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  • Reply to: Zombie fans   1 hour 20 min ago

    From Senoia, Ga. to Buenos Aires, Argentina (check out her twitter page)

    Such is the life of the walker-bitten dead....ho-hummmm

  • Reply to: Dredging work may be done by June   1 hour 26 min ago

    The decision to dredge by the city sure helped this timeline, didn't it? Way to go, council and mayor.

  • Reply to: Cricket match in Fayette this weekend   1 hour 29 min ago


    I wonder if the city planner has talked to MOBA USA to see if they would allow one of the soccer fields they want to build to be used for cricket, too.

    Notice Zaheer Faurqi's leadership again.

    Some of these guys used city baseball fields here in the past and it wasn't exactly a good setup. Hope this works out. Have never seen a cricket game, looks pretty complicated to me, but if Mother Nature turns off the spicket, might be interesting to go watch. 6 hours. Wow.

  • Reply to: Brown loses on ‘transparency’ changes   4 hours 19 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    But why can't the others get over their own personal dislikes and actually do the right thing for the people they represent.

    Doesn't Barlow learn anything in church?

  • Reply to: Religion Briefs 04/15/15   6 hours 36 min ago

    A few minutes ago an old man knocked on the door. He said his name is Noah. He wanted to know if I knew what a cubit is. Darned if I know. He said thanks and left, mumbling he has to go build an arf or and arm or an ark or something like that.

    Here's another noaa......

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   8 hours 19 min ago

    Drugs and alcohol are extenuating issues.

  • Reply to: Brown loses on ‘transparency’ changes   8 hours 33 min ago
    G35 Dude

    RWM-Nathan was a bad Deal!!!

    And one of the ways that Governor Deal is funding this increase for Judges etc. is by cutting benefits for school personnel such as bus drivers from the budget.

  • Reply to: Brown loses on ‘transparency’ changes   10 hours 57 min ago
    Robert W. Morgan

    Next up commissioners pay raise
    Yep, they are getting $1,000 extra thanks to Gov.Deal's pay raise for judges effort. Apparently the local pols of yesteryear found they could get pay raises without having to vote on them by tying their pay to that of state judges somehow.
    Mighty fine, typical shell game by politicians. But along comes the caped crusader calling for a public referendum on commissioner pay raises. All in the AJC this AM. Sure hope he made it clear he was speaking for himself and not the entire commission or else we may see that vein in Oddo's head explode.
    Here is yet another example of how Brown can be right - on both pay raises and spending limits, but can't get 2 other votes to support his position because of his abrasive behavior. Being right doesn't count. Getting things done does.

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   21 hours 40 min ago
    Nathan Zahora

    I don't know much about private schools other than I know someone who attends Trinity Christian and tuition appears to be $5400 for grade school, $5950 for middle school.

    No doubt it's a lot of money out of pocket, but let's not pretend like public school isn't paid for by the parents, just because they put you on a lifetime payment plan doesn't mean you're not paying it.

    My wife and I are doing a homeschool cooperative, we just prefer to be sure what our children learn reflect our family's values.

    Freedom is about choice, and choosing to have children and how to educate them is integral to that freedom. Parents who wish to opt out of the 'public' system, shouldn't be forced to subsidize everyone else.

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   22 hours 2 min ago

    This was an unfortunate accident. Two things to consider. Most all police officers keep a round in the chamber. I don't think it's a good practice, but when you're making a living going after bad guys, it could mean the difference between living or dying.
    Second, Glocks do not have hammers. Keeping a round in the chamber is dangerous.
    Terrible for his wife and for him, but it did happen and he is responsible.

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   23 hours 47 min ago

    M/M Zahora---Could you please let us know where you found private accredited schools in the vicinity in the 5k to 6k range?

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   1 day 1 hour ago

    Private schools in the area.

    Don't know where the 5-6K figure comes from. Woodward is about 14K, Heritage is 11K, Our Lady of Mercy is 11K. 5 or 6K would be quite the deal.

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   1 day 2 hours ago

    Zahora & Private Schools
    Yes, but that $5 or $6K all comes out of your pocket--the cost of Public schools does not, as it is a shared expense of all we tax-paying citizens in the County/State.

