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Expect traffic delays with MLK Day Parade

The Fayetteville Police Department would like to advise motorists to expect traffic delays during the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade on Monday, Jan. 16.

The parade, organized by the Fayette County branch of the NAACP, will take place between 11 A.M. and noon. The primary delays will be on Ga. Highway 85 southbound near downtown and Ga. Highway 54 westbound near downtown. The parade begins and ends it route at the Fayette County High School parking lot.

If you have any question, you may contact Major Kevin Gooding, Patrol Division Commander at 770-719-4202.




In the tradition of the MLK holiday - those who are not 'working' usually plan to donate time to community service in the name of MLK. Of course we also enjoy community activities in his memory. His was a life well deserving of celebration,

I was out of town and missed the festivities. Did you go? and if so how was it?

Saw people lining up for the parade - but went home and watched the program at Ebenezer and other national festivities with my mommy.

(spending time with Mommy) is a celebration in itself. I'm glad you have that opportunity. Saw last week where you said she is doing good in spirit and appears to have lived another day in celebration for a great man (MLK). WOW what a man. Good to here my friend

I chose not to honor a hypcrite that preached morality whilst cheating on his wife.

<a href="">Four Things About King</a>

<cite>King described his affairs as "a form of anxiety reduction." Martin said, "I’m away from home twenty-five to twenty-seven days a month."
Three relationships were more than one-night stands, and Martin grew especially close to one woman. The "relationship, rather than his marriage, increasingly became the emotional centerpiece of King's life, but it did not eliminate the incidental couplings that were a commonplace of King's travels."
Source: "Bearing the Cross", by David Garrow, p. 375.</cite>

A Girl Scout came to my door on the 16th selling cookies. I asked why she was not in school and very innocently she replied that school was closed for her birthday. After having a good laugh, I bought 25 boxes..

So I guess you will not be voting for Newt.

Vote Ron Paul for President 2012!

Congrats for staying with your mom and enjoying the day. I lost my mom when she was only 58 and I was in my 30's. Spend all the time you can with her time goes by way to fast.

Thanks for the kind words.

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