UPDATED — Why won’t the justice system listen? A domestic violence victim speaks out

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UPDATED — [EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is an account of a woman who has lost custody of her two young boys here in Peachtree City after she fled from an abusive situation in California. The story has been provided earlier this week to the two local law enforcement agencies mentioned so that they could respond if they chose. The Peachtree City Police Department’s response is reprinted below, following this story. All individual names in this story have been redacted.]

My sons, J. (age 10) and A. (age 2), have been missing for 116  days [as of April 14]. I have no information concerning their whereabouts, livelihood, or well-being. They have been taken from me by their father with the assistance of powerful attorneys and an unjust criminal justice system. I have tried to do everything in my power to free myself and my boys from danger by following the law and working within the legal system. It is now apparent that to save my sons I must go public and implore this community to call out their local police and judicial systems for enabling the abuse of my children and their traumatization of other long-standing law-abiding members of Fayette County.

My name is Esther (a pseudonym) and I have been a victim of rape, domestic violence, and the criminal justice system both here in Georgia and California. My husband [name omitted] is successful in Hollywood and [his family has many film awards]. My husband is also a pedophile, rapist, and family abuser. Sharing my story is my best chance to survive and save my children and also bring awareness to a problem within the justice system that may one day help those in your community.

In 2016 my family moved to Georgia for a year while [my husband] worked on a movie filmed here in Fayette County. During this time he began to abuse alcohol and his behavior towards me and eventually my son changed. Since 2016 I have grown to live in terror of my husband and now so do my sons. After returning to California, Covid hit and our lives spiraled. My husband’s alcohol abuse grew, along with his abuse and desire for live child pornography.

My husband’s abuse towards me became increasingly violent and eventually turned towards my sons. In addition to rape, my husband literally began walking and standing on me and suffocating me to the point of unconsciousness. His threats to kill me also increased. He began telling me he planned to kill me and how.

“I’ll bury you in the back yard where no one will ever find you.” My weight dropped to 90 pounds and my son J. started having seizures I would later discover were due to trauma induced disassociation. During this time my drunken husband was frequently sleeping in J.’s room, against my wishes.

In April of 2021, I was cooking dinner when I heard J. let out a blood curdling scream. I ran down the hall to find my drunk husband lying with his full body weight on top of my son, smothering his face with a pillow. My son could not breathe or make a sound. I grabbed [my husband’s] ankles and yanked with all of my strength. I pulled J. out and we ran to the master bedroom and locked the door. I believe that if I had not been there that day my son would have died.

The week my husband almost suffocated my son to death, I filed for, and was granted, a temporary restraining order in California for myself and my children. This should have been the beginning of the end of our nightmare, but it was not to be. Though my husband was ordered to stay away from me and my children, he repeatedly violated my restraining order against him by having me followed, driving by our home, leaving dead animals at my door, hacking into my email/business/phone accounts, and illegally forwarding my personal mail to his parents’ home address.

I called the police again and again, reporting every incident. They did nothing to protect me. Instead, they parroted my husband’s baseless accusations in their reports: “She has an undiagnosed mental disorder,” or they’d add the label 918 to their reports which means “insane person.” They called out the HOPE mental health evaluators to my home on April 20, 2021, who did not believe I needed to be 5150’d. Some officers said I was too emotional; others like the detective who took down my rape report said I wasn’t emotional or genuine enough.

I began to distrust police and was afraid to speak to them even when I needed to call them for help. Every time I contacted the police they did nothing, often noting in their logs that my restraining order was expired, which was blatantly false. Had the Pasadena police department done their job and upheld the law, my husband would have been arrested and I would have been granted a permanent restraining order with full custody of my children.

When I took my son to his doctor to evaluate his seizures, the doctor stated they appeared to be trauma induced. J.’s doctor even filed a report with the police. I scheduled a separate appointment with CHOLA to have my son evaluated to determine if he was being abused and by whom. The day before this appointment my husband cancelled our health insurance. In an earlier hearing the judge ordered my husband to find a therapist for our son after he claimed that I was coaching our son and erroneously convincing our child that he was being abused by his father. To my knowledge, my husband never followed through, in direct violation of the court order, and kept making excuses as to why he had not arranged therapy for our son J.

