The Good News of Christmas is not fake news

It must be nearing year-end because the “words of the year” have been released. follows each year’s most meaningful events and “look-up” trends. The site has named “complicit” as its word of the year. “Complicit” means to be involved in an illegal or questionable act, especially with others; having involvement in wrongdoing ( When […]

The sky isn’t falling. We just think it is

Rooms full of racket and nonstop commotion drive a person nuts. You want to clap hands over your ears and flee. This is the case now from the rowdiness of what Reader’s Digest used to call — still may for aught I know — “Life in These United States.” If the American noise level seems […]

Grateful for opportunity to serve

My eight years of service on the City Council of Peachtree City will come to a close the end of this year. Amid a range of emotions, what I’m feeling most is grateful. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve the citizens of this wonderful city for so many years. Serving on […]

Expand the playoffs

Let’s just say openly what every college football fan knows already — that the present system of choosing the top four teams to play in the national championship games is flawed. The latest furor involves whether Ohio State University should have been chosen over Alabama. Alabama has the better record but was not the divisional […]

The perfect hiding place

Dear Reader, I have a problem. Depending on whom you ask — like my brothers — some folks will say I have a multitude of them. But those problems aren’t the one I’m writing about. If you’re reading this and you have children, then you might have this problem too: Where do you hide all […]

The sore thumb

In the summers of late, summers where I and not Mama tell myself what to do, it is the sore thumb I miss the most. Just the other day, I rubbed my pointer finger over the edge of my thumb and I missed the tenderness that attached itself to that appendage and stayed there from […]

Am I thankful for Trump? Not exactly

Your editorial “Thankful for Trump?” appeared in the November 29-30, 2017 of our local paper, The Citizen. Although I could address several issues with which I disagree with you (your take on the tax reform, for example; your belief that a healthy stock market somehow equates to a better financial situation for the average citizen; […]

Who are the worst haters on the planet?

So David Epps is now upset about the way Christians vilified President Obama on social media and elsewhere. He didn’t mention the racist attacks. He didn’t mention the slurs against Obama’s lovely wife or beautiful children. He did mention the fact that some Christians were now saying naughty things about Trump, and all this unkind […]

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