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Lowry: Voting suit not about electing blacks

I am writing to debunk the recent article ... in the Atlanta Journal Constitution regarding district voting in Fayette County. The article ... and articles written in The Citizen newspaper have portrayed district voting as being about getting blacks elected to public office in Fayette County. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The lawsuit brought by plaintiffs and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund (LDF) was not about getting African Americans elected to office.

It was about getting people elected to office, regardless of their race or ethnicity, who will represent the interests of the people who live in District 5.

State Representative Fludd and Mr. Dubose said this in [the AJC] interview with them. It has been the news media who have misled the citizens of Fayette County and made this a racial issue. This has been a grave disservice and misrepresentation to the citizens of Fayette County.

I have been a resident of Fayette County for 25 years. I have children who attended school in the county. I have been active in their schools and county politics during that time.

During that time, there have been several school board members and commissioners who represented north Fayette.

Of the four school board representatives, I can count on my hands the times they have shown up for meetings in north Fayette. The same is true for the commissioners.

We even had a commissioner who was arrested on drug charges but who still remained our commissioner through the at-large voting system.

Fayette County, unlike 24 years ago, is now a culturally and ethnically diverse county. The over 190 years of at-large voting, which deprived African Americans of the access to equal and fair representation in the political structure of Fayette County, are at last over. I believe the voters in Fayette County realize this.

It is time for the Board of Commissioners to stop wasting taxpayers’ dollars in continuing to fight for keeping the old system of at-large voting.

Already they have spent over $300,000 to fight a lawsuit on which the judge has ruled in an 80-page decision.

Demonizing the NAACP and the Legal Defense Fund for doing their job isn’t working. Most of the citizens of Fayette County realize this is just being done by certain commissioners who are afraid they will lose under district voting in the upcoming election. I wonder why they are so afraid?

Dan Lowry
Fayetteville, Ga.

[Mr. Lowry is one of the plaintiffs in the NAACP lawsuit.]



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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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You are an embarrassing incompetent fool, Mr. Lowry. Now that we know your stupid lawsuit is entirely racial, you choose to shift the focus to Horgan and his ganja? You a real dumb **ss.

What we are "fearful" of is not skin color or race, it is mismanagement of our assets. Nobody cares if McCarty and Brown Clown lose and go away, we wonder who replaces them and what they actually stand for. We do not care about their skin color as you seem to do. Racist idiot.

Live free or die!

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Mr. Lowry, the map drawn reminds us of the Bantustans in South Africa, how in the world can you bring a suit to make certain that a black can be elected and say it isn't racially motivated? That is the basis of your complaint. Your logic is a bit flawed, please at least be consistent.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. You're doing your job. Look at the map and then look at Lebowa, see any similarities? The map tells the entire story. When we begin looking at each other as citizens of the same country, these maps will disappear. I pray for that day.

Given the law any appeal is a waste of money. We need to change the law to eliminate factionalism. I am not against district voting, I am against district voting based on race as the only criteria for district creation.

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District voting isn't the end of the world for FC, but when you claim that a commissioner(Horgan) stayed in office because of at-large voting, you sir are 100% lying, which doesn't surprise me at all. You seem pretty well-versed in that respect.

Horgan got busted and then LOST in his next campaign. He didn't get re-elected. Are you that desperate to prove your point that you have to lie and look like a fool? Yep.

You know why FC is so opposed to district voting? Look in the mirror. HINT: it has nothing to do with the color of your skin.

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[quote]Horgan got busted and then LOST in his next campaign. He didn't get re-elected. Are you that desperate to prove your point that you have to lie and look like a fool? Yep.[/quote]

Not only did the voters vote him (Horgan) out at the first opportunity, they tried to recall him even before that. But lets not confuse the NAACP with facts. They have no interest in them.

baloney,oops, sorry meant articles?

I always find your comments so enlightening. Thanks!


I eagerly await your retort. Let's try and stick to the facts this time.

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Mr. Lowry, I take great exception with your comments, "Of the four school board representatives, I can count on my hands the times they have shown up for meetings in north Fayette. The same is true for the commissioners."

Before Mr. Presberg was appointed to the school board, Sam Tolbert held that position. Even though he was suffering from terminal cancer, Sam attended every school board meeting. Sam would undergo chemo and radiation treatments at Piedmont Hospital in Fayetteville, change his shirt in his car, and immediately go to the school board meetings.

That is what I call unselfish devotion to the parents and children within Fayette County. Mr. Lowry, Sam served ALL the parents, children,, and taxpayers of Fayette County. He wasn't just concerned with those folks in the northern portion of our county. He served everyone.

I know all of this because Sam was my brother-in-law.

I have been attending commission meetings on a regular basis since 2008. There have been very few meetings that I have missed. As far as our commissioners are concerned, I feel very safe in saying that even though Mr. Horgan was convicted of certain charges, He was always at the commission meetings. During the time he was in office that I have been attending meetings, I can only recall three or four meetings that he missed.

Since Mr. McCarty was elected to that position, he has attended commission meetings with the exception of two that I can recall. I know that he was absent when he had open heart surgery, and he was absent when his mother-in-law passed away.

Mr. Lowry, it is very obvious to me that you have not attended many of the school board or commission meetings. We are a factual group, and appreciate folks doing research before making their comments.

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The BOE (minus Pressberg who is worried about money) voted to appeal the judge's decision - then after that and even after you wrote this ridiculous letter the county commission voted to appeal as well. Your contention that commissioners are afraid of being voted out under district voting is simply proof you are clueless about politics in Fayette County. McCartny will gladly step aside for a black female since he is a gentleman and a professional. He can be defeated and blame not himself or his opponent, but the judge and the NAACP. Brown of course can blame Logsdon and the good old boy network that supports him (once again) but deep down inside he knows his follies as mayor of PTC will sink his ship. None of the others are up for reelection this year.

The fact that Pressberg was appointed instead of elected and is now being anointed by some faceless NAACP person means that everyone in the county has been denied the power of their vote. I predict that scenario plus your silly denial that race was a factor in all this will all come back to haunt you during the appeal.

Doubt we can win the appeal, but making you and the NAACP look like the racist fools that you are will be worth the price of admission.

Live free or die!

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"but making you and the NAACP look like the racist fools that you are will be worth the price of admission"

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[quote]The BOE (minus Pressberg who is worried about money)[/quote]

Presberg's real concern is not money. Below is a quote from "BoE makes case for district appeal".

[quote]“There are people in this county who feel like their vote is not counted and (with the federal ruling) they celebrated a long-fought victory to have their vote count,” Presberg said.[/quote]

He doesn't want to face a real conservative on election day. He wants his little gerrymandered district all to himself!

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