This and that


I’m sure there’s a special name for people like me, but I have to have a clock in every room in the house. Yes, I always have a watch on, but looking at a big clock on the wall is more satisfactory. And for the nosey folks, no, I don’t have one in the bathroom.

I must admit that when this question came up on Jan. 20 concerning students being able to opt out of watching the constitutional privilege of seeing the inauguration of a United States president, I am appalled. Why did this ever come up – its a civics lesson and has nothing to do with politics. If I still had children in school, I would have expected all students to, of course, watch this ceremony. No, I didn’t vote for that particular person, but again, it was an important civics lesson.

Good Grief! The only child of the late Elvis Presley is now 49 years old. I put that disbelief right up there with it won’t be long until I will have both my children in their 50s.

And speaking of older, it came to my attention this past weekend that I am older than Hank Aaron. He is someone, though, who used his years advancing his chosen sport and that of the lives around him. As I am always inferring, when you see you can bring good and do so, it doesn’t matter if no one else knows it. God knows.

Television ads state there are eyeglass stores where you can purchase two pairs of glasses and an eye exam for $69. I’m really curious to understand why my last pair cost $350 for one pair and a separate charge for the exam.

As the Super Bowl began and the Falcons ran out onto the field, I thought of the woman who gave the team its name.Though I don’t recall her name, and she has been deceased for a number of years, I hope her descendants were thinking of her too.

I admit I’m not “with it” about a lot of things, but I am thoroughly confused by the ads that state baby powder is causing some women to have cancer. The last time I had a container of baby powder in my hand was decades ago raising my babies. I would appreciate it if someone would enlighten me. I’m sure I will be thoroughly embarrassed, but I promise not to mention this again.

I was very touched by the brief show that was run by the NFL concerning all the types of peoples that make up America and the contributions they all make to better the country for all of us. It was run about 15 minutes before the game’s first kick off. It made me think of my ancestor who was an immigrant from Germany in the late 1700s.
As far as I can ascertain, his descendants have done their part in maintaining his values and beliefs and in contributing in their own way to making America a better place in whatever spot they occupy.

I was touched, also, by the rendering the NFL showed by using the voice of the the late Johnny Cash reciting his respect for the American flag. Most appropriate at this time.