On August 6th, 2021, I went to court to obtain a permanent restraining order in California. Even though I had originally been assigned a judge with a good reputation, my first attorney transferred my case to [a second judge’s] courtroom at the request of my husband’s attorneys led by [attorney’s name].

During this hearing [the second judge] refused to hear from powerful witnesses including a teacher from J.’s school whom J. had confided in concerning the abuse he experienced by his father, the private therapist my son had been seeing, and witnesses who had seen my husband viewing teen porn on his laptop. [The second judge] did allow the court appointed child psychiatrist who testified for an hour to the suffocation, black eyes, and emotional abuse my son shared with her during his evaluation.

Even though I had already provided a written statement or declaration as to the abuse I experienced and my own witness that my husband’s pornography addiction had turned to young pre-pubescent children, [the second judge] chose to ask me 89 invasive questions, mostly concerning how my husband raped me.

This occurred in front of my abuser and a court room that was not closed to the public. I have been told by attorneys and domestic violence advocates that [the second judge’s] questioning of me was uncalled for and completely inappropriate. I recently filed two complaints against him with the California State Bar but don’t have much hope that anything will come of it based on my experience with the criminal justice system so far.

After [the second judge] disregarded/minimized teen pornography, refused to hear from pertinent witnesses, heard testimony from his own court appointed therapist (who stated my son was abused and in fear of his father), and revictimized me with highly inappropriate and unnecessary questions concerning my experiences of rape — in a court room full of strangers and [my husband] — the judge denied us protection.

Disturbingly, [the second judge] permitted my husband unsupervised visitation with my children and had testimony [of the court appointed psychiatrist] sealed, making it unlawful to share her testimony of my son’s abuse “to any third party, other than the parties and their counsel of record without a court order.” [The second judge] later said that [the court appointed psychiatrist] lived “in a bubble” and that as “the court,” he determined our credibility.

Though I attempted to follow [the second judge’s] demands and allow my husband his court-ordered time with our sons, J. frequently refused to go or to speak with his father over the phone. He also made an excited utterance to Officer C.A. during one of our custody exchanges that took place at the police department. J. told Officer C.A. that he was scared of his father, that [my husband] hurt him, steamrolled him (rolled over him with all of his body weight restricting his air flow and causing pain), gave him black eyes, and touched his penis.

Officer A. said that J. did not have to go with his father and after I took my boys home, Officer A. — per Sergeant G., filed a police report against me stating that I had violated the custody agreement. Though I have requested body cam footage of this incident the Pasadena police department has refused to provide it to me. Fortunately for J. I have my own recording of this incident.

[The second judge] followed suit, accusing me of violating the custody agreement, again disregarding my son J.’s cries of abuse. [The second judge] awarded my husband primary custody of my sons, and I was only allowed short visitation every two weeks. My son J. would have seizures every time I was forced to hand him over to [my husband].

In October of 2021, after spending two weeks with their father and his parents, my sons were handed over to me smelling of urine and feces. They were both inconsolable! My baby, who is now two years old, had fingerprint bruises on his tiny thighs akin to the ones my husband had left on me. My son J. was traumatized and shared a conversation his grandfather had with him. His grandfather stated that he used to be a good person but wasn’t anymore and told my 9-year-old son of serial killers who would rip the arms and legs off of children and watch them bleed to death.

I was horrified. Part of what his grandfather said mirrored a text sent between my brother-in-law and [an in-law], “Why did your brother tell me that he has no morals, principles, or values? He told me he isn’t the same person I met years ago and that he believes in nothing and that there are things he has done that he never thought he would do ….” I knew that to save my boys I had to escape because there was no hope of justice or protection for my boys in California.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine in Peachtree City, Georgia, who had seen and questioned bruises on me back in 2016 had been made aware of what my boys and I were going through around April of 2021. [The PTC resident] generously purchased plane tickets for all three of us and we were able to make it to Georgia on October 17, 2021. According to UCCJEA statutes, those in fear of their lives are able to flee to another state and file for protection there.

