Hudson Car Company

When John Upchurch asked me to speak at an international car conference that he and his wife were directing, I agreed. They’re nice people and it meant a July trip to Chattanooga. I thought it was a collection of vintage cars. It wasn’t until I pulled into the big parking lot of the Chattanooga Choo-Choo […]

Can we agree on gun safety?

The tragedy in Las Vegas some weeks ago stunned the nation. The sheer number of victims wounded and killed dwarfs any shooting anywhere in the world in history. I’m hesitant to say much about the “superlative” because I don’t want to give any press to the perpetrator, but the facts are what they are. We […]

About Doug Field

The writer who first caught my interest was John Steinbeck. I will spare you the details of how that happened, but over a two-year period in my early 40s I read everything he wrote and published, and then I studied his life. It was a journey of curiosity, reflection and a little bit of self-discovery. […]

The Cotton Christmas

For those seven magical years growing up at 110 Flamingo Street, each holiday was wrapped up in family traditions – some good and some not so good. At the top of the list of those “not so good” traditions was the great toy giveaway. Ours was the only house on Flamingo where Santa Claus visited […]

Scented candles and manly men

I have to admit, I like fragrances. The sense of smell, after all, is one of the five senses that most people have. The other day, as I rode my motorcycle past a newly-mown athletic field, the scent transported me back to the days of fall and victory and defeat on the high school gridiron. […]

#MeToo My daughter and granddaughter

While trying not to indulge in schadenfreude over those hypocritical Hollywood elites who’ve claimed to stand for “women’s rights,” only to be accused of sexually harassing them, I noticed “#MeToo” trending on Twitter. At #MeToo, women who have been sexually harassed are invited to post their experiences and many have done so, including four female […]

An economy of words

Sometimes, Tink — usually in a gentle way but a bit abrupt at other times — will tell me I’m taking too long to explain something. This happens never when he has time to enjoy a long story but when he’s in a rush with much to do. “Can you give me the Yankee version […]

The Power of God’s word is still at work

For the past several weeks, I’ve been preaching on Jesus’ parable about the sower, the seed, and the soils. The parable is so important that it is recorded in three of the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Jesus said the sower sows the seed. Then Jesus described four kinds of soils: hard ground, stony […]

Ask Father Paul – Is Doubt A Sin?

DEAR FATHER PAUL:  I am a long-time Christian, but I find that I sometimes have doubts about some Christian beliefs and doctrines. I am well educated and have always had a strong inclination to seek the truth and reject falsehoods. Are my occasional doubts a sin?  J. K. DEAR J. K. Thank you for your […]

What is ‘end game’ of NFL protest?

Over the past week I had two friends ask me how I felt about the “NFL Controversy.” I had been thinking about it for quite some time, but I wanted to hear their thoughts before weighing in, and I am glad I did. Even though these friends were on opposite sides of the issue, they […]