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  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   27 min 59 sec ago

    If that pipe is needed for stormwater then they will need boats and navy rescue teams if we ever have a downpour out there.  It sure looks like a PTC path tunnel....from 30 years ago, mind you.  Doesn't the city have final approval of what they put in there for a tunnel?  I know it was originally a requirement with the development agreement with the county when it was still county land, I think.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   49 min 53 sec ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Corregated  pipe tunnel. Go cheap or go home.  Don't ask me for splost money if they don't do it right.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 hour 14 min ago

    I have my burqa and niqab packed away for a special day that I hope never, ever comes.   I have some special stuff to go under it, too, if that special day ever comes, which I hope is never. 
    I love cod, especially NE cod, or scrod as we called it back in the day.  Hope it was good. 
    New Zealand, you know, was my fantasy trip I never made it to in my thirties.  I wanted to go so badly but never got there.  You may be home sick,  but you make me trip sick.....LOL
    Nice to hear from you and happy trails!  I am using up all my gazoline (you know, petrol) this weekend and saving just enough to get over to the new RaceTrac that opens Tuesday on 54 W.  Dar and I will be cutting the ribbon with the mayor and the big shots.  Look for our mug shots in the paper.  I will be the one wearing a hot dog costume and Dar will have on junk food bags, little ones.  Lots of 'em.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 hour 35 min ago

    I ran into one dressed in her best black burka here at the LHR Hilton. 
    Alvaton!!!!!  Now you did it, I'm home sick. 
    Oh, for dinner tonight was cod and "mashed" very British.
    I didn't see any Pokeman action going on.
    Next week is New Zealand.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   1 hour 41 min ago

    On my way back from Alvaton, I swung by Pinewood...
    Well, okay, kinda went by out of my way, but holy moly.  If you have not been out there lately, get on out.  I was out there about a week ago and one sound stage was going up.  There are now three of them going up all at once. And, the berm has been raised finally down on Veterans and it finally covers up most of the ugliness of those new buildings.  However, let's see what they plant on them.
    And over at the old new school, there are, right out on the grass in front of the parking lot, next to Sandy Creek Rd., 4 or 5 humongous camera booms.  Come around that corner and they are about 3 stories high.   Across the road, just on the other side of the berm on the studio side, are at least 3 or 4 more huge booms.  At least those are mostly screened by the berm and you can only see the tops of them. There is another boom right in the driveway by the guardhouse, too. Who told 'em they could have this equipment outside the studio compound?  It is scary looking and does not belong where it is placed.  Hertz is making some big moolah off from these rentals. 
    Daddy O, there is a huge corrugated pipe along side Veterans down near where the main entrance to the Forrest is going to be.  Please tell me this is not going to be a path tunnel.
    Ginga, you should be the county historian.  SOme sad chapters there. I feel your pain. Awful what is about to happen near you.  The development of the Forrest, studio and when the WFB gets finished up there into the Clayton line. 

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 hour 57 min ago

    I just got back home and missed your post.  Went down to Alvaton to get me some peaches.  Not quite London, eh?  Things are jolly good over there, I hope.  However, a lot of those mooslim types walking around probably.  I saw where the subjects are all in a tizzy over the new snap of Prince George feeding his doggie some ice cream.  Say it ain't so.  Forget Cricket.  Anyone Pokemoning over there?
    Where to next? 

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   2 hours 51 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Farmer is giddy about this.  He probably gets to deliver his free range eggs to the a listers personal chefs so they can make egg white omelettes for these stars.  Me, I won't want to live where we have stalkers and paparazzi.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   3 hours 17 min ago

    Farmers, I'm well aware of why tax credits exist.  Some of my family members are developers who've been responsible for 6 or more large housing and commercial developments here in Fayette County.  So, I'm very familiar with the mentality of developers.  Perhaps, that is why I am so very critical of developers.  I know them in a very up close and personal way.  A goodly portion of Fayette citizens moved here over the last 40 years to escape development.  They moved here to raise families in a non-urban atmosphere.  But, since county officials joined the ARC, if I'm remembering correctly it was 1984/1985, the powers that be have been looking for green space to develop.  It seems as though those powers (developers, the ARC, and local officials) aren't going to be content until they've destroyed every last inch of unpaved/undeveloped space and ousted every established homeowner possible.  They just aren't going to be happy until Fayette County looks and sounds like Fulton, Cobb, Gwinnett, etc.......  No, eminent domain wasn't used to take my property for this development.  However, it was used to take my property to build the West Fayetteville Bypass/Veteran's Parkway.  They took my property and built the road, but the portion of the road that runs through my property hasn't been completed and opened.  It would suit me fine if it were never completed and opened.  I do have many friends who have had their lives impacted by the Pinewood Forrest development and the Bypass/Parkway.  Their lives will never be the same.  Those folks worked hard to have their homes.  They drove to work daily, saved their dollars and built nice homes for their families.   But, I guess that's the way the old cookie crumbles, huh, Farmers.  Some folks diligently work their whole lives, save their money, build a nice home in a quiet area, and the "deep pocket developers" come in and build Chicken City on steroids next door.  And, we all know, don't we, that these creative types need "the ultimate sandbox" for creating.  Dan Cathy said so.  I'm a very creative type, Farmers, and the last thing I need to get creative ideas flowing is to be packed cheek-to-jowl into a little cubicle next to 1,299 other cubicles.  Yeah, yeah, yeah Dan Cathy and Jim Pace are going to do it right.  They are going to exercise their right to do as they please with their property, and the surrounding homeowners can just kiss Dan Cathy's chicken.  The same goes for the other homeowners along the Bypass/Parkway.  The county can take our property, rip out hundred year old trees, destroy property values (who will buy a $300,000 home with a thoroughfare behind it), and four years later the road still can't or isn't vital enough to finish.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful for every single day the road behind my house isn't open.  Just one homeowners point of view.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   3 hours 57 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    You a jock sniffer too??  A lister?  Who the heck cares.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   4 hours 18 min ago

