Bug-free vegetable garden

Yes, you read it correctly. Our raised bed vegetable garden is now a bug-free zone. How? I simply used tape. Although extremely useful in securing your annoying little brother to a tree, I’m not talking about gray duct tape. I used 30 feet of copper tape. The entire garden is now shielded by an electrical […]

A letter to my grandson in boot camp

My grandson Isaac Epps has, if all goes well, 13 days until he graduates from Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, S.C. He will have spent 13-plus weeks of the toughest days he has ever, or will ever face. He still faces “The Crucible” next week. According to sources, “The Marine Crucible is the […]

On regarding government as the answer to all our needs

Let me accord the respect due to two letter-writers in this issue and their defense of every American’s “right” to receive healthcare. One says that right is inherent in our founding document, the Declaration of Independence, contained within the phrase, “pursuit of happiness.” His argument is that one cannot very well pursue happiness if one […]

Reform the tax code now!

Thanks to the beneficence of the federal government (and the calendar), we Americans had until midnight on April 18 to file our income taxes. It’s too bad filing taxes wasn’t an easier process. President Trump has pledged to reform our tax code, which, to most people, currently reads like a foreign language. Trump said tax […]

How to make America’s elites more responsible

Observing Hollywood’s posturing poseurs deliver their goods at the Oscars, as they ooze self-righteousness and narcissism, triggers a pesky thought that no doubt erupts in the minds of normal people. That is, few of those luminaries strutting across the stage are affected by the events or ideas targeted by their ego-driven drivel. Thus, the question […]

Return insurance regulation to the individual states

Much of the impasse in Washington regarding healthcare reform relates to health insurance regulation and mandates. There is a very simple solution: Return the power to regulate insurance back to the states, where it rightly belongs. By Ralph T. Hudgens Georgia Insurance Commissioner Certainly, Congress should be able to find common ground in the desire […]

Death’s final scene

My husband, many times, had written of death and created numerous dying scenes in the make-believe world of television. Once he had won an Emmy for it. But death in Hollywood is often different than the way it is truly delivered. He had dropped me at the hospital door one afternoon so I could run […]

Chairman of WASA decries ‘provincial attitudes’ about extending sewer outside PTC

Considering recent news and developments regarding the policies and work of the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority (PCWASA), our Board of Directors would like to provide some background information about the Authority’s history, mission and scope of services, as outlined in its charter. The current PCWASA Board has members who have been in place […]

Healthcare: A human right

Nothing warms the cockles of an American Evangelical’s heart like a well-explained reason to deny government services to the poor. Bonnie Willis [The Citizen, April 12, 2017, Page A4] convinced us that human rights derive from our creator; that those rights don’t include access to food, to clean water, and most definitely to any government-sponsored […]

Can’t have pursuit of happiness without healthcare for all

There have been more than one commentary in The Citizen about rights of Americans. John Lewis, Bernie Sanders and others have been stating that healthcare is a right. This interpretation is entirely consistent with our Declaration of Independence. You cannot pursue happiness if you cannot afford healthcare. A good summary of the Declaration is found […]

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