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Fayette to start work on north Veterans Parkway

Construction on the the intersection of Hwy. 92 and Veterans Parkway — the next link in the West Fayetteville Bypass — is expected to begin next spring if right-of-way acquisition and other issues are resolved.

That news was part of the report given during the Aug. 27 meeting of the Fayette County Board of Commissioners, during which an update on the project was presented but no official action was taken. The board had requested the update, with particular focus on the Hwy. 92/Veterans Pkwy. intersection across from Westbridge Road.

The presentation included a history of the overall project, from which county Public Works Director Phil Mallon identified three phases. The first was 1.6 miles of new new road from Bennett’s Mill Middle School to South Sandy Creek Road, including a traffic signal at Hwy. 54 and a multi-use path along a portion of Lester Road. The cost for this phase was $8.6 million.

The second phase included 4.4 miles of mostly new road construction from South Sandy Creek Road to Hwy. 92, with several stop-control intersections, a roundabout and a 647-foot bridge over Whitewater Creek. This is complete except for the Hwy. 92 intersection and a pedestrian tunnel at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. About $11.7 million has been spent so far out of just over $17 million budgeted.

Mallon referred to the third phase as “concept work only” with the goal of improving connection between Lester Road and Hwy. 85. The cost estimate is up to $14.1 million but funding has been removed and no further action planned, he said.

The West Fayetteville Bypass has been funded with local transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) dollars and has been worked on for more than seven years. Mallon said it was actually suggested for the first time in 1985 as part of a land use plan for the county. It was referred to as the “Central Parkway” in the county’s first comprehensive transportation improvement plan released in 1990. The East Fayetteville Bypass is referenced in that plan as well.

Mallon showed aerial photographs of a number of highlighted areas along the bypass route, such as the Hwy. 54 intersection, the Whitewater Creek bridge, the Lee’s Mill Road roundabout, and the the Hwy. 92 intersection.

As for the next steps, concept approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation has been completed, and an updated traffic study is ongoing. Other priorities listed by Mallon included completion of stop-control design, outsourcing of an erosion control plan, GDOT approval and permitting, ROW acquisition, procurement for the construction phase, and construction.



By connecting Veterans Pkwy to 92/Westbridge Rd., this is going to require Westbride Rd. to be expanded to two lanes on each side (eventually).  That's why the bridge was straightened out on West Bridge Rd., to handle more traffice in the future.  There will start to be a build up of traffic, as more people come from Hwy 54 up Veterans Pkwy to 92 and then all the way to 138 on West Bridge Rd.  Once this happens, 92/Veterans Pkwy area is going to explode with retail development, housing and I'm sure if  a Democrat gets elected Commissioner, there will be a push to extend public transportation from 138 where it already is, down to West Bridge Rd. toward 92 and into Fayette County. You know what they say:  If you build it, they will come.  Well, you can already see "they" are coming into Fayette County committing car thefts, business break ins and home invasions (especially on north Fayette County).  And by "they" I mean the bad element, regardless of skin color, because we have seen it happening.  The one thing these people have in common is their greed for other peoples stuff...  
Yes, the easier it is to get into and out of Fayette County, the more folks will be coming and going. And they won't all be upstanding citizens. But this is sort of a catch 22. Not connecting roads leaves Fayette citizens with a less-useful roadway system. .Currently, traffic going north on Veteran's Parkway can go no further than Lee's Mill, where they exit and cut over to Highway 92 where New Hope Road comes in. They wait at the light, then must joust with traffic coming up New Hope in order to turn left on Highway 92 to continue their journey. This is a dangerous intersection.   Why is this intersection dangerous? Because it is the only portion of Highway 92 between Fairburn and downtown Fayetteville where there are two southbound lanes, and traffic wishing to travel near the speed limit has a chance to pass the inevitable slow vehicles.  As a result, some southbound 92 traffic tends to come down the hill into this intersection quite fast, and is in a situation where it is difficult to stop. I have seen many very close calls there, and a few bad wrecks. I fear the worst is yet to come.   Because of this, I see the need for completing Veteran's Parkway from Lee's Mill Road to Highway 92. In actuality, this portion of Veteran's Parkway has been completed to within 200 yards of Highway 92 for almost two years. But there will be lots of utility moving necessary in order to complete the road the rest of the way to 92.

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