking skills are waning. I'm focusing on the debt reduction thingy. Interesting discussion. I had a dear friend whose daughter was killed by a father-law because she was of a different faith. I work with a group who are opposed to any 'ceremony ' that requires the mutilation of ones body. I have nothing more to offer. Just would like to know if 'religion' has been added to the Poli Sci curriculum that would make one an expert in religion. It may be.

Mike King's picture

Sorry for the tardy response to your question, but the original poster commented regarding a poli-sci degree, and my retort was mostly satirical. Point is, that there is a reason for the separation of church and state in this country which is a direct affront to those who wish others to be subject to Sharia Law.

Now to those who wish to subscribe to Sharia Law, please do so in a country other than mine.


Thanks for the clarification. Sorry. I hadn't read all of the contributions. I think most here seem to agree, under our Constitution, one cannot force a religious belief or practice on an American citizen. Hallelujah!

Obamatron's picture

Is a BA in Divinity really a good qualification for being a legal advocate?

Down with the bourgeoisie! Long live the peoples of the proletariat!

Enjoyed your contribution! Thanks for participating (Actually I know some law school graduates who took many classes in theology in their undergrad years - don't know if that was their major, but without exception, they have been ethical in their practice of the law. Maybe adding theology to the political science curriculum would be a good idea!). :-)

PTC Observer's picture

adding ethics would be a better choice for a PS curriculum.

I may be wrong, but I think ethics is part of some Poli Sci curriculums. Obviously, some politicians have forgotten. Sad.

PTC Observer's picture

they're incapable of learning? ;-)

Yup-appears so!

Many of our worst violators of good ethics are people who swore to be ethical:

Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, PhD's, Wall Streeters!

If easy money is involved---look out.

Ethics come from family culture, not some teacher.

Obamatron's picture

I'd like to see an article or at least any info on the cases you're referring to before you make rash generalizations about Islam. There's also cases of Christians (Church of Science, I'm looking at you) not getting their children urgent medical care for life threatening conditions. Children die of easily preventable causes. This is just as common as sharia law breaking the law. You can nitpick any religious entity in the US like that. I think you missed the entire point of my post which is understandable because you regurgitated everything Hice said, only changing it from a statement to a question. Please reread my post for a better understanding of it instead of indulging in xenophobia.

Down with the bourgeoisie! Long live the peoples of the proletariat!

Mike King's picture

No one missed your point, but are you actually in denial of 'honor killings' on US soil?

If so, you're likely pretty upset that The Ten Commandments are affixed to the walls of the US Supreme Court.

BTW, were you also a fan of Che?

I heard of one, I sup;pose there could be more, but Protestants have "honor killed" gross amounts (KKK,etc) if you want to get into that!

Texas does it's share also to keep up!

It is a matter of whose ox is being gored on Sunday!

Brer Rabbit's picture

A Christian who kills another for any reason is a MURDERER. A muslim who kills another for any reason is a MURDERER. There is no "honor" in murder. It pains me to see how many people decry Christianity, yet defend this "great faith" with its barbarian and archaic ways, especially in their treatment of women. Stone a woman for adultry, REALLY??? The fact that hard line muslims consider these acts "honorable" is what makes the difference here. The fact that they WANT to invoke sharia here and make this practice here is simply unthinkable. I think everyone realizes there are muslims that do not think and act this way, but their silence on such issues is deafening! I haven't seen muslim groups trying to distance themselves from these acts, but I defy you to find one Christian or church that would stand by what the fools at Westboro Baptist Church do to our fallen soldiers. Do you think that associating Christians with extremist like the Klan reduces by any measure the hatred that is directed toward the US by MANY in the muslim world? That just makes no sense.

Thank you for being a Christian who was not silent when your fellow Christians dressed in white robes and burned the symbol of Christianity (the cross) to instill fear in Christians of a different color. Not many people spoke against this act of terrorism until the 'government' sent troops to enforce Constitutional law in some parts of our country. All Christians were not indicted for this terrorist act in the name of Christianity. We should be proud that Americans are not indicting all Muslims for those few who may support Sharia Law in this country. Again, thanks for speaking up!

PTC Observer's picture

You had me all the way down to,

"Down with the bourgeoisie! Long live the peoples of the proletariat!"

Then you lost me again.

So, it's ok to go after this nut, but if it's about class warfare, that's fair game.


Obamatron's picture

I used to get hard over Karl Marx in middle school back in the late 90's. The whole account is kind of a joke though. Obamatron? The Terminator Obama photoshop? Ridiculous and ignorant Marxist sig? Really I don't care for Marxism that much anymore. We're not nearly far enough progressed as a capitalist society for a true Socialist revolution. Capitalism hasn't turned into a monster at the moment and probably won't for quite a while

Down with the bourgeoisie! Long live the peoples of the proletariat!

PTC Observer's picture

sorry. :-)

kevink's picture

comment. You said it all; very well thought out, supported, and reasoned through. So most folks here will hate it :).

Thanks for taking the time to contribute.


Vote Mytmite in 2012!

Don Rumsfeld said it best about such problems as religious experts:
There are "Knowns that we know," "unknown known," and "unknown knowns."

The Pentecostal, tongue speaking, holiness group pose the most unknown knowns! This is Mr. Rice.

Even as high on the ladder as our Governor perform a lot of known that we know, such as a license plate, sponsored by the state, that could officially have a blurb on it of, "In God We Trust!"

Last I knew we didn't mix religion with government!

Then we have the unknown known such as FOX and Rupert Murdoch and crew.

We know, but seem to pretend we don't know that Journalism is being destroyed as a factual finding only.
It has become the culture!
Private phone messages hacked---even dead people's message boxes!

The promoted in every detail of only one side of everything such as FOX and the Wall Street Journal now beginning to do the same thing. Lately Fox and HLN (CNN) joined forces to cover stupidity like the Anthony trial---causing an uproar about "disturbing the disturbed."

Where do the Nancy Graces and the Mitchells come from? (Money of course).

There is a circular firing squad in England right now, and may well be one here soon!

We have a Culture-gate on our hands.

This is what happens with political parties, for various reasons of re-election, who become completely polarized and forget the people they serve.

Another Klansman without the sheet. Another group to hate is his sermon.

It’s the philosophy or belief systems that are held by some that justify (to them) their behavior. Hice, I believe, thinks that the geo-political thrust of Islam is harmful. There may well be individuals who don’t hold those views or goals, but they sure seem to be a minority in the muslim world.

There are some communists who have benign methods and intensions, perhaps there are some nazis too. The point is that if someone is an adherent to a dangerous philosophy, we need to be cautious with them. We should have been cautious with the 9-11 boys.

There is too much focus on being “accepting”, “non-judgmental”, “fair” and “inclusive” when deciding how to respond to unpleasant issues. Profiling is not bad.

I do not know Mr. Hice, nor much about what his positions are beyond what is described in this article. Perhaps he isn’t presenting his views in the same manner you would.

He talks about radical Muslims. They do want Sharia. They do want Islam to be the only religion. Sharia is not compatable with our Constitution.

And, PTC Observer, the “Christians … band together in order to overthrow the USA.” Is silly and neither they nor “a few” Republicans haven’t been in the habit of cutting off heads, crashing airplanes into the World Trade Center, practicing slavery, banning free speech or any of the other practices “some” seem to find acceptable.

Good Heavens though! Mr. Hice supported hanging the Ten Commandments in a courtroom? How terrible! Did he advocate stoning of anyone who violated them?

Seriously, anyone who doesn’t know that the Ten Commandments are one of the foundation documents for our culture is simply pathetic.

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