    Atlanta Business Chronical right?  Shuttle will have its pros and cons.. much use will likely go to tourism.  When people think they can see an A-list celebrity eating lunch at Pinewood Forrest, they are likely to come.  Since discussing the 8 year average for tax credits in an earlier post, I learned Pinewood UK opened in 1936 - hopefully we have the same longevity with Pinewood Fayetteville.  I feel more confident knowing Mr. Cathy is the key leader behind Pinewood and Pinewood Forrest.  Couldn't Pinewood Forrest easily be marketed to attract another corporate tenant to the area besides Pinewood?  There is 435 acres for sale on Lee's Mill Road...

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   4 hours 28 min ago

    Channel 5 and I still don't understand the game.  Hello from London. 

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   5 hours 9 min ago

    I'm personally thinking of Manitoba.  With global climate change and water shortages, I'm beginning to look at future food sources for the world's population and my decendents.  Long term projections are showing Georgia's terrain will eventually look like that of west Texas to southern California and I don't think my grandkids will like "soylent green.".

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   5 hours 21 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    He doesn't like me, so i would be afraid he'd steer me towards a nuclear waste dump. 

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   5 hours 33 min ago

    At Home Gym might be able to help you with that...

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   5 hours 41 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    With all this great stuff happening, and with cheerleaders like Mudcat and Farmer, there will be no need for this or future splosts, since we'll all be rolling in cash and our home values rising.  Lol.  I'm looking out west where there's more self sufficient people.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   5 hours 54 min ago

    Not just county.  I foresee a blue state coming in the next 10 years.  Anyone who thinks the Jason Carter machine is dead, think again.  He is speaking at the DNC convention next week.  Although, he will probably have to slog it out with wanna be governor Kaseeeeem Reed.  
    Withing those next 10 years, I will have bought my tiny tree house with wheelchair elevator and will be in full retirement mode in a Florida beach cove sun city type subdivision somewhere.  No car, just taking my golf cart with me.  With a ramp on the back for my Hoveround scooter.  Gotta have a beach bar nearby, too, at least within one battery charge...round trip, of course.  lol

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   6 hours 13 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    MLC, every year we get closer and closer to becoming a blue county.  The majority of our so called leaders are lemmings to those they perceive as powerful.  And it starts at the top.  We set the bar low, electing people like Barlow and followed that with a princess mayor and a Demoncrat mayor in Fayetteville.  PTC had council pushing for a water park telling us this would solve our problems.  Lol.  The bottom line is that most are afraid to voice an opposing position or just say no, we don't want this.  Expect Gwinnett, Dekalb, or Clayton within 10 yrs.  On a positive note, they all get along.  Too bad, they all have blinders.

  • Reply to: Transportation Committee sets 2016 schedule   6 hours 16 min ago

    Transportation Committee
    I see this group as being one of the most influential in the planning of Fayette County for the forseeable future.  When it was stated that local SPLOST dollars can generate federal dollar matches, to me, I see new public transportation corridor(s) coming into and out of Fayette.  Some will say, oh yes, we can use those federal dollars to make up for the lack of funds to repair and maintain our neglected roads in this county.  Probably not. 
    The money will be offered will require local (county) matching funds, documenting how much of the population will be served by using these funds (use in high density areas only)  what income group will that population be in low income of course),  and how will it connect to existing or planned transportaion outside the county.  
    All of this will have to be put on paper in documents created such as ones this Committee will create.  It will not be started for years to come and I will be long gone, but this is all part of the massive change that will come about in Fayette.  Does everyone know that there is land in Tyrone, a large tract, to support a large corporate employer in the future if sewer is approved to be extended into Tyrone?  FCDA will be tasked with finding that employer. 
    Tax breaks, of course, will be offered to that mystery employer.  Will public transportaion right outside the campus or highrise or just plain office complex be part of that incentive.  My guess, yes.  Gotta have the whole enchilada package to entice mystery employer to come out and open shop in the 'burbs. 