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   1 day 3 hours ago
    Nathan Zahora

    Simply sending officers to the range once a month with 50 rounds seems affordable in a year when city employees received 5% raises instead of the normal 2%.
    I've noted that most private schools run about $5k to $6k per year. Public schools run $10-$12k per year per student. Perhaps we need to do a little math lesson about how we define expensive:)

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   1 day 6 hours ago

    Firearm safety.

    Is that a gun under the sheets or are u just happy to see me?

    This clown should never be allowed to work in LEO ever again. Good riddance too.

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   1 day 6 hours ago

    Zahora & Police Training. Good idea! And how do you propose to pay for this traning? Seeing as you don't approve of using tax dollars for Public Libraries, guess you don't support Public Education either. You'll find Private Schooling quite expensive for your two kids!

  • Reply to: Former PTC police chief indicted   1 day 8 hours ago
    Nathan Zahora

    The real question no one is asking here, is: how did this even happen? How did the city's top police officer managed to break five of the most important firearms rules simultaneously?
    1. Do not keep a round in the chamber in an unholstered weapon unless it has a safety. The Glock 17 does not have safety.
    2. Always point your weapon in a safe direction, never point it at a person ever.
    3. Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
    4. Keep your weapon in a safe location (not in your bed)
    5. Do not handle a weapon while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

    Just following one or two of these sacred rules would have prevented the accident.

    PTC police security receives only 30 rounds of ammo every 3 months for practice. Sounds like we need to spend a little more time training, once at the academy is not enough. As a citizen with 2 young children, I dont want poorly trained officers pointing guns they barely have skills to operate. Let's gve these folks the training they need and deserve to do their jobs effectively by providing proper firearms training as well as conflict deescalation.

  • Reply to: Brooks buys building for new library   1 day 8 hours ago
    Nathan Zahora

    Excellent question Mr or Mrs at home gym! The answer is I'd like to have my money back and I'll spend it myself however I please. That's what freedom is all about, it's why we declared independence. Think about that this July when you're waving your flag. Some of us refuse to throw our hands up and resign to be socialists. I like books as much as I like healthcare. Doesn't mean I want the government dispensing either. If you don't like Obama care, you might rethink your position on public libraries based n principle. I know that's a lot to ask, maybe sleep on it. Respectfully, Nathan Zahora. Ps. $250,000 back in the hands of consumers buys a lot of books my friend, and books a million has better coffee than the Brooks library.

  • Reply to: Brooks buys building for new library   1 day 9 hours ago

    Nathan Zahora, you must be living in a dream-world if you think you can be free of taxation! And when was the last time your Representative or Senator asked you "So, how would you like your tax dollars spent?" No? Well it just ain't gonna happen.

  • Reply to: PTC planners like potential Sprouts grocery   1 day 9 hours ago
    Nathan Zahora

    Wonderful! Sprouts is something to really look forward to, can't wait.

  • Reply to: Brown loses on ‘transparency’ changes   1 day 9 hours ago
    Nathan Zahora

    I don't know enough about the issue to comment in a super intelligent way but any time I see an elected official attempt to limit government spending from $200k to $50k, I tend get pretty excited. All government spending is a tax and how often can we cite examples of government spending money just because they can, or because if they reduce spending their subsequent budgets will be cut. I'll go out on a limb without knowing all the details and say, "way to go Steve!" Hang in there and do what's right even if you're in the minority at the moment. When you cut government spending, that money goes back into the hands of the people. Only the person who has EARNED the money knows how to spend it most wisely.

  • Reply to: Brooks buys building for new library   1 day 9 hours ago
    Nathan Zahora

    Freedom from taxation and violence are part of our heritage. If you like libraries, you should donate your own money to fund them and not expect me to offset your desires with my tax money. Yes, if I want something like a book, I buy it. I don't use laws, coercion and ultimately violence to take from others to offset costs to things I want. Take a look at the millions it cost to build and run the Ptc library. Bottom line? You should pay for what you want and not expect everyone else to offset the cost. I don't have a problem with libraries, just the tyranny used to fund it. I want my money back!

  • Reply to: Brown loses on ‘transparency’ changes   1 day 21 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    I should have been clearer. What is the average range given to other county administrators in other counties? What are the limits given to Coweta administrator?

    Nothing wrong with checks and balances. It's kind of silly to trust anyone.

  • Reply to: Brown loses on ‘transparency’ changes   1 day 22 hours ago

    An was chair a few months ago and for few years. And all was ok then. Right? Or no? What changed?

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