PTC to reverse strict annexation policy?

City wants to ‘market itself’ to expand borders

After more than a decade of tight restrictions on annexing more land into the city, the Peachtree City Council is moving toward reversing that stance on new development. Read More»

Do you want a vote on what’s in your water?

Photo of anti-fluoridation march in San Francisco / miker /

County to send fluoride resolution to legislators

While not taking an official position on the use of fluoride in drinking water, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners took Read More»

PTC Kroger shoppers see cops chase, tase man Do you want a vote on what’s in your water? Fire kills pet dog; family unhurt but needs help Will judge hear voting lawsuit? Now THIS is a Santa’s workshop! Lighting up the season in Fayette F’ville has ‘Christmas with police’ New choral anthem premiers this Sunday in Peachtree City Brown sworn in for second term Flags with wreaths for veterans
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Shutterstock photo of Walmart logo.
These are but a few of the Fayetteville police officers who participated in the department’s 11th Annual Christmas with the police event designed to help families in need have a happier Christmas. Pictured in front, from left, are Officer Richard Gaines and Lt. Mike Whitlow; and in the rear, from left, are Lt. Robert Mask, Officer Allison Sankeralli, Det. Shawn Albea, Santa Claus aka Kris Kringle, Det. Chris Stevers, Det. Scott Gibson and Det. Melissa Peacock. Photo/Submitted.
Fayette County Administrative Complex in Fayetteville. File photo.
Shutterstock photo of temporary greenhouse.
'I'm with Stupid'
‘You can fool some of the people all of the time’*
Selected J.C. Booth Middle School Chorus students performed in the Georgia Music Educators Association District Honor Chorus Nov. 20-21 at Unity Baptist Church in Newnan. First row, Sasha Alter. Second row, Emily Childs, Kylie Dickinson. Third row, Anna Seville, Lydia Campbell. Fourth row, Hannah Dowdy, Shannyn Smith, Morgan Love. Fifth row, Alex McLaughlin, Rachel Reynolds, Cymmone Yancey. Sixth row, Abby McMichen, Tiffany Smith, Colton Hayes. Photo/Submitted.
The Roboeagles First Lego League robotics team. Top row, from left, N’Kai Hodge, Annie Morris, Dennis McCuller and Alex Kobie. Bottom row, from left, Danny D’Amato, Sam Vice, Emily Wagner and Andrew Starkey. Photo/Submitted.
Wrapping presents for seniors
Flags with wreaths for veterans

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