Westmoreland Voted FOR NSA Snooping Today (Amash bill)

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Evil Elvis
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Time for Lynn to transition into the private sector.


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Westmoreland is a traitor

Anyone who voted to usurp the Constitution is a traitor, and we now know what Westmoreland really is.

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Don't like the snooping

We're just heading for a fall!!!

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johenry & "snooping"

Are you aware that there are NO names or addresses in the data collected? Actual conversations are NOT collected. If, at some future time, there is reason to suspect a terrorist activity connection concerning a particular phone number, then the FBI gets involved to determine name & address . Why would you have a problem with that?

Git Real
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That trash sold us out years ago. Lyn Westmoreland is as useless as tits on a boar hog. His ilk and contributions to the merger of the Democrat and Republican party is what drove this productive American out of the party.

Robert W. Morgan
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Voting with Wasserman-Shultz and Jackson-Lee is bad enough

but also Hank Johnson, Chris VanHollen and Nancy Pelosi?
Time for reevaluation there.

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Morgan & Git Real on Westmoreland & Voting

I don't normally wave the flag for Westmoreland but I agree with that vote--I wouldn't have voted 'Yea' for the Amash Amendment either! But then I understand NSA & the Intelligence business because I was on the inside for 42 yrs! What NSA did had approval of all 3 Branches of our Govt. Check Amash out--he's kind of a strange duck with an (R) behind his name. BTW, anybody actually READ the Amendment? I did--it proposed severely restricting and in some cases eliminating NSA's authority to collect. And if things happened to go South and we get attacked, I bet Amash would be out in front screaming 'Intelligence Failure'.

Davids mom
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I respect your 42 years of inside knowledge. Obviously I and others are not Westmoreland fans - but it looks like he did his homework here -rather than just following the 'party line'. I only had a few years of 'insidership' , and nothing compared to your expertise, but please, please those who are critics of Westmoreland - don't play with our intelligence organizations when it comes to homeland security. Thanks for sharing.

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