On October 19, 2021 (two days later after arriving in Georgia), a Peachtree City Police officer showed up at the front door of [the PTC resident’s] home. [The officer] said they were ordered by California to do a welfare check and later filed a report stating that I and my boys were fine (Case no. P21-30163). During this visit the [Peachtree City police officer] held up his phone, and we discovered California Officer T. and a DA Investigator were on speaker listening to everything my friend and I had said.

They stated that I needed to file a Good Cause form. I did so immediately and submitted it to California which meant they knew my address within two days of my arrival in Georgia. From that point forward [the PTC resident] was frequently followed around town by unknown individuals.

During additional phone conversations with CA Detective T., witnessed by my friend, we were led to believe that my husband would likely be arrested. I had great hope that my nightmare would end when I logged on to my California Zoom court hearing scheduled on November 17, 2021.

Instead, I received no protection nor the arrest of my husband; my attorney stepped down at the beginning of the hearing and I was blindsided. The only words I could get out were, “Does this mean I don’t have representation?” [The second judge] immediately said something along the lines of “don’t worry about it, you’ll get a chance to speak.” Tears began running down my face as I knew that once again all of my hopes of deliverance were lost.

Rather than allowing for an extension, which is what should have happened, to give me time to find new representation, [the second judge] proceeded to give my husband full custody of our children in addition to full control over all of my businesses, effectively stripping me of all power and income to fight for myself and my children. I have been told by more than one attorney afterwards that many things [the second judge] did during this hearing were “illegitimate.”

On December 15, 2021, my friends and I were so excited when, through the help of my local Georgia attorney, the Fayette County court granted us an Emergency Ex Parte Hearing which would have enabled us to stay here and finally be free and protected from our abuser.

Within hours, on that very same day, [the second California judge] and the California DA Investigator retaliated by filing a warrant for my arrest to have me “dragged back to California.” Their court documentation implied that I was a danger to my boys and am likely suffering from some undiagnosed mental illness.

Local residents here, including licensed professionals in counseling and criminology consultants, have found this odd since if I was truly a danger to my children, why would the court in California delay rescuing my boys, having known their location since October 19, 2021? [The second judge and the D.A. Investigator] chose to wait until immediately after I filed for my Emergency Ex Parte hearing. Simply stated, it would have placed every decision they had made in my previous hearings under a microscope.

Unfortunately, I was unaware this had occurred until it was too late. On December 20th, 2021, the first time I left my boys in the care of someone else so I could buy them some Christmas presents, California’s child abduction unit and local police raided [the PTC resident’s] home and took my boys away, without coats or shoes on a cold winter day. They also left [without] my sons seizure medication; seizures that had begun to occur less frequently after 60 days in Georgia. My boys were beginning to thrive again in a loving environment, safe from their terrifying father.

My local friends and I immediately called my attorney and [a Fayette superior court judge’s] office to have the removal of my children stopped. We spent hours on the phone being transferred between [two Fayette judge’s] offices while my sons were being returned to their abuser and flown back to California. No one seemed to know whose case mine was.

After a lot of back-and-forth, [the Fayette judge] blamed their incompetence on a clerk of court error as to no one knowing which Judge actually had the case. [The Fayette judge] subsequently took over the case again, assuming it had ever actually been transferred to [a second Fayette judge] in the first place, and closed my case within minutes of my boys being forcefully taken; denying me my right to the Emergency Ex Parte hearing that I had been granted in Fayette County on December 15, 2021.

On December 20, 2021 the police called me and said if I wanted to see my boys again I would have to come down to the station. Having been made aware that a warrant had been put out for my arrest, I had to go into hiding, if I ever hoped to see my boys again. With the assistance of others, helping me from a distance, I have been able to file an appeal against [the California second judge’s] latest unethical, if not illegal actions. Yet with everything we do, California courts keeping trying to impede us.

The California court called my local representatives and tried to state my appeal would not be accepted because it was submitted as a JPEG rather than PDF file, which was false. After an extended conversation with them they agreed it was filed correctly, ran out of excuses, and had to accept it. Weeks later California filed to throw out my appeal stating lack of payment, again false. My representatives resubmitted the payment and it was accepted.

To date I have managed to elude capture for a warrant that is unlawful on its face. I have been advised by national domestic violence experts that there are many women in my situation currently languishing in jail while their children have been returned to unsafe environments with men who hold all the power or prestige.

