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Sany revealed as recipient of $50,000 jobs grant from PTC

Sany America will be the recipient of a job credit for as much as $50,000 under a resolution approved recently by the Peachtree City Council. When the resolution was approved by council Aug. 25, it did not list Sany as the beneficiary of the “job creation grant.”

Instead, the company was referred to as “Project Z” in an effort to keep Sany’s identity under wraps for what was believed to be a matter of weeks.

It wasn’t until The Citizen inquired last week about the identity of the company that city officials revealed Sany America was the beneficiary of the job creation grant. The Citizen asked the city to name the company or cite which state law allows the city to keep the company name secret. The Open Records request was filed Monday; the city released the name of the company Thursday.

The $50,000 grant provided by council will be sized at $500 for each job created due to the expansion of the company that has a base salary of $80,000 a year or more within the 18-months following issuance of the building expansion’s certificate of occupancy, according to the council resolution.

It will be Sany’s responsibility to provide documentation to the city confirming it has met the terms of the grant in order to qualify for the payment.

Sany also won an incentive from the Peachtree City Airport Authority which runs Falcon Field immediately adjacent to Sany.

At last week’s council meeting, Sany was granted a variance allowing it to have a wall sign four times the size of the city’s size limit for such signs. City staff reasoned that the 660 square-foot sign would not be seen from any public street; also taken into account was the sheer size of the 400,000 sq. ft. building that Sany began to occupy last week.

It also was noted that the adjacent Cooper Lighting campus has a sign that is also over the city’s size limit, coming in at more than 400 sq. ft. That also did not meet city rules, but the upsizing was “handled administratively,” a city official admitted.

Sany’s campus, which features a reflecting pool and all-glass walls along its two most-visible elevations, has been lauded for its architecture. And the company’s landscape plan will further add to the ambiance of the site, officials have said.

Sany’s facility has 60,000 sq. ft. of office space in addition to some 340,000 sq. ft. in its manufacturing area. The facility will be used to assemble heavy construction equipment including crawler cranes, excavators, motor graders and concrete pump trucks. It also will be the home of Sany’s first North American-specific product, the “RT” Global Rough Terrain Crane.

The company hopes to have its first concrete pump trucks assembled later this year, soon to be followed by the cranes and hydraulic excavators.

Sany has invested some $60 million in the site, which can be expanded to meet future growth. The company initially projected to have 200 employees hired by the end of this year, growing to 300 total by the end of 2012, state officials have said.



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A few questions, for Mr. Sussberg.

Does the city really believe that Sany wouldn't have relocated to PTC without this $50K grant?

How will this money be used?

Was this an existing program that Sany took advantage of in the normal process of adding jobs within the city?

If so, what will it take to eliminate this program?

Hi PTC Observer
I'm not in city government? Maybe you meant to ask someone else?


got out of public service a few months back! Had something to do with getting deposed because of Chief Haddix if I recall correctly!

Go Figure!

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I know, I just thought you might know, I know you resigned.

Since the funding was voted for unanimously in a 15 min. special city council meeting, and the company was kept "secret", I am not disposed to ask anyone in city government. I suppose they wouldn't want to talk about it.

Whose the photo of?

my blog photo!? That is none other than Nathan Bedford Forrest, the namesake of a subdivision over in Sharpsburg and the object of the affections and desires of our own blogger buddy Sugarfoot! He was a gallant fighter for the CSA and reputed founder of the KKK, though some say different. In any case, he is well known to be of Scots Irish heritage, and is therefore revered among the citizens of Brooks and the Inman Community!

Go Whistle Dixie!

.........who wished to relocate a highend factory they own to Peachtree City.
We will pay all expenses involved except we want something out front like SANY got!
If I read it right you plan to give them $500,000 for every employee who makes over $ 80,000 salary a year.

We will agree to supply 500 Saudi workers, but we must have $100,000 each out front. (That's $50,000,000).

What those workers do with their money and what we do with our outfront is to be our business.

We will have one large building trimmed in gold inside and out for the descendants of our royalty, and 200 large tents for our non-royalty people.
We will build a large berm around the tents so as not to be able to view them from outside the round berm.
The camels and goats will also be inside the berm.

We will supply our own clinics, food store, and entertainment.
We will need a power source and county water.
We will travel directly to the Local Falcon Field with business jets, and fly in our families and concubines at no expense to the City.

You won't know we are there hardly.

some of you guys don't read so well. AS much as 50K....if you don't think it's worth $500 a job for PTC, I have a candidate running for County Councilman who thinks he can stop the bypass with a wave of his wand. You guys should check him out.

How much is Timmy G making? This is the best he can come up with?

Nice to see the local and federal governments are working together on this issue. NOT!

Just head down 74 in PTC and turn right to get all you need to know below.

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