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   6 hours 59 min ago

    Shuttle from Pinewood Forrest
    to Hartsfileld and to MARTA.. I find it strange that this part of the plan is omitted from this article, yet it is spelled out elsewhere in other stories. 
    So why the need to shuttle to the airport and MARTA?  Well, how about to bring in day extras from all over the metro Atlanta area.  Those who do not have cars.   Those needed ethnicities so abundant around Atlanta that are not so abundant in Fayette that are specified in casting calls.  Those who will jump at an $8.00 a day pay check with no benefits. 
    Then, why to and from the airport?  Surely the well paid production company employees or the union labor workers will not use it to fly in and out.  So who will use it?  How about the tiny home dwellers and the tree home with elevators dwellers mentioned above?  Yes, they will give the airport a workforce that so far has come from Clayton mostly, due to their "shuttle" service in that county.  Or how about a workforce  that will come to Pinewood from Fulton and beyond via MARTA and the shuttle?  Is this shuttle going to be stopping at other studios along the way, such as the one being built in Union City where the mall used to be?  I do beleive that is part of the plan.  Can you say transient populations coming and going in and out of Fayette?  Many who will be able to avail themselves of the extended stay hotel at Pinewood Forrest in their downtime. 
    So, as Pinewood begins to rely on these shuttled workers who in the past never came here due to low or no income resulting in no transporation to get here, what needs will be spelled out at future city and county meetings for infrastucture improvements? 
    Think Pinewood, as it ramps up and expands to full capacity (the studio is not even close to being built out yet) will have a majority say as the number one of or in the top five employers in this county as to what type of transportation it says is needed to ARC?  You betcha it will.  It will be more public, more busses, and......MARTA.......How long will the elected be in a position to say no, we do not want MARTA in this county?  How long? 

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   7 hours 31 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    With that list, I might move out of country.  Set the bar low, get people like...

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   8 hours 27 min ago

    few things last 8 yrs                                                            Pokeman craze will be long gone in 8 years. Even a Clinton or a Trump will be gone in 8 years. So let's rejoice we have something good that will last 8 years and possibly more. By then all the houses that are proposed will be built and occupied, all the supporting commercial will be in place and everybody will be used to what we have. Then U.S Senators Ramsey and Westmoreland along with our Congressman U. S. Rep Brown in cooperation with County Commissioners Learnard, Fleisch and King along with the new 25 year-old mayor of Fayetteville (who is currently 17 - do the math) will put their heads together, work together in true and trusting cooperation and then come up with either an extension of the tax credits or an alternative use of the Pinewood Studio. I wonder if Great Wolf would be interested. 
                                                                                             See, you are worried about nothing. Relax, we will have our best people working on it.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   8 hours 58 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    History has shown that states cut or reduce incentives at year 8.  It gives the economists time to tell everyone it's not worth it.  

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   9 hours 27 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I am all for developers making money and job creation.  I also support redevelopment along with incentives for developers to redevelop.  But it has to be intelligent.  Handing pinewood a 20 yr discount was ludicrous.  5, maybe 10 max helps get a startup off the ground.  But there were little jobs for locals.  How many people that lived here before they came actually got steady jobs that include benefits?  Most arrived from out of state, reside temporarily, or those that did relocate will move when (not if) the state has  to spend more money on healthcare and schools.  I'm not making this up.  Look at all the other states that have done so already.  Gov Deal went with a quick fix.  This won't last and it's a shame the county is placing all their eggs in one basket.  I saw no mention of any class a office buildings that would help bring in career jobs.  I didn't see where chick fil a was going to move their Corp office here.  I don't see how we're going to pay for all the infrastructure, roads, police,  sewer treatment, ect...   That is going to be announced, just not yet.  All I see are low pay retail and service jobs.  If you want to set the bar low, that's your prerogative.  I'm like Mr. Cathy and have higher expectations.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   9 hours 31 min ago

    You might have to wait longer than that.  I understand the Marvel contract is longer than 8 years.

  • Reply to: Fayetteville's Pinewood Forrest about to become a reality   9 hours 35 min ago

    Ginga, the tax credits exist for the movie productions, not associated development.  I find it interesting you and Husband both praise private sector job creation except if it involves developers making money.  Husband says they should be paying their fair share?  The selective application of Liberal philosophies is quite frustrating.  Why should any county citizen be able to tell a private individual they should not be allowed to freely exercise their right to a private business venture?  This assumes YOU have a better idea for property which does not belong to you.  If eminent domain was used to take your property for this development, I would be upset with you.  Let's not pretend conservative principles are being applied by third parties as they call for government to block development.  

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