I have had many wonderful people in this community try to get me qualified representation in California, to no avail as people refuse to take on my case or require extremely high fees that are impossible to afford, having no income and being forced to remain in hiding. I have spent a year now trying to save myself and my boys the traditional way via the criminal justice system.

Through my experiences, based on the level of incompetence (if not outright corruption) surrounding law enforcement and judicial agencies involved in violating our rights, and enabling the abuse of my children, I am now fully aware that the best way to get help, resulting in my boys being returned safely to me, is to shine a light on the injustice system. Their complete lack of accountability when they fail to uphold the law, callously speak to victims, and force mothers to choose between the lives of their children or imprisonment needs to be known.

[The following is written by a third-party advocate familiar with this case.]

Concerned citizen: [Esther’s] husband abused her and her children for years. He threatened to kill her, and she has evidence that he researched how to do so which was also disregarded by the California judicial system. [The husband] is an explosives expert with access to weapons and incendiary devices. He is dangerous, most likely still abusing alcohol, and now has custody of his children who were violently stolen from their mother when she tried to stand up for herself and her sons.

If [the husband] isn’t with his children, they are left with his parents. Unfortunately, [the husband’s] family are also dangerous. During one of his drunken tirades back in 2020 he shared with Esther that his own mother had sexually abused him when he was a child, shocking her. [The husband’s] brother threatened Esther by saying that anyone who messes with his family won’t live to regret it. Last year Esther also discovered, during all of these hearings and interactions with police, that her husband was charged with an unknown crime, not related to her or her boys. When she asked law enforcement what he’d been charged with they ignored her request. One can only assume that charge, along with any other charges filed against him, seem to quietly disappear.

J. told numerous people including friends, teachers, therapists, police officers, and even local Georgia residents that he was terrified of his father and that he was abused by [the husband]. He told his mother that “Daddy takes me to places with people you don’t know, and I don’t like it.”

Esther found drawings hidden in her son’s closet sometime after she filed the initial restraining order. When she asked her son about two particular drawings, he had a seizure. Multiple local licensed professionals have viewed these drawings and every single one of them believes they indicate physical and sexual abuse, most likely involving additional offenders. Extremely questionable photos were taken of her child that she found and downloaded from her family’s iCloud account before fleeing.

I have seen them; her son looks staged and possibly drugged. She has pictures of her and her children’s bruises, at least one of which was a selfie taken by her own son J. to show a handprint bruise around his arm close to his elbow caused by his father. Here in Georgia, many licensed mental health workers have met and interacted with Esther. Not one of them indicated she has an undiagnosed mental health disorder … with the possible exception of PTSD based on trauma at the hands of her husband and the criminal justice system, and becoming more aware of the extent of her sons’ abuse.

Several Georgia residents with backgrounds in domestic violence, law, and criminology have been consulted and shown evidence on this case including personal testimonies, eyewitness statements, pictures, voice recordings, police reports, and official court documentation. Every single one of them have stated that this case is highly unusual, a miscarriage of justice, or that “something very fishy” appears to be going on here.

Everyone agrees that [the second judge in California] was inappropriate and unprofessional in his handling of multiple hearings, particularly his questioning of Esther on August 6, 2021. No one understands why [the Fayette judge] failed to hear out Esther, who was granted her emergency ex parte hearing (instantly gives Georgia jurisdiction and her full custody of the children prior to the hearing date), before California suddenly decided it was urgent that a warrant be placed for her arrest and that the boys needed to be returned immediately. Seems rather odd to me as well.

As a 9-year-old, J. bravely spoke out against a man three times his size to try and protect his family and his now 2-year-old brother. Rather than rescue him, which is the job of law enforcement, they tried to force his mother to put his life at risk, and then later kidnapped him and his baby brother A., to return them to their abuser.

Not only did both California and Georgia law enforcement agencies further endanger these children and their mother, [the second judge in California] contacted J.’s school and got them to drop the investigation they were about to open concerning statements of his father’s abuse J. made to his teacher.

