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Bitter cold expected Monday, Tuesday

Forecasters at the National Weather Service are predicting a bitter cold starting overnight, and strong winds tomorrow and Tuesday will make it feel even colder.

But there's no snow in the offing, and the cold temps will bring a "slight" chance of freezing rain after midnight, NWS officials said in a forecast specific to the Fayette County area.

The low Monday night is expected to be "around 7" degrees farenheit, so bundle up and bring your pets inside.

Below are the details from the area forecast:

Tonight: Rain likely in the evening...then a chance of rain with a slight chance of freezing rain after midnight. Windy. Lows in the mid 20s. Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph shifting to the northwest 20 to 25 mph after midnight. Chance of precipitation 60 percent.

Monday: Mostly sunny. Windy...colder. Highs in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph. Wind chill readings around 5 above zero.

Monday Night: Mostly clear. Windy...colder. Lows around 7. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph.

Tuesday: Sunny. Highs in the upper 20s. Northwest winds 10 to 15 mph.

Tuesday Night: Mostly clear. Lows around 14.



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When that front comes through tonight we'll not get above 30 till Wednesday. Check your furnace filters as it's not the time to have a furnace go kaput.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

<p>Changed it yesterday...flannel sheet time, too!</p>

...and make sure to have some heat in your well house. Leaving the faucets dripping isn't enough (I found out the hard way)!

And don't forget about your feathered friends in the morning....their food may be covered with ice. Have some ready to put out for them.

So…does this sound like price gouging?

I had a pipe burst this week like many others in the area. So, at approximately 4pm yesterday I called Fitzgerald and Sons Plumbing (PTC). I’m told if we come out now (or tonight) it’s going to be at our overtime rate ($277). Or, if you can wait we can schedule to come tomorrow morning. Plus,they continue to tell me,we are really backed up with 12 calls ahead of yours. By witing until the next day, price then drops to regular rate of $72 for the call and if you have us do the repair work, you don’t pay the $72. No brainer…right?

So they come today around 11 am. Service person tells me “’we had a meeting this morning and we were told to charge everyone the overtime rates. I say…WHAT? If I wanted to pay overtime I would have had you come last night. (Footnote: He further goes on to tell me that he was actually at my neighbor’s house that night and could have easily done my job.)

Not wanting to take it out on the messenger I say go ahead do the job. Meanwhile, I decide I’ll stop by their office and talk to the service Mgr. (Gary). I explain my story and he says…that’s our price! We are not charging overtime rates. I explain what his service person told me. His response (as he abruptly walked away from me) was he must have misunderstood what was said in the meeting…that’s our price! He goes on to further justify his price by stating “others are charging twice as much”.
What a rude unprofessional organization! It was my first (and needless to say last) experience with this company. I would encourage everyone to avoid this unethical, pricing gouging unprofessional company!

I also intend to report them to the State Attorney General’s Office and better business.

I don't see you have much of an argument..

A plumber at similar firms make about $45 with benies, so $72 an hour with a stocked service truck is a fair price.

Most firms service 8-4. After working 8 hrs the men get OT

That $72 cost is probably for the diagnosis and gets worked into the estimate.

Not sure what type of problem you had, but I recently had a faucet replaced, got 3 quotes and paid $150. You can use that to compare the scope and cost.

Bad customer service would turn me off too. The owner is a good guy who is involved with youth sports. Write him a letter. He can't be everywhere at once and can't solve problems unless he knows about it.

You got 3 quotes over the phone or with 3 visits? Big difference. A burst pipe cannot be quoted over the phone. You have to pay the upfront visit cost to get the estimate. You going to pay $72. for each of the 3 visits to get 3 estimates? Last I checked, youth sports involvement does not a good businessman make. I disagree strongly with your assessment that he is a "good guy". Not just former customers think that way, either. My comments go way beyond sour grapes.

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Those rates are fair. If you don't like it, go to Home Depot and buy a bunch of tools that you don't yet know how to use and then fix it yourself. Then explain to your husband or life partner why you spent $477 on tools. Then explain to him or her why you waste time trying to whizz on Fitzgeralds. You should be shopping for them tools. Or working if you have a job.

Somebody from Boston should just be happy the plumbers down here are not unionized. Then it would be double that hourly rate.

If you are avoiding Fitzgerald, go to A Better Way

They gouged me last summer. Be sure to file with the BBB. And the state licensing bureau (you can find in on the BBB website). Gary plays this game with everyone. The owner thinks he has a lock on Fayette, especially PTC. He told me as much. Within the last week, a certain govt. employee told me some interesting information about this company. Document what you experienced and see what happens. Sorry to hear of your problems.

