Be skeptical of Ken Burns’ ‘The Vietnam War’

Some months ago I and a dozen other local veterans attended a screening at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, a preview of a new documentary on the Vietnam war by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. The screening was a one-hour summation of this 10-part documentary, 18 hours long. The series began showing on PBS […]

Climate change: Can we make room for debate?

With the recent hits of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I find many commentators are speculating as to how these hurricanes are occurring. And it doesn’t take long for global climate change to enter the conversation with “experts” and socio-political commentators pointing out that these hurricanes — and virtually any powerful weather event — are anecdotal […]

Memories of an angry lady

During the storm that finally hit our area, formerly known as Hurricane Irma that degenerated into a tropical storm by the time it made it to north Georgia, I had flashbacks, of a sort. Maybe it was the wind that uprooted thousands of trees across the state, multiple inches of rain, floods and flash floods […]

A simple man

Just listen to The Wife. Do what she says and nobody’s going to get hurt. After over 18 years of marriage, you’d think I would’ve learned that simple lesson. Hint: I am, if nothing else, a simple man. And if there were any question as to which one of us is the more intelligent one, […]

Can we do it again, again?

Several years ago, I struck up a friendship with a reader named LaTrelle. It began because she was on the mailing list of my weekly newsletter so she’d often reply with her thoughts and comments on what I had written. This went on for a few years until LaTrelle encountered what would be the difficult […]

Shouldn’t mural include lynching?

The mural located behind the dais in Tyrone’s Town Hall has recently been the topic of much debate as to whether or not the image it presents is appropriate. This is both for the historical representation and the location behind the center of town business and civic engagement. I attended the meeting where concerns were […]

Not changing history, just a Tyrone mural

As Americans, we should all take the opportunity to listen before immediately responding from a typical perspective, regardless of topic. This is NOT about history or heritage. When do we as a society get to the point of honoring and respecting all taxpayers’ requests, their tax dollars, and rights too? It is incredulous when everything […]

Thanks for Willis and her ‘common sense’

Reference The Citizen for Wednesday and Thursday September 13-14, 2017: Bonnie Willis, to me, has that rare and very special ability to put common sense into words that even I can understand and appreciate. God bless her for taking the time to write and bless you for printing what I consider her down to earth […]

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