It seems to me that Georgia law enforcement could have investigated this case as Esther’s abuse started in Georgia back in 2016 and her bruises were witnessed by a Peachtree City resident, who later helped Esther and her sons escape their abusers. [The PTC resident] opened her home to Esther’s family. She was witness to how traumatized J. and A. were, J.’s statements of abuse, and also the children’s slow progress towards healing as the days they had in Georgia ticked by. Her kindness was rewarded by being followed around town while driving and shopping by unknown persons who could only have been hired by one person.

As payment for being one of those rare people who put their own life and comfort on the line to protect women and children in need, [the PTC resident’s] husband was threatened by [Esther’s husband’s brother] who [stated] that he could get her husband fired. [The PTC resident’s] husband now also works in the movie industry.

Her home was stormed by California’s child abduction unit and local officers traumatizing her family and three children (ages 7, 3, and now 2), in addition to Esther’s sons, on December 20, 2021. And since that couldn’t possibly be enough thanks for being a kind law-abiding citizen, our local police department decided to swarm her again the day after Christmas, again scaring her and her three young children.

Apparently following orders, the PTC police needed 6 patrol cars to surround [the PTC resident] as she pulled into the driveway of her home, clearly in order to intimidate her … as the only reason they were there was to let her know that she would be arrested if she was helping in any way to harbor a fugitive. I guess you need multiple officers and six squad cars to relay a simple message these days.

It would be one thing if Esther was not in cooperation with both Georgia and California police since her arrival here, but she was. The law was followed and neither [the PTC resident] nor Esther ever hid her location from the police; in fact, they included it in court documentation. Both California and our local law enforcement took advantage of Esther’s transparency and used it to kidnap her children, terrorize, and threaten a local resident.

On February 22, 2022 [the PTC resident] was harassed again at home by a group of plain-clothed men who stated they were U.S. Marshals once she finally spoke to them. They pounded on her door and when she refused to answer, the marshals walked around her home looking through windows and then began talking to her three-year-old son through a window, which prompted her to speak with them. They had no warrant yet asked to see her phone and look inside. She refused to give them her phone but did let them look around her home. Then they accused her of being … uncooperative?

[The PTC resident] recently tried to file an incident report concerning the bruises she’d witnessed on Esther, the statements of abuse she heard from 10-year-old J. after he arrived in Georgia, and their traumatized behaviors that slowly began to dissipate while they were here. She also wanted to report being intimidated and threatened by PTC police and other law enforcement agencies.

When the first Sheriff’s Deputy showed up they began taking [the PTC resident’s] statement in the lobby. Though they had a notepad, they wrote nothing down. The deputy took several calls during this time which constantly interrupted [the PTC resident’s] relaying of traumatizing events, and it also gave the impression that what she was saying was of no interest to the police.

The deputy, though polite, was clearly juggling too many responsibilities at once and really didn’t want to write up the incident report; stating that [the PTC resident] should really go through the courts, that the report would just sit on her desk and be of no use. [The PTC resident] and her friend stated they would like to file one anyway so there was a record of what she had witnessed and experienced. The deputy finally suggested speaking to a superior to see if there was someone else or a different agency that [the PTC resident] should speak to, rather than filing an incident report with them. The deputy returned a few minutes later with a [higher ranking officer].

After a few minutes of conversation that mostly involved him interjecting his opinions, rather than listening to what [the PTC resident] and her friend were trying to say, it became apparent that the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department would not file an incident report.

Though [the higher ranking officer] initially seemed to be trying to bring what he appeared to genuinely believe was clarity (unaware that they already understood and were aware of what he felt the need to state), all he really did was speak based on presumption prior to taking the time to first listen.

When [the PTC resident’s] friend tried to bring up her harassment (a word they thought would be less antagonizing than intimidation or terrorizing) by the local police, [the higher ranking officer] immediately interrupted them and said that the police did not harass anyone, telling them, “Let’s stop with that right now,” “I don’t like that language.”

At this point [the PTC resident’s] friend realized that his behavior and this whole process was further traumatizing and suggested they leave immediately.

As someone who has worked with victim advocacy in the past, it is disheartening to know that the sheriff’s department takes initial incident statements in the main lobby while answering other phone calls as people are sharing what can be very personal information.

I also understand that police officers are under a lot of pressure these days as their image is frequently under attack and that [the higher ranking officer] was probably reacting from the current cultural climate. However, interrupting, getting angry, and telling those who are brave enough to come into a sheriff’s office (especially after witnessing and experiencing such a miscarriage of justice and police intimidation) that what they are saying is a lie and being told which words they are or are not allowed to use when sharing their genuine concerns, is completely unacceptable.

