When are freedoms worth fighting for?

When I saw a brief television clip of how a Coweta football coach was reprimanded for joining his players in prayer, I thought, surely, this is somehow being misconstrued. However, it would appear our school administrators are cautioning faculty and staff from joining student-initiated prayer. As a person of faith, I ask, at what point […]

Why we did it

When a young man or woman, around the age of 18 or 19, joins the military, sometimes the reasons are not quite clear in their own minds. If pressed for a reason, they may say, “to serve my country,” or “to travel and see the world,” or “to have a career.” Often, however, the answer […]

Zoo insight

Some spend all of their lives running away from their past. Others are so focused on the future that the past is something they just can’t see anymore. For me, it seems the further I get away from my past, the closer I actually get back to it. For example, last weekend The Wife, our […]

Moral reconstruction, anyone?

That word again: evil. A whiff of sulfur about it, no warmth, no pulse, evil as the actuating force in another mass shooting, with more of it to come, certainly, in this beat-up age of ours. Not a few have joined President Donald Trump in using the E-word since the Baptist-church shooting in Texas and […]

Living poor

The newspaper was laying on the kitchen island so when I picked it, I flipped it over and glanced over the list of obituaries. I saw a last name I recognized and wondered if he might be kin to a man I once knew of. I hadn’t heard the name in years. It is a […]

Note to officials: Don’t try to change ‘face of Fayette’

A couple of weeks ago, after the intergovernmental meeting, Fayette County Commissioner Eric Maxwell hinted at a possible new development that he said would change the face of Fayette County forever. I would inform Commissioner Maxwell and any of the other county commissioners and Fayetteville City Council members that there are those of us constituents […]

Kudos to Senoia for animal friendly rules

Kudos to the Senoia City Council for their recent unanimous approval of progressive animal ordinance changes, including restricting the use of tethering and the sale of animals at pet stores. Pet store lobbyists are pushing for state legislation (H.B.144) that would prevent any Georgia county or city from banning sales of dogs in pet stores. […]

Big day for Fayette at Whitewater High

[Recently] the Georgia Court of Appeals presided over three cases in front of over 500 high school students in Fayette County. It was an incredible learning opportunity for our high school students to see their government in action and witness a live judicial proceeding. I want to express gratitude to the Georgia Court of Appeals, […]

For all the saints

I’m actually writing this article on Nov. 1. On the “liturgical calendar” of The Church, used mainly by Catholics, Lutherans, and Anglicans, but also by many others, November 1st is set aside as “All Saints’ Day.” I thought I’d share a little about this day and its meaning. So many articles and official documents have […]

The future of newsgathering

Eight years ago, I answered a query from a student in this space. Her query and my responses follow. “Lauren Leak, a homeschool student, [in April 2009] emailed me the following questions for her thesis: “I just have a couple of questions about factors that are playing into the current death of the newspaper and […]

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