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  • Reply to: Drone provides stunning views of MacDuff Parkway   3 hours 37 min ago

    I hate to be the one to break the news, I spotted a power line tower at :53 seconds in, and a massive transmission line at 4:30 minutes into the video.  The horror of it all, please do not take it out on your toddlers or pets. 

  • Reply to: Residents reminded about property guidelines   3 hours 50 min ago

    Don't even think about sneaking out there at 6:02AM.  If caught, you will be hauled off to the pokey, firecrackers will be stuck in between your toes and YOU will be part of the pyrotechnics show at sundown. If you have Coweta or Fulton or Clayton tags, you will also be left on Snake Island for the next week with no food or water or cell phone and only duck feed to sustain you.  So there. 

  • Reply to: Roundabout coming to Coweta intersection   4 hours 58 sec ago

    Oh gosh golly.  Everyone please take the time to go out there this week and would love to hear what you see.  This should be a hoot.  Seems very little, if any thought was put into the tractor trailers that will have to maneuver this.  Too bad a video could not be made and set to music. 
    This IS the intersection where a year or two ago I reported in about the Shriner who was in the road collecting money wearing his fez and vest and on the opposite corner were the pickup truckers with bullhorns  and sinner signs from the church yelling you will go to hell if you dared to give him any money.
    And Barbie and Ken and gang...will be chillin' on their beach at Mort's Bar watching the whole show.  Cheers.
    And happy trails to all!

  • Reply to: Drone provides stunning views of MacDuff Parkway   5 hours 48 min ago
    dar thompson

    H&F- It's simple...the citizens of PTC want everything...they just don't want to pay for it. This has been an ongoing theme for the last 16 years. This is why our intersection at 74/54 looks like it was built in the 60"s...same as all the utilities still on poles along side hwy 54. For very low cost (relatively speaking) all these wires could have been put in the ground when hwy 54 was wided. If memory serves me correctly, the cost was less than 30 cents a month to the homeowner. City said no to the expense...they simply don't understand the financial loss in percieved value. Just backwards thinking.

  • Reply to: Will the band be banned to asphalt?   6 hours 13 min ago

    If the band needs a grass field to practice, I recommend that they initiate the process to secure such facilities with the BOE and see how it stacks up against other BOE priorities.  Otherwise, may I recommend Drake Field :-)

  • Reply to: Will the band be banned to asphalt?   6 hours 56 min ago
    Earl E Bird

    Your comprehension level is kinda low huh? The 10-15 minutes that you refer too is the time that the bus sits heating up while waiting for the kids to be released from school. The kindergartners are released first so then add 5-10 more for the kindergartners to wait for the rest of the kids. The bus hasn't even moved yet so that doesn't include the ride home time. And I'm talking 5 year olds on a bus that will be 15 - 20 degrees hotter than the outside temps. Yet your teen can't take the outside heat? And if that parking lot is so bad that your teenager can't take it chip in some money to repair it. 

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   8 hours 16 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Why all the hand wringing here?  The God of the Christian Bible at times commands complete destruction of noncombattants, women, children, and even cattle - See I Samuel 15:3.  American military personnel constantly promote their war time behaviors as being sanctioned by the Christian God.  Military aggression does not appear to be in conflict with Biblical commands and examples.

  • Reply to: Residents reminded about property guidelines   8 hours 23 min ago
    Philip Foster

    Thass what we loooooove about Ptown.

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  • Reply to: Will the band be banned to asphalt?   10 hours 47 min ago

    Yes, there is definitely more to this story.  When something doesn't seem to make sense, we don't have all the facts. 

  • Reply to: Will the band be banned to asphalt?   10 hours 48 min ago

    So what you are saying is that two wrongs make a right.  Those other high schools have enormous parking lots, and their practice areas are flat, free of obstacles, and remote from the school.  It is not the same thing at all.  As far as the director's stand, all marching bands are completely self-funded (no money from the county), so those funds have to be raised from within the band booster organizations, although judging from my trip over to look at FCHS's practice space the other day, they have built some new ones on the side of a hill. 

  • Reply to: Will the band be banned to asphalt?   10 hours 51 min ago

    It is a shame that the band has shrunk that much.  I do know that it is a major time commitment and a lot of hard work, and that the lack of basic support from administration (as evidenced by this latest boneheaded scheme) is very demoralizing to these kids. 

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   10 hours 52 min ago

    Why do I feel like someone will soon pass a collecion plate?  Hey never mind, I'm getting some good rain!!

  • Reply to: Will the band be banned to asphalt?   10 hours 54 min ago

    Your scenario has nothing to do with the issue.  First of all, it is not just the heat that is at issue.  Have you looked at the proposed parking lot?  Yes, it is a choice, but once it has been made does it not make sense to try to rise to the highest level of quality possible?  And I fail to see how my kid being forced onto the parking lot for HOURS of practice at a time, in order to make way for adults to use the baseball field as a "fundraiser," has anything to do with your kid having to ride the bus for 10-15 minutes.  Air conditioning on buses would be nice, but being on a bus for a few minutes twice a day is not the same as trying to put together a band program in an inadequate parking lot fraught with obstacles for hours each day.  And the air will soon get cooler, but those obstacles will still be in that parking lot. 

