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  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   25 min 44 sec ago

    So if it were just a "commoner" like you and me rolling stone and if we are subjects of a 911 call and then disobey a lawful request from the police and resist arrest it's Ok for us to go to jail but not for the General???

  • Reply to: Fayette to start work on north Veterans Parkway   26 min 52 sec ago
    E Pluribus Unum

    By connecting Veterans Pkwy to 92/Westbridge Rd., this is going to require Westbride Rd. to be expanded to two lanes on each side (eventually).  That's why the bridge was straightened out on West Bridge Rd., to handle more traffice in the future.  There will start to be a build up of traffic, as more people come from Hwy 54 up Veterans Pkwy to 92 and then all the way to 138 on West Bridge Rd. 
    Once this happens, 92/Veterans Pkwy area is going to explode with retail development, housing and I'm sure if  a Democrat gets elected Commissioner, there will be a push to extend public transportation from 138 where it already is, down to West Bridge Rd. toward 92 and into Fayette County.
    You know what they say:  If you build it, they will come.  Well, you can already see "they" are coming into Fayette County committing car thefts, business break ins and home invasions (especially on north Fayette County).  And by "they" I mean the bad element, regardless of skin color, because we have seen it happening.  The one thing these people have in common is their greed for other peoples stuff...

  • Reply to: Shayne Robinson announces for PTC Council Post 1   1 hour 2 min ago
    dar thompson

    H&F- All great questions but no-one wants to hear the truth or what is best for the city as a whole. The inherit problem is people think they are entitled. I personally did not follow the GWL issue but people are in fear of what they don't know and don't understand...those are the facts. Things are never as bad or as good as people will say the will be. I remember people complaining...practically rioting in the streets...about the Target Center and how there would be stop and go traffic all the way past Kedron Drive. It never has been a problem. People will believe what they want to believe. I was recently speaking with someone and the GWL issue came up and they thought it was the worst idea ever...traffic, traffic, traffic. Come to find out, they thought it was open to the everyday public...they had no idea it was only open to those staying in the hotel. In Mr. Imker's town hall meeting, GWL was discussed, one citizen said that they (GWL) have never showed a profit and they would come to PTC and shortly go out of business and the city would be stuck. Upon further examination, this individual had no clue as too how to read a P&L, Cash Flow Statement, or understand a Balance Sheet. GWL were purchased by a "venture Capitalist" group for 1.5 billion dollars for a reason. And, a citizen thinks it's a bad idea because they haven't shown a profit. People simply do not know what they do not know...and those are the facts. Other than GWL I can give you the correct answer to your questions but ultimately people will not like the answer because they have a pre-conceived idea of the facts. They simply don't know. A perfect answer is hwy 54 west 6 or 7 years ago. There was a beautiful developement that would have been a great asset to the city but it required a red-light. That developement got shot down over a red-light and Ms. Plunkett may have lost an election over that red light. The smart people tried to tell the public and council you are going to get a red-light sooner or it now while you have control over the developement....if you don't you will get a gas station before it's over with. The citizens and council alike laughed..that will never happen. Now we are getting a red-light and a gas station...along the journey we have lost 7 years of sales tax and property taxes that can never be recaptured. You cannot tell people what you already know to be true, nor can you tell them the facts. They will go kicking and screaming with disagreement. People are against TDK extention because they simply do not understand all the facts and they have a skewed view of the out-come. I don't know Ms. Robinson's position but if it makes great sense to those who understand the long term effects, it will make no sense to the majority who actually think they know the answer when they realy don't even understand the facts. I hate sitting in that traffic past Kedron Drive because all of the conjestion the Target Center causes. There may have been a majority at the meeting against GWL but where were the 34,000 citizens? We need people in office who actually know and understand the out-come of their decisions...regardless of what people say. 

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   1 hour 5 min ago

    AtHomeGym, I was initially outraged at what happened with the general.  But, this whole matter hasn't made a bit of sense based upon the limited information that has been published.  That's why I asked some questions and shared the little that was explained to me.  It's not gossip.  It's just helping other people like me who are confused by all this.    
    I was trying to figure out what the caregiver and guests were doing by digging in to the food and not offering to pay themselves or intervening to smooth over the confrontations with an 84-year old man.  It turned out that the guests didn't care to help, so who were they and why not?
    There is also the matter of the cash that was on the counter that could have been used to pay but had disappeared, presumably in the hands of a guest.  
    if you want facts, you'll have to wait for a legal hearing.  In the meantime and since the paper has pursued the matter in a partisan manner, it seems only fair to share additional information to cover all sides.
    I hope the general gets off easy, but let's not pile onto the police.  I think they would have preferred to not deal with a disturbed person or incompetent senior, whichever it is.

  • Reply to: Hwy. 54 W. retail center work is now underway   1 hour 39 min ago
    dar thompson

    Mr. this the gas station that you said would never be built? BTW-It's also getting a red-light (green T) that entire council said would never happen. Nrewas flash, it's happening and you can't say you were not warned. Hopefully one day our citizens will elect officials who have an understanding of making pro-active decisions.  

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   3 hours 25 min ago
    rolling stone

    OK, so the part time care giver has a record and the general might be a pain in the a$$ to those that do not agree with him. Lots of people stumble over the laws, the general did not get to where he was by passing out warm fuzzies and whoever he has around to keep the dull times away is his business. The PD agenda obviously includes supporting events that are not in evidence, yet. I am not saying the general is entitled to better treatment than anyone else but he is entitled to fair treatment which I do not believe that he received. I also question the wisdom of making a spectacle  of a retired four star general over such a trivial matter, he does know people and it could be the equivilant of grabbing a tiger by the tail. 

