Vietnam War: False history again

As I and many other Vietnam vets are compelled to publicize our unfavorable opinion of the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick documentary on the Vietnam War, I fully realize many of you wonder, “Why can’t they let it go after all these years?” Simple answers are preferred, and this one isn’t. When we came home from Vietnam […]

Those I would like to thank

As I reflect upon the year thus far, I realize that I owe a debt of gratitude to certain individuals, groups, and organizations. You have helped to make my life simpler, have reduced my stress levels, and have added to an overall sense of increased calm. I shall list these in no particular order: The […]

Unwanted vacation guest

To book a four-day vacation at a nice beachfront condo in sunny Florida, you only need a few things: money and time off work. Booking a four-day vacation for the entire family at a nice beachfront condo in sunny Florida three months ahead of time for the very weekend a Category I hurricane makes landfall […]

A bolt of lightning and the Protestant Reformation

By Dr. Howard E. Dial “On a sultry day in July of the year 1505 a lonely traveler was trudging over a parched road on the outskirts of the Saxon village of Stotternheim. He was a young man, short but sturdy, and wore the dress of a university student. As he approached the village, the […]

Our broken moral compasses

As George Orwell said, “Some ideas are so stupid that only intellectuals believe them.” Many stupid ideas originate with academics on college campuses. If they remained there and didn’t infect the rest of society, they might be a source of entertainment, much in the way a circus is. Let’s look at a few stupid ideas […]

The smells of memory

It was after a speaking engagement in Chattanooga when I was signing books that an arm slipped over my shoulders from the back and a woman leaned forward to press her cheek against mine. Before I saw her, I smelled her fragrance. I stopped, my Sharpie paused inches above a book, and I drifted back […]

Fayette defies law of supply and demand

The Fayette County County Commission raises the dog and cat adoption fee from $30 to $120. Cats $20 to $60. To fund a $130,000 gravity sewer line on the backs of homeless cats and dogs. Even Common Core Economics teaches, when supply exceeds demand, you lower prices; transactions (adoptions) and revenues increase. The other law […]

What is justice and who gets to define it?

The massacre in Las Vegas trumps all of the foolishness of the athletic and media celebrities related to professional sports. It is so very sad that a person would be motivated, for unknown reasons, to take so many lives. Perspective is so very difficult and the silliness of the professional sports players seems so much […]

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