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  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   3 hours 38 min ago

    There is a really good article in The Citizen back in July 2012 that covers this whole sorry saga, if you care to do a search for it.  It was copper, 55 gallon barrels left behind by Photocircuits, leaking chemicals, stormwater, etc., etc.  This owner took the proverbial bull by the horns and cleaned it up.  Despite multiple government agencies going every which way on it which only the government can do and make a mess a bigger mess.  That is behind us now, and I appreciate all this local company and owner have done.  If I lived in Planterra, I would be inviting her to the next HOA meeting and handing her an award and giving her a bottoms up toast to better times ahead.  I just have to say this...sometimes, a woman just gets "it" done, you know?  If the FCDA had a clue, they would be giving her the business development customer of the decade award.  Or whatever, you get my drift. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   4 hours 43 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I would bet that one can do anything as long as they don't disturb the contaminated soil.  

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   5 hours 22 min ago
    PTC Observer

    I  thought the old PhotoCircut plot was an EPA nightmare and it was going to take a "major" clean-up to get another property owner. Guess all those past articles on this issue weren't correct? Or maybe they actually cleaned it up.

  • Reply to: Fayette Sheriff’s deputies stop N. Fayette ‘4th of July Luau’ from happening   6 hours 2 min ago

    Seize the house next time. How about waiting untiil there is some illegal drug activity going on during a commercial enterprise (a paid party) and then seize the house and rid the vermin owner from the neighborhood. People like this guy are clearly part of the problem. Let's get rid of him. Rick Ross too.

  • Reply to: Fayette Sheriff’s deputies stop N. Fayette ‘4th of July Luau’ from happening   6 hours 31 min ago

    Kudos to Sheriff Babb and his deputies.  How many lives were saved as a resutl of that MATURE DECISION??

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   8 hours 17 min ago

    It is owned by Elaine Powers (Powers Heating and Air), if I am not mistaken.  Which I might be, so someone correct me if I am.  A warehouse is going in, same footprint as the old building, so that cut down on approvals needed.  The only original area left of the old building is that office area up front.  I am only guessing here, but my hope is they would be storing HVAC units and equipment for the MacDuff/Hwy 54 West developments coming in.  I noticed last summer and fall, diagonally across the corner, Ply Gem did a major overhaul of their warehouse and they make windows.  I think it would be great if locals within tthe business park were the suppliers of the needs of the developers that will be adding to our city in the near future. Those tanker trucks that were stored along the side and back property lines on the PhotoCircuits lot have moved been moved to a newly developed plot across Dividend from the airport entrance, behind that handsome new Osmose building on 74 (no connection).  When this came before planning, they were tight lipped about their plans, so maybe a disco and starlight ballroom are going in for the old fogies over at Mimi's.  And an indoor bocce ball court.

  • Reply to: Homeowner, promoter cited after pool party shooting fatality   8 hours 19 min ago

    What some will risk for a few bucks.  Wow.  How hard is it to pick up the phone and call to get approvals?  Laziness and greed will get ya every time. 

  • Reply to: 4 on the mend after PTC golf cart-auto collision   8 hours 22 min ago

    Thanks for the update.  Was the cart traveling north using the road or on the path, anyone know?  Glad all were released and are healing. Maybe we can get some action on a path addition on the west side of the road from Golf Rider and those other businesses on down to where the existing path crossover is at Fayette Rental.  It sure has a better sight line for both road and golf cart traffic.  PD could ban any cart crossovers north of that crossing, too.  I see a fire hydrant and a telephone pole along there, so maybe that would put the kabosh on any additional path.  I suggest someone task staff to see what they think can be done. 

  • Reply to: Fayette Sheriff’s deputies stop N. Fayette ‘4th of July Luau’ from happening   9 hours 25 min ago
    PTC Observer

    Sheriff Babb does it again, how lucky we are to have such leadership

  • Reply to: Homeowner, promoter cited after pool party shooting fatality   9 hours 28 min ago
    PTC Observer

    Education does not equal good judgement, we have plenty examples of this.

  • Reply to: Fayette Sheriff’s deputies stop N. Fayette ‘4th of July Luau’ from happening   9 hours 37 min ago

    That should be the new county motto:  Not in the past, not now, and not in the future. 