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   4 hours 28 min ago

    No, what Woody has done is pass along more gossip--no substiantiated facts!  And I haven't seen where any retired military has asked to have exceptions made as far as lawbreaking is concerned.

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   4 hours 50 min ago

    Your post makes sense to me.  You have just nailed some information that seems to be missing in all of this.  We can debate till the cows come home the efficacy of an 84 year old being charged over this issue, but some perspective from the leo point of view is what I have been looking for.  Thanks Woody. 
    I do commend Cal for getting information out.  The more we know about the facts, the better the process will be to go forward.  I am not choosing sides, I just want to know why certain things occurred as they did and Woody has included a big  piece of the puzzle. 
    Nothing I have seen so far shows Bedgood to be good, just the oposite, in all of this.
    I will say this.  Retired military whether 4 star or enlisted cannot use their service as an excuse for bad behavior or breaking the law or having exceptions made. I am also fiercely protective of elderly from predators.  That's my thoughts so far anyhoo. 

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   4 hours 50 min ago

    Until they show up at your door. My advice, say nothing.  

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   5 hours 59 min ago

    According to someone who knows the general (Cal has never met him), Cal may be leaving off information, and probably to grind his ax with the police.  
    From what I've been told, backed up with independent observations, the general has a bad reputation for heavy drinking, has a bad temper, and will turn violent, despite his age, if you cross him.  The police had enough experience with him that they didn't want just one or two officers having to deal with his issues and being falsely accused themselves, despite that still happening.
    Also, the general should prefer to avoid publicity about his two female guests.

  • Reply to: 83-room motel planned for Fayetteville hospital area   8 hours 52 min ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Whatever happened regarding the proposal for all those condos or apartments close to downtown Fayetteville?  Downtown Authority

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   8 hours 53 min ago

    the driver notify his employer of a problem and back off?  Makes sense to me!

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   8 hours 57 min ago

    Great work Cal.  All areas of government must be held accountable.  

  • Reply to: 83-room motel planned for Fayetteville hospital area   8 hours 58 min ago

    Does anyone know what is being developed just east of Sandy Creek at this same intersection?  It seems a large amound of clearing is underway.

  • Reply to: 83-room motel planned for Fayetteville hospital area   10 hours 38 min ago

    Just the another whooshing sound of a business being sucked out of the city of Fayetteville. One by one they will all want to move west and the city will become only a pass thru for traffic. City and country planners and developers have nothing to lose and care little about current state of affairs ie:CRIME. All that will remain is an extension of Riverdale/Clayton/Fulton counties.

  • Reply to: This week's softball and volleyball standings   11 hours 49 min ago

    Tom Brady!  Tom Brady! Tom Brady!  Let's go win some more!!!!! (Sorry, couldn't help myself)

  • Reply to: ‘Entering autos’ epidemic – 10 more thefts in PTC, 5 more in Fayetteville   12 hours 32 min ago

    Catching these crooks does very little in the way of fines (generating monies) for the city.  I live in one of the neighborhoods this occurred in, I haven't seen them back, nor heard a word from the Police.  

  • Reply to: ‘Entering autos’ epidemic – 10 more thefts in PTC, 5 more in Fayetteville   12 hours 38 min ago
    Snow Bunny

    Why doesn't the police jsut set-up a couple of bait cars.  If these crooks are working in the same area constantly, it shouldn't be to hard to trap them and get them off the street..

  • Reply to: ‘Entering autos’ epidemic – 10 more thefts in PTC, 5 more in Fayetteville   13 hours 19 min ago

    dye markers
    I wonder if dye bombs that banks use to put with stollen cash are available on the open market?

  • Reply to: ‘Entering autos’ epidemic – 10 more thefts in PTC, 5 more in Fayetteville   13 hours 19 min ago

    dye markers
    I wonder if dye bombs that banks use to put with stollen cash are available on the open market?

  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   13 hours 41 min ago

    Folks, do we appreciate how fortunate we are having a publication and a Publisher executing the true principles of the FREE PRESS and FREE SPEECH in the Fayette/Coweta community?  How many publishers would dig for the truth as Cal has done in this sad incident?
    Thank you Cal!

  • Reply to: Extra time off for county workers fails on tie vote   13 hours 44 min ago


  • Reply to: ‘The general is no robber’   13 hours 53 min ago

    I like it.  Keep up the good work.  

  • Reply to: Extra time off for county workers fails on tie vote   13 hours 58 min ago

    I've observed that Barlow and Oddo seem to have an unbreakable bond of voting together. I think the only way for the others to be able to represent their constituents is to get an independent thinker who knows the issues facing Fayette County to fill the vacant seat. I've seen Mrs. Bean stand up for her convictions and work tirelessly. She is conservative, well informed and has lived in Fayette County for many years. Let's put a stop to just politics as usual. We really need to get something positive done for effective  representation of the people by electing her as our next commissioner.

  • Reply to: Panthers top Wildcats 21-7; Patriots fall late to Jonesboro   14 hours 6 min ago

    I was at the Sandy Creek Jonesboro game... and at no time in that game was the SC kicker on the sideline practicing his kicks into the net, not ONCE!  The entire game, we the fans were questioning why they weren't practicing... because previous years it was ALWAYS the opposite.  SMH

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