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The first paragraph:


With the re-election of President Barack Obama, we must face the fact that we are at the beginning of a four-year nightmare.

There are two classes of 'gun owners' in the United States. In urban America, one does not see many law abiding citizens standing on corners or driving down streets indiscriminately shooting. More young people have been shot on the streets of
of Chicago than in Afghanistan this month!

I realize that many of us who are law abiding citizens in this country own guns - it is our Second Amendment right. The 2013 National Gun Owner's Action Survey will not be sent to all residents of cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. This survey, if sent to ALL CITIZENS of the United States would have a very different tabulated result. (I'm sure many of you will/have received this survey.) Those who are under the constant threat of illegal gun owners/users will answer many of the questions differently than suburban dwellers.

What would happen if large groups of minority law abiding citizens showed up at the gun shows and purchased assault weapons? Would you advocate regulating gun ownership? You do realize that there are large amount of guns in all urban areas that are not registered and are being used to kill daily. Most of the gun owners that I have met in Fayette County participate in gun range activities; competition; hunting, etc. The extreme sides on this issue are BAN ALL GUNS - or do nothing at all.

How would you answer if students at Starr Mills had been gunned down by a mentally ill individual or while your child visited a friend in Riverdale was killed in a 'gang' cross fire shooting? Your answers will add a lot of insight into the discussion of realistic gun control in this country for all citizens.

Evidently Wayne LaPierre, Executive Vice President of the NRA is using the financial power of the organization to stop any politician or leader if they try any BAN of weapons in this country. Wayne LaPierre stated: We will fight in Congress, where Senators Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein are still jumping on every tragedy to push for sweeping new gun bans - blaming American 100 million gun owners when a single madman commits a heinous crime. The daily loss of limb/life in our urban areas is also heinous.

In 2013, Americans throughout our country are experiencing different scenarios regarding gun ownership and use.
I think if this survey was sent to every American citizen - the tabulated results would be different than what Mr. LaPierre expects (and will get) from this current survey.

Second Amendment Rights, IMHO, are sacrosanct. To have an arsenal of assault weapons in ones home is questionable.

Davids mom
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Wow! Thanks Citizen!

I didn't think this would be shared Thanks Citizen.

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Funny how Diane Feinstein exempts Federal Employees...

....from her gun ban.

So let me get this straight.. The Citizens the Law-Abiding Citizens of America can't have her banned list of guns...but Federal Employees that guard Feinstein and the rest of Congress can have them..

Just like we can't have armed guards protecting our children in our Schools but yet every single child of someone in Congress and the President's can...

I have said it before and will do so again... Socialism is for the people not the Socialist.

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