As a local resident I can’t speak for the gross misconduct that occurred in California’s handling of this woman and her child’s case, but I can voice my concern over our own judicial and police system’s handling of it in Fayette County, Georgia. I would like to know why our local police department failed to investigate this case when the domestic violence began here in 2016, with bruises witnessed by others then and now, and why no interviews were conducted of those individuals that J. confided in concerning his abuse by his father, either here or in California.

Why was his evaluation never reviewed from the Georgia Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Center by law enforcement? Why are our local police being used like storm troopers to terrorize and intimidate local residents and their children when they never broke the law? Why are they are so desperately hunting Esther, a woman who does not have her children, who has been victimized by her husband and now a criminal justice system she used to believe in.

I don’t know if Esther and her sons have been endangered because her husband hired [a California attorney] and a team of attorneys that were just better than hers, if the Pasadena Police Department doesn’t know how to read so they were genuinely unaware that her temporary protective order was still in effect when her husband violated it, if the Pasadena police officers suffer from their own undiagnosed delusions of being mental health professionals equipped to judge and assess the proper way for a woman in fear to handle her abuse, if it’s easy to buy off officials in California and maybe here when you have strong ties to Hollywood, if [the California second judge] has his own interest in teen porn which is why he would speak of it as if it were no problem during the August 6 hearing, or if perhaps he watches such a variety of porn, he is unaware of the meaning of fetish or that some people have particular tastes.

To disregard [the court-appointed psychiatrist’s] testimony of J.’s abuse and imply that Esther wasn’t credible because her husband repeatedly raped and abused her in similar ways speaks to how ignorant and ill-trained he is and that he has no business being a judge, even in California.

Regardless of this imbecile’s assessment of Esther and his mindless (if not purchased) opinion of her credibility, she is not the one who told friends, police, teachers, therapists, and local Fayette County residents that his father is scary, mean, and bad. A nine-year-old child named J. did … and everyone with the power to do something about it chose to ignore him.

Rather they dragged him and his baby brother A. back to their father who J. said hits, yells at, inappropriately touches, and suffocates them. If we can’t rely on particular members of this town to protect and speak up for women, children, and local residents, then I am happy to do so, and I hope those of you that read this are also willing.

[The following are contact points and resources for more about domestic violence and how to get help.]

Domestic Violence Services and Ways to Help

Local: https://www.womenslaw.org/find-help/ga




If residents are concerned about what’s happening in our state concerning the movie industry, the behavior of law and judicial representatives and treatment of victims, or want to know more about what happened to prevent these actions in the future, they can contact or complain to:

Congressman David Scott


Jonesboro District Office

173 North Main Street

Jonesboro, GA 30236

ph: (770) 210-5073

fax: (770) 210-5673

Georgia State Senator Marty Harbin




https://www.legis.ga.gov/members/senate/850?session=1029 http://www.senate.ga.gov/SENATORS/en-US/member.aspx?Member=850&Session=27

District Office

215 Greencastle Road
Tyrone, GA 30290





Marie G. Broder
District Attorney Griffin Judicial Circuit

Contact Information

Fayette Office Located at:
Fayette County Justice Center
One Center Drive
Fayetteville, GA 30214
Office Number: 770.716.4250
Facsimile Number: 770-716-4857


Cyber TipLine
Members of the public are encouraged to report information regarding possible child sexual exploitation to the CyberTipline.

FBI Atlanta Office

3000 Flowers Road S
Atlanta, GA 30341
(770) 216-3000

Judicial Misconduct/Complaint Reporting


How do I make a complaint against a department or an officer?

