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  • Reply to: Get ready to jam – Roller derby is coming to Fayetteville   1 hour 53 min ago

    Bless your heart. 

  • Reply to: Get ready to jam – Roller derby is coming to Fayetteville   4 hours 53 min ago

    This town is just too weird for words.  If I could afford NJ/NYC I would go back in a heartbeat, among regular people.

  • Reply to: Shall this republic stand?   8 hours 2 min ago

    Here's my questions for you, who gets to decide who the domestic enemies are?  Have you ever heard of the Posse Comitatus act? Most of the Vets I know expect no gratitude, they do expect a certain amount of respect, yet sadly don't receive it. YOUR military and Obama's Military, and Hilary's military, and Bernie's military are all the same and the definition of domestic enemies is open to interpretation. If you're really concerned about YOUR militaries oath and the constitution, I see that you have at least two options, get elected to office or join the military, that is if you aren't too tired.

  • Reply to: Get ready to jam – Roller derby is coming to Fayetteville   9 hours 39 min ago

    Really  "Delta Trophy Wives" and "Soccer Moms"  I am not a delta pilot or a pilot wife and not not a soccer mom. Talk about labeling people in to groups.  If it happens with them you are doing it with others. Look at your self.

  • Reply to: Shall this republic stand?   11 hours 3 min ago

    David Epps, SIR ( and I need YOU to understand what I am about to type is more QUESTION than statement, yet my poor communication skills may cause a different appearance. While I admire those that serve, and I Thank those that do, I'm tired of the open (expected) gratitude a uniform commands, I have read American History, I understand the Whiskey Rebellion, I understand (very well) the Trail of Tears, I am aware of the Bonus Army,, I've studied Kent State, Ruby Ridge,Waco, and the current Invasion. I KNOW the 2nd Amendment states clearly SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED yet I read active duty, on leave Marines in NYC are charged with a "Felony" for daring to Keep and bear arms, I've read that reporters have been jailed for reporting, I've seen Citizens Jailed, and or Fined, and or FORCED  to surrender their Religious Rights,,,, I guess at this point my question is, WHEN will MY military Honor their oath to protect the Constitution from DOMESTIC enemies ?

  • Reply to: Shall this republic stand?   18 hours 23 min ago

    If everyone was of the same opinion as Pastor Epps maybe America would be doomed. Luckily most of us have more faith in the average American than he does. Stopping the lecturing about his concept of patriotism would help.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 11 hours ago

    PTC O
    Since you went to the trouble to say these names and dates, and they Obviously mean something to you, I know you don;t know me but I promise none the less,Tomorrow at 0904 and 0910 I WILL remove my hat and speak their Names, Thank you for sharing  (Hope some others here do the same)

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 11 hours ago
    PTC Observer

    In memoriam Hospital Corpsman Armando Leal and Chaplain Lieutenant Vincent Capodanno KIA, September 4, 1967, they died together and entered heaven together.
    "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.”  John 15:13
    We will never forget you…….Semper fidelis
    HM Richard Stallings, KIA September 10, 1967, always remembered.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 12 hours ago

    This is NOT about $15/hr, Minimum wage has NEVER been about the people that make that wage, Government Force ( AKA Killing Liberty) has NEVER and WILL NEVER be about Citizens betterment, Ask a Soviet how well Minimum Wages worked for them

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 13 hours ago

    What they gonna do is push your chicken through the pipe after you order and then you grab it, pluck it and kill it if you want (or not) and send it back and they will cook it and send it back on a bun. And "they" will be robots that don't protest, take smoking or bathroom breaks and certainly show up on time. They don't even sneak food out for their families because thay have none.
                                                                                                     i think Chick-fil-A is less vulnerable to the robot invasion into fast food than all others, but the idiots promoting a $15 minimum wage should really think about how many of their own they will put out of work. It is basic economics, but those have not studied economics may not understand all that.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 17 hours ago

    Problem corrected itself after about 24 hours. Trying to report an issue like this is a waste of time because you can only speak to an ESL script reader.  Thanks for the response.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 18 hours ago

    I use both and just fininshed reading my e-mail.  Must not be a universal Uverse problem.  Or maybe they haven't gotten to me yet.

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 19 hours ago

    Abuse Trouble & Trash
    is giving you problems? naw say it aint so

  • Reply to: FreeSpeech for 10-06-10   1 day 20 hours ago

    Uverse has done something with their e mail server to block Microsoft Outlook. After a futile 45 minute chat session it seem they can resolve the problem if I enroll in some sort of maintenance program for X dollars. The problem is clearly theirs since multiple machines failed Outlook at the same time. This may be a problem from one local server or it may be large scale extortion.

  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill High School eases into transgender issue   1 day 21 hours ago

    I'm waiting,
    This issue WILL find it's way to the Military, Transgendered without the actual transistion, to avoid combat duty, or to GET combat duty,

  • Reply to: Starr’s Mill High School eases into transgender issue   1 day 22 hours ago

    This entire thing is silly 
    I am sorry but this about 3 is the privacy of the other folks. It seems that the needs of the very few are outweighing the needs of the rest. I have a transgender cousin who is my age, he never went to full change but I wouldn't want him using the locker room to shower since this would subject the girls to seeing his private parts which would intrude on the other students. This is common sense for goodness sake! The second issue is that men's washrooms are not as private as womens and men should not be subjected to a physically women seeing their junk. The 3rd issue is that this rule allows perverts to pervert its intent and may be able avoid prosecution for peeping or worse. the Statement that it was the parents of the how would the parents know if the students did not remark on it. Next thing you know the government is going to require individual bathrooms at all public places. The other issue is that transgender does not mean that you are gay. Look at Caitlyn Jenner, who feels like a woman but still has relations with women.

  • Reply to: 4 runoffs emerge from Fayette primary voting; incumbents see mixed results   1 day 22 hours ago

    Mudcat disagree, the infrastructure is way past due and is a result of the neglect by past councils servicing the no tax but spend mentality like in Washington without the debt. 54/74 fix is needed if we ever want to attract anything here business wise. The lake I dont know, but hell no to Arts Center (wait for it)

  • Reply to: Obama’s odd definition of ‘democracy’   1 day 23 hours ago
    Stranger than Fiction

    Freddy - - With your typical elegant prose, I now find our President is a far-right nationalist. For years he has been accused of being a liberal leftist who loves every other country more than America. Now he’s out-trumping Trump? What a transformation!

  • Reply to: Get ready to jam – Roller derby is coming to Fayetteville   1 day 23 hours ago

    I seem to recall a similar venture two years ago from another team.  Fayetteville jammers or something?  anyhoo with all the Delta Trophy Wives and Soccer Moms in this county, I have my doubts that anyone would be interested

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