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  • Reply to: City manager leaving Senoia   5 hours 30 min ago

    Sorry I made you feel embarresed. 
    O'Bummer is gonna be on the Vineyard one last time, thank gawd, in a few weeks.  Will be nice when the Wampanoags can get it back from him and his gang and get that casino built. 
    As one resident just said, "looking forward to September already" and another said "Another reason not to vote for Hillary, we sure don't want the Clintons coming back every summer". 
    A little Vineyard humor there. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   5 hours 56 min ago

    No, I was out in it and knew earlier that it was out but forgot to look up.  Someone mentioned it and I then knew I FELT that Buck Moon.  'Splained a lot that had happened that day and evening.  If 'ya get my drift.  Full ones are almost the same....  I never get tired of them, I think they are bee uu teee fullllll.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   6 hours 4 min ago

    As much as I would ove to take credit for the rainbow/sky,,, all of the dancing on the planet can't do the Art work of Momma  and her nature ...some times ya just have to sit back and understand ,,,"we" really aint all that and our bag of chips ..... The good thing is you have sense enough to SEE things Momma;, God; AND Nature offers ...
    BTW did ya see the Buck Moon ????

  • Reply to: Pence is salt to Trump’s pepper   7 hours 35 min ago
    G35 Dude

    Trump unfit to be president? Well we know for sure that Hillary is. She has proven that. With Trump we won't really know untill he gets a chance. As I see it while he may backfire, Trump is the only chance that we really have.

  • Reply to: Name the chief’s pigs   7 hours 56 min ago
    G35 Dude

    How can the Chief of Police not name them Law and Order? 

  • Reply to: City manager leaving Senoia   8 hours 3 min ago

    Explaning them is dicey                                                         I was sort of making an old classic New England joke based upon his name and I know better than trying to explain jokes, so I'll just repeat it and move on.
                                            I went on vacation and took the ferry to Nantucket. (Response) Oh yea, how did he enjoy the trip.
                                                    I am so embarresed that I had to do that.                 

  • Reply to: Pence is salt to Trump’s pepper   8 hours 22 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Today in the AJC I witnessed something I have never seen before.  All four op-ed columnists (Jay Bookman, Kyle Wingfield, Leonard Pitts, and George Will) agreed on the unfitness of Donald Trump to be president.  Amazing!  This certainly disproves that the Republican nominee is divisive.  He is bringing together the most diverse political ideologies in the country!

  • Reply to: This weekend's lane closures   8 hours 30 min ago

    As I wrote on the AJC a little earlier, I just hope she didn't hurt Slick Willie's chances of becoming First Lady.....

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   9 hours 47 min ago

    A half a rainbow in the southwest sky past Lake McIntosh with no the heck did you do it and did you just run out of butt????? It is a beauty, what there is of it...thanks! :)

  • Reply to: This weekend's lane closures   10 hours 8 min ago

    Or maybe she is going to lawyer up with Hillary's Criminal Clan so that she can join her cabinet (she thinks). 

  • Reply to: City manager leaving Senoia   10 hours 10 min ago

    No clue of whom you speak...he...Mr. Ferry..have another one.

  • Reply to: Councilwoman Brewer: Follow-up to Title I concerns   10 hours 14 min ago

    Bravo Councilwoman! Your assessments and concerns regarding Fayetteville Schools are spot on. Regarding the "fraud" issue, you did more than imply it, and for very good reasons.

  • Reply to: This weekend's lane closures   10 hours 33 min ago

    Here's a lane closure                                                              Debbie W. Schultz has resigned because she wants to spend more time with her family. Or maybe it was because she did not want to be a distraction. Or maybe she needs to consult with the clinton campaign about how to handle e-mail security. No reason to worry about the country. These folks have got it together.

  • Reply to: City manager leaving Senoia   10 hours 44 min ago

    Took the ferry to Nantucket                                                           This was several years ago, but we went from Hyannisport and got on the boat (or was it a ship) and arrived in Nantucket shortly thereafter. Great trip, nice weekend, good food and great weather. I took the ferry back and he went back to his job in the big city and he said he enjoyed the trip.