  • Reply to: Will the band be banned to asphalt?   10 hours 58 min ago

    The band is quite literally being kicked to the curb, and it is not right.  Heat is not even the main concern of the band parents, contrary to some of the comments here.  It is the configuration of that particular parking lot that is the biggest problem.  It is completely unsuitable for band practice.  It is too small, it is not level, and there are light poles in the way along with a quick drop-off where there is a storm drain.  It is not even large enough to put an entire football field there, and the band uses the entire field. 
    Also, that parking lot is right in front of the school where teachers park their cars.  The band starts practice at 4 o'clock, only 15 minutes after the end of school.  There will be daily problems getting cars moved out of the way so that the band can practice, thereby delaying practice which in turn will decrease quality. 
    Just as with anything else (football, auto mechanics, whatever)--the proper tools are essential for quality work.  You can't expect the band to be able to perform at their current high level if the principal decides to deprive them of those tools.  Would she tell the football team to practice in the parking lot?  No, because they need to practice in conditions like those in which their games will be played.  It is the same with the band.
    This principal seems bound and determined to destroy the Spirit of McIntosh Marching Band, and it is mystifying.  It makes no sense--until you consider the fact that the REAL reason they want to kick the band off the baseball field they have used for 30 years is so they can rent it out for rec teams to use.  It's always about money in the end, isn't it?  I wish The Citizen would follow up on that angle. 
    I attended the band parent meeting, which we all thought was to discuss the issue and come up with a compromise, but which we discovered was this principal's way to announce her "done deal."  She was the epitome of condescension, circular-speak, and disingenousness to the large crowd.  It was truly frustrating to see how little she seemed to care about the band students.  She just kept mentioning how baseball needed a "fundraiser."  So, it's the money.

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   11 hours 43 min ago

    Choosing to enter the military needs serious consideration.  It's not exactly what I will call smooth sailing.  In my haste, I failed to mention law enforcement personnel and firefighters.  To me, they are good examples of people who serve others and most do it well.  Many are former military people and many go into into the military after law enforcement and firefighting.  I also need to recognize those who serve in the "reserves" and national guards.  Like the others I mentioned, they sacrifice something of themselves during peace and war. 

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   11 hours 59 min ago

    Thanks for your time to explain.  With so many ways out there to help others, and to display a courage and honor that goes beyond the call of duty, if a person was truely seeking to be an example of what they believe - I am thinking that the military would be towards the bottom of the list.

  • Reply to: Will the band be banned to asphalt?   12 hours 6 min ago

    Perhaps The Citizen should get the full story on this. There is more to this than what was printed.Yes, I have firsthand knowledge that the decision made to move the band did not come overnight. It was 3 years in the making.

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   12 hours 11 min ago

    Without factual knowledge of what is in anyone's being, I can only guess so.  Some people have a seemingly instinctive need to protect their families.  For example, a typical mom will tear the eyes out of anyone trying to harm her children.  Many people understand their families are not limited to biological relationships (i.e., offspring, siblings, parents, cousins, etc.), but include extended relationships (i.e., "my brothers" (and sisters) in Fairburn, Coweta or Clayton Counties, States of California, Connecticut, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, etc.) or whoever, wherever.  One thing in common I see in these people, is their primary focus of welfare is not on themselves, but on others.  You may find these people as health care providers, teachers, clergy, non-governmental organization volunteers, civil service, or even in the military.  Each person brings something to the table with their genetic or learned skill set(s), or, as some might say, "God given talents."   I think many of these types of people are inbedded with a motivation to seek and fulfill a purpose to serve others.  Given those basic understandings, I can readily find people who will join the military, whether there is or isn't a perceived threat.  They "instinctively try to use their talents for the welfare of others.
    I sure hope this makes sense.  For the last hour I find myself trying to do too many things at the same time.  I do not have a multitasking talent.

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   12 hours 19 min ago

    Turn the ofther Cheek
    I'm guessing, if a guy is walking the "Turn the Other Cheek" path, the military woud not be the best career path for this guy, and he would probably already have figured that out, HOWEVER, if his personal code demanded he serve, Hopefully he would have sense enough to look into the Coast Guard, or non-engagment job within the Military,,Like Cook, or become an Officer (lol)

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   12 hours 20 min ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Rev. JJ - you're parsing words here, but I see your point.  Preceed "right" with "protected" and my arguement still stands. 
    Once Rev. Epps begins explaining why we must accept his protected right, he opens the door to myriad objections.  Apparently, Mr. Tucker never took a course in debate or philosophy.

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   12 hours 25 min ago

    Believe they would even resist a draft. I'm talking about a good ole boy American who would not weasel out of military service under any circumstance. But if they sought to "walk the talk" of the "turn the other cheek" doctrine, would they, or should they volunteer or seek a career in the military?

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   13 hours 37 min ago

    I think you're describing the Amish, and No I don't think they Join.
    I don't think the JW's do either

  • Reply to: A new call for gun control   13 hours 43 min ago

    Not distitute, not during war time, not drafted, and not casting dispersions to those who have already joined on did their duty - will someone who really holds those beliefs, and has many other options to be honorable for God and country,  would they join the military? 

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