I have lived in PTC for 30 years and never heard anything positive about Fitz and Sons other than they will rip your shorts off. Seven years ago, my neighbor was quoted $1400 to replace a hot water heater. Whoa, a little steep don't you think? As two ol' farts with limited knowledge, we did it ourselves for around $350, with parts and hot water heater.
In a jam, I have called Hammond Plumbing and they are fair and prompt.

Nothing wrong with them. When you need them, they show up and they fix it. If you want to try your luck, try your luck. They're not the only company around, so if you want to comparison shop, do it.

Price gouging isn't gouging if they can charge it and you'll pay it. Good for them :)

If you can do it yourself, good for you. For me, I'll call them in a heartbeat - done it before and will do it again.

Do all cars cost the same? No, they don't, but they're often made of the same parts - look at a Kia SUV and a Lexus. You pay for the reputation sometimes.

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I hear you. I keep promising myself I'll drop these predators but when I need them they show up and happily take all my money. Their business model works.What else can you say but ouch?

My point was why are they charging OVERTIME RATES during normal business hours? The service man didn’t just make that up I’m sure. To me that is taking advantage (gouging) the consumer..plain and simple.

My outside faucet froze and busted at the joint. Total cost to replace a new joint/shut off valve..$349!

Once again...why did the management tell their repair staff to charge overtime rates to everyone? No excuse that I can think of regardless of how community centric the owner may be. He needs to run a more professional business and not allow his managers to price gouge and take advantage of the public!

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No extra charge for nights or weekends.

I recently had a leaking water heater and called them on Saturday at 4pm. They were at my house at around 7:30 that night. They came back the next day(Sunday!)around 11am and installed my new water heater.

I think you got gouged a bit. I had the same repair of a busted faucet and joint/valve a year ago done for about $200.

They both played you like a fiddle. The manager follows the what the owner wants.

Many of them have cutoffs under your bathroom vanities..maybe even an upstairs vanity...

The one on the front of your house will usually NOT have said cutoff. The front outside faucet is usually not pressure regulated either....assuming public water supply.

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Bostonian212 was ready to pay those rates at night so there was no money lost. The technician advised you of the rate prior to doing any work, that was the time to talk to the manager. Regardless of what the rate was called, it was given upfront. Plus there is the entertainment value gained by going to their place of business. That price is inline with the service received from a well established and successful plumbing contractor.


“Bostonian212 was ready to pay those rates at night so there was no money lost “- I’m not sure how you came to the conclusion that I was willing to pay the rates at night? If that were the case I would not have stated to the scheduler to wait until the next day. Also, would not have packed up family and stayed at relatives’ house overnight! When told that it would be $277 if we come tonight or $72 if we come the next DAY…I chose the next day!

“Plus there is the entertainment value gained by going to their place of business.” – Once again, not sure what that statement means exactly? I went to their place of business to try to meet with and explain the situation to what I had hoped would be a professional, reasonable individual. I even went to the extent of asking if we could meet somewhere rather than in the lobby of the business for fear someone may come in and over hear the conversation. I don’t consider that a form of entertainment! I consider that my attempt at being professional and reasonable.

As a follow up to this matter the owner to make contact today, which was a nice and professional gesture? He seemed to miss the whole point of “charging overtime rates during normal business hours”. Unfortunately, he wanted to defend his pricing as being very competitive within the market. Not was I was questioning!!!!! I was questioning the fact that his management instructed their repair staff to charge overtime rates (gouge) even though it was normal business hours! Oh and NO…he offered nothing but his pricing is competitive.

Slice it, dice it anyway you want….it is my opinion that is a definition of price gouging!
Lesson learned…don’t do business with Fitzgerald and Sons.

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I was in error about the willingness to pay the overtime rates the night before, my bad. Labeling an agreed to price as gouging is also in error, the price was higher than others but was not out of line.

Rolling…”Labeling an agreed to price as gouging is also in error, the price was higher than others but was not out of line”…sorry but you are missing the entire point . I never price shopped! I don’t care if they are higher/lower. That was NEVER THE ISSUE. Gouging was charging the overtime rates during normal business hours!!!!!!!!!!


The agreed pricing was $72 to the overtime rate of $277! If I agreed to that price I would have authorized them to come in the evening and not pack up the family and sleep somewhere else for the night.

Case closed!

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It is possible for an identity as dense as rolling stone to follow what you say and still disagree with the conclusion.

Bostonian, all of your posts on this issue have been very clear. Rolling Stone is either incapable of understanding English or being belligerent. Further explanation is superfluous, so save your key strokes.