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   11 hours 24 min ago

    There was a quorum, whose decision was it to postpone?

  • Reply to: No rollback in PTC’s $33.5M budget   11 hours 43 min ago
    dar thompson

    Postponed...complete council was not present.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   11 hours 48 min ago

    Miss Ginga
    you Ma'am and myself, have found ourselves NOT in our Golden Years,,,despite our best plannings, we are NOT WELCOMED in OUR county, we are NOT WELCOMED in our very neighborhoods, WE are TOO OLD ,,,,, Our kids have shown us just how dumb WE are ,,, WE really had to District our County,,, (never mind WE learned discrimination was wrong) ` Never mind WE had to surrender to the racist,, (those that claimed people could not buy groceries at the same store unless Government drew a line,,,
    Ginga ,,,, WE LOST and THAT is the bitter pill you and I can't swallow ,, That Trump/Hillary ,,,Fergumoreland/KIll a cop Crane , are "our" choices ,,,,,,, Honey WE LOST

  • Reply to: Fayette, cities prep SPLOST list, minus arts center   12 hours 4 min ago

    Please explain how Coweta can Afford...... Dude it's called I 85

  • Reply to: City manager leaving Senoia   12 hours 19 min ago

    Senoia will be better off without Mr. Ferry. He lies and plays favorites. It's okay for certain employees to get drunk in the city they work in and there's no consequences. He will also tell you something then doesn't follow through. Senoia is a wonderful city when they get rid of their drunk employees that play golf on city time.

  • Reply to: Fayette rejects state’s request for $50K for new driver’s license site   12 hours 46 min ago

    Steve Brown please explain why we spend $64,000 for a hot air ballon festival and can not explore ways to upgrade our Drivers Liciense facility?  Have you visited our DDS facility lately ? This was an old house 10 years ago. Please come by and note the lack of parking and citizens have to park across the street with no crosswalk. Someone will get hurt at this location with the parking issues. Brown please look into this for the citizens of your district and offer some solutions.  I do not hear you biring one solution to the table for discussion and I hope when Maxwell comes on board after the first of the year he will bring some fresh leadership to this Board. Brown has served almost 6 years and I can not think of one project or improvement that he has suggested.  Brown looks and talks like a Democrat but he claims to be a Republican.  Brown votes for the SPLOST  huge tax increase and probably will vote for Hillary in Nov.  That doesn't sound like a Republican. Aunt Bee ain't happy.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   12 hours 51 min ago

    I hear ya, Jessie.  We've got a "son of an innovator" in our family, too.  You're right about why folks flew to Fayette County.  And, I am so afraid you are right about Sandy Creek Rd.  Without a doubt, the most beautiful old home place I've seen in Fayette County is on Sandy Creek Rd.  It is almost impossible to see the home from Sandy Creek, but if the Waller Family were to invite you up their drive, you would see Fayette County at its best.  I would really hate to see a family home place that has been protected for many generations even touched by what some folks call progress.  I know some folks are tired of all my belly aching here.  Even my husband gets perturbed with me every now and then.  I'm just grateful that Mr. Beverly has provided us all with an outlet for our frustrations.  And, just maybe a few young people will find that my ranting and raving about preservation of a quieter, simpler lifestyle has some merit.  I'm very thankful that my family got to experience Fayette County when there was only one traffic light, one grocery store, one gas station, one fast food restaurant and one high school.  I know that sounds like a geezer talking, and I guess I am a geezer.  I guess if I had good sense, I'd walk away from Fayette County, go up to Cherry Log, sit on the back porch, listen to the river roll by, and let the developers have Fayette County.  No more nay saying from me today.  I've got to go bathe my dogs. 

