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School board needs Hollowell

I voted this Monday afternoon at the Elections Office in Fayetteville. You can also vote at the libraries in Peachtree City or Tyrone.

One of the votes I cast was for my friend, Scott Hollowell, Fayette County Board of Education.

The reasons I voted for Scott are simple.

· He is a fine man, of good character, who has been interested and involved in the workings of our county and our Board of Education for the last 3 - 4 years.

· He attends most, if not all, their meetings and asks many questions regarding how our schools are run and what value is being brought to our children.

· Scott is a fine father and is highly involved with his family. His 2 daughters attend Kedron Elementary and he is an active volunteer there.

· He is a charitable man and has given of his time and money to several non-profits in our county.

· He is an intelligent person and a good business man who has served as a volunteer on many efforts within the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce.

· Scott is highly trained and experienced in managing money. He will need that skill in this job.

The Fayette County School System is probably the most valuable asset our county has on our balance sheet. I don’t know the other candidate in this race personally, but I do know Scott Hollowell and I am certain that he is the kind of person our county needs helping guide this precious institution.

Phil Smelley, President

TCIS – The Complete Insurance Source

Fayetteville, Ga.



Mr. Smelley had nice things to say about Mr. Hollowell but he has missed a big point. Mr. Hollowell mirrors current board members Smith and Smola. In particular the past spending on schools we do not need, spending all reserves and putting the schools into financial chaos. If I was guessing Ms. Smola picked her own replacement. Mr. Hollowell is a smooth talker but won't make the decisions that are tough to make. He has a get along to go along personality.

I have heard a rumor that Ms. Smith who switched parties to Democrat wants Mr. Griffen to win the primary and then withdraw before the election, leaving Ms. Smith unopposed. Remember
Ms. Smith and Smola are responsible for Mr. Presberg coming on the board and making him Chairman. The chairman is a Democrat. We need men and women on this board that are not political. Please vote.

[quote]We need men and women on this board that are not political. Please vote.[/quote]

The Chairman is a Democrat? This is a 'not political' plea? I will vote on their stand on the issues confronting our district - not their political party.

In fairness, you can't blame Smith & Smola for Presberg being selected for the FCBOE to begin with--they were only 2 of 4 votes (Key & Todd being the other two. No idea how you decide a tie vote--if in fact it WAS a tie vote. Then Presberg voted for himself to be Chair, which made it 3-2. BTW, predict Griffin WILL NOT win.

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"Then Presberg voted for himself to be Chair, which made it 3-2. BTW, predict Griffin WILL NOT win"

kinda vulgar but that is what he did.

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Funny, his blind sheeple never mention that.

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Mr Smelley has nice things to say about Scott Hollowell because he knows Scott Hollowell. I'm not quite sure how is it that you know he mirrors current board members in their spending. While Mr. Hollowell has in fact attended Board of Education meetings for roughly three years (as an involved parent of children in our school system), he has never been on the board to vote the issues. Scott Hollowell would make a great member of the BOE. He is a person who would look at the tough financial issues and make the difficult decisions based on the best interest of not just his kids, but all of ours.

Vote Hollowell on July 31st for the BOE.

Melissa L.

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"I have heard a rumor that Ms. Smith who switched parties to Democrat wants Mr. Griffen to win the primary and then withdraw before the election, leaving Ms. Smith unopposed."

They are hoping people have short memories. Smolla never ran, a friend did the same thing, pulled out and then called her n asked if she wanted it. she took it. The people of our district didn't pay attention and when she did have to run the next go, no one ran against her due to the appathy of the Tyrone area. Now they are facing losing Tyrone Elem because of it.

When she did run, she touted herself pretty much as
"Wizardess or Wall Street" when in fact she had nothing more than a 2 yr degree in psycology at a local college. As close as she got to Wall street was teaching cources for an insurance company that had an office in the area.

If you notice similarities in the BS of Holloway and Smolla as to their qualifications...then I guess you have your answer as to if Smola/Smith hand picked him. If I had to vote on it, I would vote yes.

