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  • Reply to: Rancorous, thanks to Trump   8 hours 17 min ago
    G35 Dude

    Maybe not the best words I could've used. I think a lot of us have held that title at some point!!! LOL

  • Reply to: Are other school systems getting more bang for the buck?   9 hours 42 min ago

    This is part of the point of the District 5 is about Suburban vs urban and lower class vs upper middle class...yes..I am a snob and want the folks in my neighborhood to be of the same economic class. I don't want my neighborhood to have a bunch of Section 8 families or 3 families sharing a single rental home

  • Reply to: Are other school systems getting more bang for the buck?   17 hours 35 min ago
    Sharpsburg Dad

    Goldminer I agree.  I'm the oppostie of you.  My kids started in Coweta and are now in the Starr's Mill area.  It is important to look at demographics. Especially the number of kids in each school on free and reduced lunch.  The top 5 high schools for SAT scores in Fayette and Coweta have the lowest levels of kids on free and redcued lunch.  However, Newnan has almost double the number of kids on free and reduced lunch as Sandy Creek, but has the same SAT average.  The same for East Coweta. EC has higher rates of poverty than Fayette county but significantly higher SAT scores.  It looks like Coweta is overperforming in certain schools and Fayette County is underperforming.  Below are the % of kids on free and reduced lunch at each school, and the SAT scores by rank.
    1. Starr's Mill  (9.5%,1623); 2. McIntosh (10.9%,1618); 3. Whitewater (14.1%,1537) 4.Northgate (23.8% 1518); 5. Sandy Creek (27.8%,1485);  5. Newnan (49.7%,1485) 6. East Coweta (39.0%,1485); 7. Fayette County (34.5%,1445)

  • Reply to: Rancorous, thanks to Trump   18 hours 35 min ago

    I agree with your summation. Your answers have always been thoughtful and akin to what I think on a lot of topics.
    I feel also, Trump would never have lashed out at McCain if he hadn't called Trump voters 'crazies'.  That was very careless and I think Trump is protective of people he believes in.  I don't think is all show.  I think be wants to help and protect, the American people. 
    I think what he is doing is dangerous to the point that I wouldn't at all be surprised if someone kills him.  He is a big threat for the DC cartel  and the drug cartel.
    I think he speaks from the heart, and ours are aching for that. Commentators are in awe of the fact that he is in Scotland relaxing while other contenders are memorizing their scripted answers.  I think he is alone, clarifying his thoughts. He is a leader and I'm so grateful he cares enough to go to battle for us. To me, he is my hero in that respect.  He is losing a large amount of money by running. His whole family, as well as him, are being scoured for any trash that can be dug up.  He is not a perfect man, none of our famous heroes in history were.  Yes, he has an ego, but I have no doubt he is also brilliant, has a good heart  and is trying with all that big ego and heart to do right by us at great peril to himself.

  • Reply to: Rancorous, thanks to Trump   21 hours 33 min ago

    Pretty much agree with all your cmts--dn't know if I'd call him a loose cannon (I seem to remember wearing that tag in yrs gone by!) but so what--I think our political system could use a good cage rattling!

  • Reply to: Dredging our way into August   1 day 6 hours ago

    Savannah River harbor dredge let's see.  Starting 3 months late.  Check.  $706 million deepening. Check. Dig down to get 4 more feet of depth. Check.  Took 10 years to plan and get approvals.  Check.  Needs more oxygen to help fishes breathe.  Check.  Oh wait, silly me.  I meant Lake Peachtree.  

  • Reply to: Woman found dead in PTC park   1 day 7 hours ago

    So Sorry! What a loss. What a tragedy!

  • Reply to: Rancorous, thanks to Trump   1 day 8 hours ago
    G35 Dude

    While I don't condone what Trump said about McCain, I think to put the comments into full context you need to remember that he was responding to comments from McCain calling Trump's followers "crazies". Yet nobody wants to mention that. I have a lot of respect for McCain's militiary record, not so much for his political record. In some ways a Trump may be what this country needs. Yes he is a lose cannon but he won't be bought. And he won't back down. All these years we the voters have voted for Democrat or Republican career politicans and expected change. I saw somewhere that it was said that " voting democrat then republican hoping to save the country is like deciding between McDonalds or Burger King for a healthy diet." The GOP better take him seriously. If he breaks lose and runs as an independant he will cost the GOP the election. He excites me and scares me at the same time. 