  • Reply to: Fayette, cities prep SPLOST list, minus arts center   12 hours 57 min ago

    Please explain how Coweta County can afford a performing arts cener and Fayette County can not? Did Steve Brown explore private partnerships or alternate funding for O&M ?  Did Steve Brown really look at the costs of getting this for Fayette County ?  How can Brown not spend time and explore and search for a solution as this is so important for Fayette County ?  Once again Brown has let us down. Brown should ask more questions and perhaps look at a scaled down approach. We don't need the whole hog but Coweta has a nice facility. Brown have you visited Coweta's facility? Brown have you asked about the operations costs and who pays at Coweta ?  I am disappointed in my Commissioner Brown as I do not believe he is trying to make improvements at Fayette County. 
    How much is a 1%sales tax going to get from me each year ? well guess it depends on how much I spend. If I buy a new truck for about $40,000. then the sales tax will hit me for $400.  If my normal home spending is about $250 per week then that is another $130 for a year.  At Christmas I spend about $5000 so that adds another  $50 for a year.   I buy supplies for my business here in Fayette And that could add another $ 600 easily to my cost.  So for me a small business owner This SPLOST will cost me about $1250 per year on average.  My question to my Commissioner  Brown is what will I get for that $1250?  The last SPLOST the County had back a few years ago and I hear we still have money that is unspent from that splost ?  Is that true Commissioner Brown  ?
    This splost represents a huge tax increase for the average taxpayer and small business owner. This splost makes our business owners less competative and could cost us jobs and growth. I hope we get to vote against this splost as I don't believe Brown will spend the money wisely.  As I read that Ognio and Brown did not want to partner with the State to make improvements/upgrade for our Drives License facility but did spend $64,000 on a hot air ballon festival. That sounds like a poor business decision.  Well I've got to head off to work..

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   13 hours 52 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I agree somewhat with this assessment.  Any second generation businessman following a legend wants his own legacy.  I think the developers sought out Mr. Cathy thinking that with his well known and good name in the community, they could use him as the face of the development.  It would be interesting to know how invested he truly is?  

  • Reply to: Summer fun   14 hours 15 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    This is what I like about chick fil a.  Investing in the kids

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   14 hours 18 min ago

    Dan Cathy
    It's my guess Truett didn't raise the Anti Christ, probably far from it, but Dan like many other sons of successful innovators was left a legacy he could not meet, much less achieve. So Dan in an effort to show his dad, (and his vast critics) that he is his own man, did exactly what History has taught us Sons of Innovators do, they begin building an Empire. and ya know they do NOT do this with Malice (some might but most do not) Dan,I'm sure looked around saw a potential and began planning, and I am convinced he did this with the best of intentions, I'm sure he believes jobs, wages, and life itself would be better if his dreams are realized,,,,but here's the rub, he (they) NEVER ask the people in the area that spent a lifetime working, planning, Voting, and being "involved" in an area IF THEY share his vision, IF THEY want his "improvements" .SO rather than risking a resounding NO governments agents are bought, Variances are purchased, and Zoning are changed,,and the older crowd that spent a lifetime keeping spaces open and lifestyles relaxed,,well Progress and Progressive ism will sweep them away ( Case study on this one need not look any further than the Atlanta Airport, Ben Hill, East Point, College Park Red Oak, Hapeville) Which BTW if one will consider LOOKING AT is WHY Fayette became the fastest growing County in the US,, the truth is is was NOT White Flight as much as it was escaping the death of Property Values Lack of Quality of life and government run amok/ (Ask ANY Pilot that operates out of ATL to explain the SID's and STAR's from the south and you'll see how the people of Fayette were PUNISHED fro their "escape" and opposition to KATL....All of this said, WHAT is going on at Pinewood Forrest, the Veterans Parkway, and what is yet to come (Mr Gady. Mrs Whaley, Mr and Mrs Horvaith Mr and Mrs Dollar the Perkins, Pike and Pierce's get ready folks, Sandy Creek WILL be a 4 lane before long) WHEN this happens what is your property going to do?  It WILL be assessed for more but near impossible to sale ,,,Good Luck and it will be the Vision of Dan Cathy and people like him that do this to YOU

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