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Bostonian212 says he was gouged, I disagree. I think the situation did not warrant coming on here and badmouthing a company and the manager, naming their names while withholding their own.

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Bostonian was ready to pay those rates the night before, not during the next day. I'm extremely pro-capitalism and yet I think F&S took advantage of the situation(and may have a technician that's getting fired soon for talking honestly too much) That's basically their right to do and it's his/her right to use someone else next time because that got screwed over here. Those aren't the market rates for that service, either. I've used Roto-Rooter and Hammond both as well as F&S in the past. Would not recommend F&S.

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On Monday morning I was at our mountain cabin, (an old airstream trailer, with no wheels.) The temperature was cold and still dropping, the wind howled louder and louder, and the snow was drifting higher and higher. I spent the whole morning sipping moonshine and gawking through the kitchen window. The weather got so bad my wife had to let me back in the cabin!

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.


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Have used FitzGerald multiple times, going way back to the replacement of my blue-poly water line to the house. Had them for water leaks, appliance and water heater installation and toilet replacements. They usually did an excellent job, or came back to fix the few after installation problems I've had. However, I always thought the price was a bit on the high side.

That said, I developed a leak with a separated sink drain pipe and decided to give the internet a shot. Googled "plumbing repair" and found a site, REDBEACON, where you can enter your problem and receive quotes from regional plumbers. Found several in the area, from Newnan to Stockbridge, none in PTC, who submitted on-line quotes. One was considerably less expensive than the other quotes. I'll let you know how that works out.

Had a phone message from REDBEACON yesterday and called them today to see how this process works. Work is guaranteed and they will cover up to $1000 to fix any problems remaining from the repair work. Found that they are owned by Home Depot. Don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but at least it's not some fly by night outfit.

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I do NOT miss those days at all in PTC. What a fiasco.

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Had repairman, "Mr. Hammer" located in Newnan, here this morning and received excellent care. Fixed the leak problem I had as well as some other shoddy plumbing from my recent kitchen sink replacement. All for less than the original quote. Would definitely recommend this guy who also does all kinds of home repair.

Thanks for the tip and feedback!

Now if we can get someone to fix this leaky sky up above....

Here's a tip for future plumbing repairs/replacements. Get parts/fixtures from a place like Ferguson's--NOT Lowe's or Home Depot! Reason: Huge difference in quality. You can buy a specific brand name/model fixture from Lowe's or HD, then get the same from Ferguson's--difference in quality is easily seen. Yep, costs more but in the long run worth it. FYI,I have had a Master Plumber for 6 yrs who does all work and charges me only what he pays for the parts (considerable discount) and often when I ask him what is the damage, he'll ask me "what do you think is fair?" or he'll say "What about????
and I always pay him more. Extremely reliable & very competent. Navy vet who was a barber on a carrier! If you care, I'll email you his info.

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Yeah, I'd appreciate that info. Not sure I'd take his having been a Navy barber as a recommendation though. Got to the point in my division where we had a set of clippers to give each other flat tops.

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Well gang, we dodged that bullet again.

If we had a low pressure system pulling gulf moisture up and over this cold arctic air mass we would had a repeat of Snow Jam 82.

Does anyone remember this?:

BTW, Miami was a little warmer. He he.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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I was doing fine until a lady sideswiped me and put my car in the ditch. Cool BMW that was repaired, but never the same. I remember 3 days at home when we could not leave the house. I think everything froze and froze again, then again.

Since then, always have boots, hat, gloves in the car. Never forget that. It was much worse than our 2 day cold snap this week.

Welcome South Brother.

Live free or die!

Nope, not here for that. However, did endure the Blizzard of "78 up north. All interstates closed for 2 days and nights and I had to stay at work for over 48 hours. Was a humdinger.

Miami? Must have felt like you were back in sunny southern California!

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I remember it well. I was in my den enjoying a nice warm and sunny Southern California day and watching the infant CNN headlines news and thinking - good gawd, I'm glad I don't live there.

Now with that said and 32 years later……….. good gawd, I'm glad I don't live in Southern California.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

now there's a word you don't hear much anymore. Sad, the way some of those cozy comfy words just drop off the face of our vocabulary. A few more, Blue Nun, Cold Duck and Boone's Farm.
Speaking of dens, how's the Home Depot account doing? You finish la casa de Cyclist re-do yet?

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It's a little closer as the downstairs is now waiting on new flooring. The next big undertaking is the master bath. That's scheduled for March followed by the upstairs flooring. I'm a tad over budget but not too bad. I'll certainly be glad when it's done.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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