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  • Reply to: Fayette BoE says it’s ’toon time at 5 high schools, SCHS first   1 hour 8 min ago
    Hey Davids mom It appears we can no longer edit our Citizen account. Egad, I'm stuck with a Randy's Donuts avatar.
  • Reply to: Time for us to unite   2 hours 50 min ago

    Every person that lives in Peachtree City decided to move here because it is a planned community. Wether you are aware of the plan or not, you are living and benefitting from it everyday. Peachtree City didn't happen by accident. That plan is clearly laid out and guided forward by the ordinances. Quite simple really, follow the ordinances to preserve the plan. We are all merely stewards of the plan moving through time. Those of us who understand this dynamic defend the plan and what is has created as countless people have over the city's 54 year history. It's about maintaining standards. GWL was looking for an exception to the plan. We are not a destination. We aren't designed for that. It is clearly stated in the city's ordinances that commercial within the city be for the benefit of the citizens and not a regional draw. I'm sure that Dolce's owners are aware of the restricted uses of the land that they own.

  • Reply to: The Trail of the Wolf   3 hours 15 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Does this mean Mr. King does not plan to run for another term on council?

    Now who is the mayor going to select for the important representative on the FCDA?

  • Reply to: Fayette BoE says it’s ’toon time at 5 high schools, SCHS first   6 hours 12 min ago
    Davids mom
    Mr. Beverly: Please delete the Eisenhower quote attached to all of my posts. Thank you.
  • Reply to: Fayette BoE says it’s ’toon time at 5 high schools, SCHS first   6 hours 32 min ago
    Davids mom
    Mr. Sullivan: Your objection is duly noted. I was agreeing with your suggestion of 5 academic centers for Fayette County students that would meet their academic and interest level. I am certain the the county BOE will consider how to best meet the needs of the students in Fayette County. It was my understanding that this had nothing to do with the recent 're districting' of the voting precincts in FC. I have never been a resident of Clayton County and know little.of their political dealings. The statement at the end of my post was placed there when the site was improved and I have not been able to delete it. I am a resident of District 4. I live in Fayetteville. I volunteer in many schools and organizations in Fayette County. I have never heard of MACE. If I misunderstood your support of schools in Fayette County being organized to meet students academic needs and interests, I apologize. I did not think your post had anything to do with the current controversy over re districting, but rather how to best serve students and use teacher/ staff expertise. I guess I misunderstood the intent of your post. Sorry about your impression that I was being 'tribal'.
  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   7 hours 58 min ago

    currently has $100 billion in unfunded liabilities, which includes $15 billion in outstanding debt it owes to the US Treasury.

    However, they did find enough moolah to buy the top of the line Snapper rider mower with a supersized cup holder and a shade awning over the drivers seat. The bad news is the only guy they have on staff who is trained and licensed to operate it is currently on Survivor and will not be back till after the finale next month. Oh, and you are spot on. Nobody at the PO does GAS.

  • Reply to: Fayette BoE says it’s ’toon time at 5 high schools, SCHS first   8 hours 5 min ago
    DM I object to your use of my comment for your purpose. I do not agree with the tribal politics in any way shape or form and that includes pitting post against post. This comes from personal experience. I lived across County Line road at the Rivers Edge subdivision. Had a great house on the golf course. Then a man by the name of Trotter, his organization MACE and others ran a slate of candidates with the motto " it's our turn now". In case you were not sure what that meant the candidate's picture was on the sign. The good news is they got their turn, the bad news is the lack of qualification and petty politics cost the Clayton County schools their accreditation and worse you all got me as a neighbor. End of the day, Leonard Presberg is a good man and excellent school board member. We disagree on many political points but I believe he would have won a county wide vote. As far as people not voting, I am not aware of any person being denied a vote in Fayette County in a very long time, but I think you may get voting confused with getting the result you wish with the opportunity to make your case and cast your one vote. As a person who has successfully led two tax increase initiatives in Fayette County with a team that spanned the zip codes of Fayette and the spectrum of God's creation, I can testify to you and others that the people of Fayette are good a reasonable people who when presented with facts delivered by hard work, will consider voting against their preordained political views. I hope you and yours are safe on this stormy day Take care neil
  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   8 hours 35 min ago

    by next Friday. No drudging necessary. Mother Nature decided to save the taxpayers a few million.

    However, there will be a guy named Noah at the Battery boat dock with the biggest darn boat you ever saw, and he will be offering couples only rides for free next weekend to all those except the ones who live on the lake that have boats with weeds on the bottoms of them. He said it will be a mystery ride, will be BYOB, and you can bring your doggies and kitties. Casual attire requested. No RSVP needed, just show up, first come, first serve. Someone said it will be called Ark in the Park, but not quite sure about that yet.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   8 hours 40 min ago

    Do they really have to look as bad as they do now? Can PTC Code Enforcement do anything? The Landscape/ grass/weeds are an embarassment in their current state.

    I guess nobody GAS.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   8 hours 41 min ago

    My Comcast works very well at my abode. Internet is especially good compared to neighbors who use ATT dsl.

    Competition is also good, I will keep an eye out for the Nulink folks.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   8 hours 43 min ago

    Miracles do happen.

    Oh, and NuLink, the company that provides PTC city offices with certain telecommunications, has independent contractors going all over the city surveying what would be needed to provide fiber optics to homeowners. Look for them out in your neighborhood with their orange vests on and those measuring wheels and clipboards. They do not come to your door, just to the utility easements. Nothing announced so don't tell anyone, okay?

