FreeSpeech for 02-24-10

The last three health inspection grades for the Fayette County Jail are 99, 97 and 100. I can’t find another eating establishment in Fayette County with an average this high. What are my options if I want an extra clean place to eat out and don’t want to go to jail? – – – – […]

FreeSpeech for 02-10-10

Anyone else notice all the new crosswalks in town? They connect to about a four-foot pad of concrete. What’s up with that? – – – – – – – – – – – – Hooray for our new city councilman, Eric Imker, for challenging the mayor and the rest of the City Council to try […]

FreeSpeech for 01-20-10

We too were dumbfounded at the installation of unused and expensive crossing signals by Ga. Highway 314 and Kenwood Drive. But then we thought maybe this is in preparation for a walking/biking trail into Fayetteville. Wishful thinking? – – – – – – – – – – – – I agree completely with Thomas Henry’s […]

FreeSpeech for 01-13-10

Just over two months ago the voters of Peachtree City decided they wanted to carry on the theme of “change” and elected what was certainly to be a new and improved City Council. After just one meeting of the new council, it’s apparent that they have every intention of keeping their campaign promises of taking […]

FreeSpeech for 01-06-10

I want to thank Cleveland Elementary School for posting “Merry Christmas” outside of their school. Finally, someone is not afraid to say it! All you hear these days is “happy holidays and holiday party” and everything else except “Merry Christmas.” Thank you, Cleveland, for your example. – – – – – – – – – […]