  • Reply to: Homeowner, promoter cited after pool party shooting fatality   9 hours 41 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    With a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and ten years working for the Georgia Department of Corrections as an Offender Rehabilitation Therapist, one would think this college professor would know better than to throw a party for a measly $300.

  • Reply to: Fayette Sheriff’s deputies stop N. Fayette ‘4th of July Luau’ from happening   9 hours 58 min ago

    Well done by all.  Nip it in the bud...

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   10 hours 20 min ago
    PTC Observer

    Do you know what is being constructed at the old PhotoCircuts site? It's pretty big whatever it is.

  • Reply to: City removing damaged trees   10 hours 59 min ago

    The city workers did a good job for us. I called the city about a large tree limb that had snapped off of a green belt tree and was hanging over our fence. If it had fallen it would have really damaged our fence. They came out and took care of it.

  • Reply to: Smith and Davis celebrates 50 years in business   13 hours 7 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Wonderful store, good selection, great customer service.  Congratulations on 50 years.

  • Reply to: PTC chief choice is made, pending background check   14 hours 1 min ago

    Anyone see the end last night?  The editing was horrible.  One shot, Jimmy had the puffy red lobster face, the next, not.  Then, then next, back to red lobster again.  Hey, I would be cranky and unsociable, too, if I looked and felt like that.  Nothing like a freckled Boston Irishman ex-cop left out in the 100 degree heat and sun to fry for a month.  With a group half his age or younger and who are all kumbya buds. Hope he made a ton o' dough.  Maybe next, he can be the star of the Real Husbands of the Carolina Mountains reality show. I bet Lindsey Graham will be willing to try it with him when he's done his current gig traipsing around the country. 

  • Reply to: A sad, confused, ominous Obamacare decision   14 hours 13 min ago

    are banking on the population explosion of the south of the border and asian migrations to help move this along.  They have no history of having choices in medical care and with the boomers and older dying off in the next 20 years or so, those who are children now will be indoctrinated at an early age to this new age of medicine.  Maybe our aging politicians in DC can pull off a delay and an improbable stop to it.  There is always hope.  Of course, they really could give a hoot, as their insurance packages are of the el primo deluxe model.

  • Reply to: A sad, confused, ominous Obamacare decision   14 hours 25 min ago

    according to this interactive map system.

  • Reply to: A sad, confused, ominous Obamacare decision   14 hours 35 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    You would be surprised how many local residents do not have any insurance.

  • Reply to: A sad, confused, ominous Obamacare decision   14 hours 52 min ago
    PTC Observer

    Choices were too "complicated" (smiling), the whole idea is for the government to get to one provider, the government. The American people still have chances to turn socialized medicine back and return to free markets. It's up to them how much pain they are willing to accept. Pain comes in the form of higher costs, no choices and poor service. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 09-01-10   15 hours 38 min ago

    The new and improved employee parking is now on the back side of the building....on the opposite side from the new employee entrance....oops.  Management has no solution. 

  • Reply to: Glenloch spray park idea floated by rec. dept.   16 hours 6 min ago

    PTCDEE $18090 is about 10 households but still a small amount. The problem is many subdivisions have their own pools and many of the households have their own pool. Plus the Canaongate members can use the pools at the clubs. Add to that many of the less affluent can still buy a pool for the season at 100-200 dollars it adds up to less need for the community pool. You are correct that community pools are less desirable and it would be nice to have a water park. Where I used to live 15 years ago they had a community wave pool, splash park and outdoor Olympic Pool which was fun.

  • Reply to: Glenloch spray park idea floated by rec. dept.   16 hours 23 min ago

    I just don't understand the logic regarding talk of closing a pool in the middle of summer. An operating expense of $18090 is equivalent the property tax of one PTC house. I would rather here talk of adding an additional recreation water facility instead of transforming an existing pool. Especially since PTC shunned  Wolf Water Park.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 09-01-10   17 hours 9 min ago

    So now we are getting a gigantic Kroger at Braelinn, I am not impressed. The store is going to be way too huge to get in and out quickly and most of the old employees seem to be MIA replaced by kids who have no clue. I was loving the Kroger before the rehab, never had to wait in line and everything was easy to find. The management and staff were friendly and knew their stuff. I guess I will stick with the Wilshire Publix for most of my shopping, if I wanted a Sam's Club experience I would have gotten a membership.

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