  • Reply to: Roundabouts are wasteful spending   8 hours 43 min ago
    As our vehicles become more effecient, this is inevitable..a raise in gas taxes...less gas burned, same roads for our vehicles. Roads do not fix themselves.
  • Reply to: Roundabouts are wasteful spending   9 hours 52 min ago
    45 cents would be the new TOTAL in taxes, not an increase of 45cents a gallon from right now.
  • Reply to: Roundabouts are wasteful spending   19 hours 19 min ago
    Davids mom
    Read it for yourself! Apr 2, 2015 - The American Petroleum Institute says the gas tax increase will keep the total amount of money that drivers in Georgia are charged at the pump to more than 46 cents per gallon because it will be offset by the elimination of other excise taxes. ATR Opposes House Bill 170's Massive Gas Tax Increase in Georgia
  • Reply to: PTC cops issue update on gun-golf cart incident   23 hours 5 min ago
    Git Real
    Maybe the next person he points one at will reciprocate with his peace maker and end this terroristic menace once and for all...... End Result: Life Lesson Learned.... For everyone else....
  • Reply to: Roundabouts are wasteful spending   23 hours 17 min ago
    Ignoring you is more like it as you have no idea what you're talking about whatsoever. Gas tax is NOT going up 45cents a gallon in GA. How can u be this ignorant?
  • Reply to: Signature F’ville bridge at hospital gets council support   23 hours 55 min ago
    Hi MYTMITE, I believe it was if you thought Mike King had anything to gain on passing the Wolf thingy.
  • Reply to: Signature F’ville bridge at hospital gets council support   1 day 1 hour ago
    Hi Hutch---What was that question you asked me a week or so, again?
  • Reply to: Roundabouts are wasteful spending   1 day 1 hour ago
    Gas tax is going from 19 cents to 26 cents....the GA portion. I do not believe they are adding the two together.
  • Reply to: Fayette BoE says it’s ’toon time at 5 high schools, SCHS first   1 day 1 hour ago
    Davids mom
    Neil Sullivan said; <strong>#... The truth is our ranking is slipping as others are adapting and creating and we are playing it safe versus taking bold action that some may not like. You do not vision to see the facts. (End of quote)</strong> Your suggestion is certainly worth considering! I hope the BOE is listening.
  • Reply to: Signature F’ville bridge at hospital gets council support   1 day 2 hours ago
    The somewhat Honorable Mayor was one of the one's who wanted to increase the Quality of life here in Fayetteville by giving away our fire dept. to appease the also somewhat Honorable Steve Brown. Enough said...
  • Reply to: Roundabouts are wasteful spending   1 day 3 hours ago
    Is everyone ignoring the fact that gas here is going up 45 CENTS A GALLON!. In July the gas hike goes into effect. The gas hike was passed here in Georgia by local Represenatives and Senators. So when issues around the world push gas back up to $3 a gallon we will be paying closer to $4. They think because gas came down a little we won't notice. Call your representative and asked him/her if they voted for the 45 cent gas hike in Georgia. Let them know you noticed and won't forget. If you live in Fayette County your Rep is Matt Ramsey, 404-656-7146. Hey Ramsey. Did you vote for Georgians to pay 45 cents more a gallon that the rest of the nation? You don't even have to complain about it. Just let them know it hasn't gone unnoticed.
  • Reply to: Signature F’ville bridge at hospital gets council support   1 day 3 hours ago
    Proposed Bridge is a "Quality of life" issue? Just whose life are we talking about here? Some construction company? Sounds like another $1.4 mil down the toilet to me!
  • Reply to: Fayette BoE says it’s ’toon time at 5 high schools, SCHS first   1 day 7 hours ago
    This is very nice but is it best? Should we shoot for 5 good centers or should we concentrate arts resources in one to two schools have a great program and then move students to those schools if they choose that pathway? But the same question spans other disciplines. Should we make one or two of our high schools math and science magnets and concentrate resources there to make truly world class excellence. If you look at the top 20 -30 High schools in the state you will note the words charter, magnet, and a few different specializations. These are public schools where their system has concentrated resources. We have gotten used to saying if you eliminate the magnets, charters and such we are really #... The truth is our ranking is slipping as others are adapting and creating and we are playing it safe versus taking bold action that some may not like. You do not vision to see the facts.
  • Reply to: The Trail of the Wolf   1 day 9 hours ago
    dar thompson

    I simply replied to the comment about Lexington quoting blogger regarding Lexington...sorry you found it, as you put condescending.

    I think you have me mistaken for someone else, I have zero interest in looking like Marietta or Cobb Pkwy. Under my plan/ideas (you can go back as far as eight years and read my articles) the following would be true:

    *A beautiful retail center on Hwy 54 west that would have and would be paying property taxes and sales tax. Not a gas station

    *McDuff would have been completed over 4 years ago.

    Why? because I would have required a bond from the builders that would assure the money would be there for the city to build McDuff in case the homebuilders did not. Which is what happened. The city or council did not require a bond for the project this time either.

    *Possible TDK extension that must be accompanied by annexation of all of Lake McIntosh to control the borders and maintain home values inside the bubble.

    *I would have never rezoned the best office park to accommodate a hotel. That hotel would have moved to Lexington and enhanced that project while keeping the 14 acre office park in tact.

    *I would have a true aquatic center and not a bubble and rec pool that only 250 (out of 35,000)of our citizens use on a fairly consistent basis.

    *I would have equal equity distribution of allotted recreation dollars. Under my plan the $390,000 to fix the building at Kedron would not have cost the tax-payer a penny.

    *I would find a solution for the tennis center problem. Tons of money thrown at this project that has less than 400 members (half from another county).

    *Build-out would be around 41,000 to 43,000 people, then lock the door.

    Sounds more like Beverly Hills to me...not Marietta.

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