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Mr.Hollowell may be a nice guy but we need experience and know how.
I am tired of hearing of Mr. Hollowell's " financial expertise  and real world experience in finance. In what field are his degrees... Communication and Journalism  ( not economics, finance, business etc. 
He did complete the six to eight week course at The online College of financial planning to get his AAMS (accredited asset management specialist ) "The AAMS® program may allow you to earn up to 3 semester credit hours toward a bachelor's degree ( or 1 actual college course).
How long has he been a "financial advisor " ..... Maybe 6yrs selling insurance and annuities at Edward Jones then LPL.. 
What financial planning or investment management designation(s) does Mr.Hollowell hold?
Any real professional financial planner or advisor would hold one or more of the following designations 
Certified Financial Planner or CFP
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
Certified Public Accountant - Personal Financial Specialists (CPA-PFS)
Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
... He never lists any on LinkedIn , resume , political web page..... 

No cost analysis experience, business experience etc.( Edward jones floated all his business overhead and setup)
How does selling annuities,insurance,retirement plans correlate to financial expertise in education ... It doesn't .
Look at his own LPL web page under products and services.
Here is the online program that shows what courses he participated to gain his AAMS..
No training in Economics, finance ,business finance ,financial analysis, business projections etc. can be found in any of his training or qualifications.

Educate and inform yourselves to make a logical and educated vote.
Hollowell may be your friend but we need the financial background,qualification ,experience insight and real world experience that Dr. Marchman brings.

Mr. Hollowell goes to work everyday and interacts with real clients. While working it is safe to assume that those real clients are utilizing his financial experience to handle their real money in the real world. Teaching finance courses in college is a noble profession but it's all theoretical.

Why is it that you feel it is necessary to attack Mr. Hollowell in order to build up the candidate you support? Do you feel Dr. Marchman can't win on his own merits?

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No attack just pointing out facts when individuals tout experience that Mr.Hollowell does not possess. Dr. Marchman has real work experience as in financial modeling for TSE Ericsson 1995-1997 and Financial analysis from 1982-1995 at Georgia Power both multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies. Mr. Hollowell sells annuities, retirement planning and his own LPL website as to service. Why don't ,if my facts are incorrect as to what he does or his licensing and qualifications, don't any of you provide that information. I have read and researched both candidates extensively. Have you? Doubtful as each one of you use the tired argument teaching is one thing. Well not only does Dr. Marchman teach finance but also practiced for many years with budget sizes in the multi-millions. If pointing out facts about an individuals qualifications and comparisons between the two upsets you well...get over it. Can your man not win on qualifications? The most common phrase Hollowell's supporters use "he's my friend ...he's a good man" I don't argue with that. Its nice you are being a loyal friend but once again qualifications and experience should be the deciding factor not "he is my BFF." Read both gentlemen's resumes, LinkedIn and web pages then try again. 6 yrs selling retirement plans, Roth, annuities and insurance does not lend itself to educational finance or budgeting. You people are all over the place. Try again Reload, breath deep, let half out, hold it squeeze the trigger. ;-)

Interesting reading about financial planners from the Wall Street Journal... Especially paragraph 3
"Anyone can hang out a shingle as a financial planner, but that doesn’t make that person an expert"


Did what you asked and went to Dr. Marchman's Linked In page. I see he was in sales and he was an engineer. I do not see this vast private sector financial stewardship. I am certain he contributed to financial analysis and served as an engineering subject matter expert to the financial analyst/controller who was accountable for leading the financial analysis in question, but in most corporate settings it is not likely the engineer or sales guy was leading the process. He may have been responsible for his budget but again with the oversight of someone who was IN Finance.

So I think your statement that Dr. Marchman "practiced finance" above is a little broad.

I support Scott because he has been involved for the past three years at FCBOE meetings and engaged in the conversation to preserve our excellent Fayette County schools. In addition I trust the future of my rising third grade son and teacher wife to a man whose own children will be effected by his decisions. Dr. Marchman will not have the same perspective in my opinion.

Doesn't make one of us right or wrong just different perspectives.

Take Care,


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Facts are Facts. Read the entire linkedin profile SLOOOWWLY. What? Again I'm aghast no rebuttal, no-one to refute my assertions on Hollowell's Sales oops financial experience ( vaguely reminiscent of Mrs.Smola's vast financial experience... Sorry made myself giggle). Why must that be you say?.. Hmmm. I am finished doing the research for you do your own and get back to me when you think you have something concrete. Have fun with your scavenger hunt.:-P
Everyone has their own criteria. I would just hope that individuals would make an educated decision as to who is best qualified to help see us through this financial crisis.