You can use the anonymous survey on the home page, call 770-487-8866, send in a letter, or email policepublicinfo@peachtree-city.org. A formal complaint form can also be utilized by clicking on the link below. A report on the past year’s complaints and internal affairs investigations can be found on the Annual Reports page. If you have any other questions regarding concern of the department, contact Assistant Chief Matt Myers at mmyers@peachtree-city.org or call 770-487-8866Link to Formal Complaint Form

Fayette County Sheriffs Department



Northern District of Georgia (N/GA)
U.S. Marshal: Michael S. Yeager
Federal Building
75 Ted Turner Drive SW, Room 1669
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 331-6833

UPDATE APRIL 16 — The Peachtree City Police Department responded with a statement from Assistant Police Chief Matthew Myers. Here is that complete statement:

“As always, we encourage anyone with a complaint or concern about our agency to contact us so we can complete an investigation and provide them responses. Without going through a point-by-point analysis of statements in the lengthy document you provided, I think the most practical response I can offer is a summary of our actual role in the situations with Mrs. Noel.

“Our agency was initially requested by the Pasadena (CA) Police Department to assist facilitating a forensic interview of Ms. Noel’s son, regarding allegations made to their agency by Ms. Noel.  We helped arrange for a trained child forensic interviewer (with another local agency) to conduct the requested interview. The results were later provided to the requesting agency and we had no further involvement in that particular matter.

“Approximately one month later, investigators from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office came to Georgia with a full extradition arrest warrant for Mrs. Noel signed by a California Judge. They also possessed a court order from a California judge granting the father custody of the children.  The LA County DA investigators went through a hearing with the Superior Court of Fayette County to have that custody order domesticated by Judge Ballard for service in Fayette County, GA.  As is customary, the Superior Court order was provided to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office to execute.

“Since Mrs. Noel’s residence is located within Peachtree City, three members of our Criminal Investigation Division (in two unmarked vehicles) provided perimeter  security while Fayette County deputies and the LA County Investigators executed the court order and attempted to serve the arrest warrant. Upon completion of the service, our detectives notified the lead investigators that one of the children required medication.  It was our understanding that the children were being immediately taken to their father who had all proper arrangements in place.

“Let me know if you have any further questions.”

Matt Myers

Assistant Chief of Police

Peachtree City Police Department


  1. I am not unsympathetic to “Esther’s” story, but I have a feeling there is more to her story than we know. As with most things, there is two sides to every story. I know victims of domestic violence are often portrayed badly and don’t get a fair shake, yet I also know of women who receive preferential treatment by the courts and destroy their husbands. People often spin things to their advantage and only believe what fits their personal narrative. I’m not talking sides, just saying that my hunch is there is more to the story. For the record, I am a woman. I commend the PTC Police Department for their response – just the facts.

    • I agree that there must be more to the story. So after the Peachtree City Police exposed the name of the victim, I went on IMDB and it was not hard to find out who the abuser was. I then looked up his record and there is more to the story. He was accused of rape by someone else in 2020. Then apparently by his wife in 2021, and was accused by his own son of abuse in 2021. I do respect and value the police. That does not mean that they are infallible or that they all are good. It seems they say they were under orders from Judge Ballard. I find it interesting that the judge believed the victim and her story were credible enough to grant her and her children a hearing, and then backtracked and grounded a warrant that CA later put out for her. I find it interesting that in the PTC police response they failed to mention “swarming the local PTC resident with multiple police cars and officers the day after Christmas”. To me that indicates that the assistant chief either does not know what his officers are doing, omitted this information on purpose because they did do it, or perhaps it was the Sheriff’s Office. Who knows. What I do know is that our community leaders (police, judges, etc.) allowed corrupt Cali to dictate our policing. So I guess our officers and judges should all quit and just let Cali police and judges run our town in their own immoral way. I am deeply concerned that our leaders endangered a woman and her children who were desperate for help. By their actions, they also endangered other members of this community by allowing a rapist and child abuser, to roam around town free to rape women and abuse children. Having looked up the offender it is clear that he makes a lot of movies in our town. The fact that this can and did happen here is pathetic and inexcusable!!! I will definitely be trying to vote out the offending parties;)

  2. This story is appalling! PTC Police department named the woman and the local judge so I did a little research. Noel vs Noel
    This is audio of the little boy begging for protection:
    This is the mother’s video testimony:
    This is a website about the situation:
    This is a page of evidence including bruising pictures and the boy’s drawings of sexual abuse:

    Is Hollywood’s total lack of morality being brought into our community? Is our court system going to continue denying abused women and children a voice because LA County told them to?? As a long term resident and mother I am APPALLED!!!!