  • Reply to: Judge promises vote decision by Monday   1 day 10 hours ago

    I've lived in District 5 for almost 30 years and I really hope the judge votes at large..  

  • Reply to: Judge promises vote decision by Monday   1 day 12 hours ago

    Comedy Central!  I wish it was funny. But thanks for the laughs guys!

  • Reply to: Rancorous, thanks to Trump   1 day 12 hours ago
    PTC Observer

    "....the good die first. And they whose hearts are dry as summer dust burn to the socket." - Wadsworth

  • Reply to: Judge promises vote decision by Monday   1 day 13 hours ago

    We could all get along if I did not have to pay for your food, rent, medical care, day care for your kids,  nail salon, tatoos, etc..

  • Reply to: Judge promises vote decision by Monday   1 day 15 hours ago

    "Can't We All, Just Get Along...?"
    ahh...not really.

  • Reply to: New police chief says hello to PTC   1 day 15 hours ago

    It's on the facebook page now, so must be true. How sad.  Sorry for the family.

  • Reply to: New police chief says hello to PTC   1 day 16 hours ago

    Really ptc_golfer?? Another suicide just down the road from that one from last year by Huddleston or are you being sarcastic??

  • Reply to: Judge promises vote decision by Monday   1 day 16 hours ago

    Only renters from District 5 will be allowed to vote since those of us who own property are part of the rich folks who need to give to those less fortunate..:)

  • Reply to: New police chief says hello to PTC   1 day 16 hours ago

    Suicide I believe.

  • Reply to: New police chief says hello to PTC   1 day 16 hours ago

    In honor of new Chief Moon, tonight PTC and surrounding communities will celebrate a blue moon.  Yes, PTC likes to do it up big when we change chiefs every blue moon ( or sooner), so we thought we would just put one up there tonight to celebrate a new era.  Senoia, in honor of her love of farming, will have fireworks at Marimac Lake Park tomorrow evening. It's gonna be a hot one, but should be a fun weekend!

  • Reply to: New police chief says hello to PTC   1 day 19 hours ago

    Do not know.  However, if it's not on their facebook page, it never happened.  Tomorrow is the fishing derby there for the kiddos.  Could they be rounding up all the criminal carp and housing them offsite to protect  those mini anglers?  I mean, this is the safest community on the planet. 

  • Reply to: New police chief says hello to PTC   1 day 21 hours ago
    Husband and Father of 2

    Are the police investigating a crime scene at Luther Glass?

  • Reply to: Are other school systems getting more bang for the buck?   1 day 21 hours ago

    One big variable was not mentioned. Demographics. My children have attended school in both counties starting in Fayette and ending in Coweta. In both counties they were in the gifted and/or advanced programs. In this context Coweta actually is better in my opinion. The difference in overall test scores is easily explained if you look at the demographic breakdown of the students in the two counties. Income levels, education levels, and other variables of the parents make a huge difference in the make up of the student bodies in the two counties.

  • Reply to: A misbegotten road widening   1 day 21 hours ago

    Mudkitty--No, no, I won't promise to vote for ANYBODY until I hear their positions on issues & problems we face in the countyand she's NOT Black!

  • Reply to: A misbegotten road widening   1 day 23 hours ago

    Ok, problem solved. Those of us in the county promise to vote for Angela Bean if we are allowed to do so. Then we have satisfactory replacement who I assume is black and the world can keep on spinning.

  • Reply to: Are other school systems getting more bang for the buck?   1 day 23 hours ago

    One  caution using SAT scores has to do with number of students taking the test. If you look at some of the "best" states, they all have a low percentage of juniors/seniors taking the test.
    During the last ESPLOST discussion we looked at the Coweta rates and it appeared that approximately 50-60% of the seniors/juniors took the test at the same time, Fayette was near 80%. If we took the best 50-60% of Fayette, we can extrpolate even higher results for Fayette.
    To be clear, Coweta is a quality system, however Fayette still rates higher in a number of measures.

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