Nice to be back. I hope you are well.

I read Dr. Marchman's LinkedIn carefully and multiple times. I know what he posted but his job titles do not line up to being in charge or solely responsible for the financial aspects of his job.

I am assisting a client fill spots in their organization and we had someone interview for an Accountant II role when they had VP of Finance on their resume. I assumed the bad economy was driving people to seek smaller roles. To be honest, the person barely had the skill we were looking for at Accountant II nevermind VP of Finance. Resumes or LinkedIn can only give us the person's perception of what they did and can be overstated.

I have had deep conversations with Scott Hollowell to know he understands the QBE formula and the cost drivers of our schools ( State school funding calculation )in operation and result. Worse he is clear that the state is trying to redo QBE instead of starting over with a FAIR Schools approach.

Scott is a common sense person who gets how the application of some ideas may not reflect the results that were calculated in theroy on the white board. Scott also demonstrated clear eyes when he openly said FCBOE does a poor job coordinating information with the tax office at the last forum. We need someone who will support our schools BUT hold them accountable.

Unfortunately, I cannot get to the candidate forums but I do thank both men for running. I am excited to see we have two candidates who are interested in guiding our schools through these tough times.

Take Care,


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Glad your back...
But please don't assume or try and insinuate something I never said. If you have been keeping up I never said Dr Marchman had sole responsibility. Financial analysis and financial modeling were some of his many duties not his sole responsibility. Now, Dr.Marchman is a phone call or email away. Have any of you tried to talk to him? I have gathered much info from Mr.Hollowell and he comes across as sorely lacking. Now you say you have talked "in depth "with Mr.Hollowell have you tried having discussions with Dr.Marchman? No. Not only has he been trusted with financial input at major corperations but he also has multiple degrees in business (MBA) and finance Ph.D. His resume and experience was deemed worthy of not one but two top Universities.
What does Mr.Hollowell have? Communications and Journalism degrees and a License to SELL
Insurance and retirement plans. You talk of padding a resume through insinuation seems much of that has been done not only by current board members but also by Mr.Hollowell. A LPL / Edward Jones SALESMAN does not a Financial wizard make. ;-)
When it comes to the well being of the educational needs of my child I research to the very minute details both candidates. Something that seems to elude Mr.Hollowell's supporters.
But we agree to disagree!
Have a Great Day!

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I have to chuckle every time I hear Scott Hollowell talk about his vast financial qualifications. It took me about two weeks of sending him emails again and again asking him what he received his degree in at UGA. He FINALLY replied and told me he received his degree in journalism and communications. Prior to that, his Website BIO did not say anything about his educational background.

A few of my friends did some checking and learned that he previously was essentially a salesman at an Edward Jones franchise in Tyrone and then started his own firm called LPL primarily selling insurance and annuity retirement plans.

I attended several events where Mr. Hollowell spoke and, at the beginning, he spoke more about his wife’s extremely impressive background in education.

Scott is a well-spoken affable individual but he is seriously lacking in the field of finance. Nonetheless, he has tried, unsuccessfully in my view, to convince us that he possesses a vast experience and knowledge of the subject. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To me, Scott is a true democrat and was hand picked by BoE members Presburg, Smith and Smola, and School Superintendent Bearden.

That having been said, what more do you need to know?

See Veritas "I'm tired of hearing " for a complete description of Scott's extremely limited financial background.

His rhetoric reminds be of Janet Smola who told us all about her vast knowledge of finance which we learned later was pure fantasy as she only had a junior college degree and little experience too boot.

Do aspiring politicans think voters are all stupid and that we will never bother to check on their backgound?

Jim Richter

what's your opinion of Steve Brown's credentials?

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Since Brown also has a journalism degree, I wonder why Jimbo is harping about that being some kind of "lowly" thing. Then again, he probably subscribes to the "Thou Shall Not Speak Ill of Steve Brown or Don Haddix" school.

Do you hear the crickets chirping over this yet?

I can about guarantee you that none of the Brownies are going to respond. HE can do no wrong.

thanks for helping me make it :)

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