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Senoia water tower to become restaurant, bar with a view

Ever since Scott Tigchelaar was a kid he wanted a water tower. That dream came true recently when his company purchased the old water tower in downtown Senoia that was put out for bid by the Senoia City Council last year as surplus property. As for the 110-foot water tower, look for it to be transformed in the future into a restaurant on ground level with a bar in the tower’s bowl that will provide a scenic view of the surrounding area.

The old water tower had not been online for time and was in need of repairs when the Senoia City Council last year put it on the surplus property list. The estimate to tear it down and haul it off was going to run upwards of $30,000 due to its close proximity to downtown buildings and power lines, Tigchelaar said.

So the water tower remained as surplus property for nearly a year when Tigchelaar decided to fulfill his childhood dream of owning a water tower. His company, Historic Development Ventures, LLC, secured ownership of the old tower with a bid of $5,100 that relieves the city of ongoing maintenance and liability issues.

So what will Tigchelaar do with the landmark tower?

“The primary goal is to keep it as a part of the city’s skyline with the city’s new logo,” Tigchelaar said. “And we want to explore the highest and best use for a tourism draw to help businesses and to give people another reason to visit Senoia.”

Tigchelaar on Thursday laid out the tentative plans for the property. First will come the painting any touch-ups needed. Per a 10-year, pre-paid maintenance and upkeep agreement, the tower was supposed to have been painted last year but the work was postponed. That work, along with the inclusion of the city’s new logo, will be performed by the fall, Tigchelaar said.

In the meantime, Peachtree City-based Historical Concepts will begin establishing a concept for the unique structure that will feature a restaurant at the base of the water tower. Included in the plans, and perched 110 feet in the air, will be a bar inside the water tower bowl.

Tigchelaar said the bowl will have windows installed to provide a view of the Senoia area. At 110 feet, the structure is the equivalent of an 11-story building that will offer a one-of-a-kind view. And as for what the view might hold, it is noteworthy that the tallest building in southwest metro Atlanta is Piedmont Newnan Hospital at eight stories.

And while there is no established timeline to begin the construction, Tigchelaar said the idea is to bring the project to fruition while providing another unique tourism venue for the city.

“It will be a dining and tourism destination,” Tigchelaar said. “Senoia has plenty of momentum going so I’m anxious to get this project rolling. We want more variety to go with the variety we already have. But we’re not going to rush it, we’re going to do it right. And I promise, it’ll be cool.”



I've got an idea - fill up the tank with beer! Oh yeah, I like that idea.
Good one, Ben!

What a crazy, goofy, off the wall nutsy idea! And thank God there are still people like Scott Tigchelaar who come up with them! Good luck with the project. I look forward to having an adult beverage sitting high above Senoia.

NUK_1's picture

Very creative and I'd definitely give it a try as a patron.

We enjoy visiting Senoia's downtown. This sounds like it will be a fun place to unwind. New dining locations are needed there now that I wont be dining anymore at one restaurant where the owner was recently arrested.

There are a lot of us looking forward to the opening!

Scotty's Splash Bar featuring the Senoia Steel Drum Band...a little Calypso to serenade you as you gaze down Main St.

Studio Place featuring The Coweta Crooners

Senoia Water Works Sippers Club...serenity among the stars

Water Tower Tavern..come by to wet your whistle

HighTower Haven...Heavenly Happiness

A Womb With A View Pub....Tig's Baby

Tig's Tower Top Tap Room...come up and tip a few...

Metal Kettle...Beam me up, Scotty!

Zombie Watering Hole....Up High and Dry

As cool as this sounds, I have to remember today's date.

Yes the article was posted yesterday. But this seems like too much effort for a bar. Installation of drunk friendly stairs and an elevator are enough. Not to mention the modification to the tank.

Staying skeptical on this story.

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You've been hanging out on Easter Island too long, TG.

Cal Beverly
The Citizen
Fayetteville, Ga. 30214

This creative idea is really interesting. Find a way to make this happen.

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