Mexican orphan

A bit of a history lesson before attaching it to Fayette County. The Mexican-American War took place from April, 1846 to February, 1848 and is also known by four other names. It seems to have begun when President James Polk, decided in1845, to take what is now Texas from Mexico, who felt that territory was […]

The big lie about the federal budget

The big lie about the federal budget

By Rep. Drew Ferguson Like many Americans, before I ran for and was elected to Congress, I could not comprehend why our nation’s leaders could not seem to balance the federal budget. Any family or business owner must do this every year, so why was Congress failing? When I became a member of the Committee […]

And all for want of a spine

John McCain’s illness, which caused Republican Senate leadership to suspend formal consideration of their Obamacare replacement, is not, by far, the Grand Old Party’s gravest malady. Nothing in the diagnostic manual of political afflictions compares with the near-complete disappearance of the party’s backbone. If it’s not one thing causing GOP senators and governors to equivocate […]

Roadside assistance

For some of you the odd unfolding of events in this story may raise a little doubt. For others this bizarre story will simply be impossible to believe. Looking back, it’s even hard for me to accept that the events unfolded as I relate them, but assurance to you, Dear Reader, it happened exactly as […]

Nothing’s quick anymore

Do you remember the days when we used to say, “I’m gonna run into town and run a quick errand. I’ll be right back”? Nothing is quick any more. It takes time and a lot of patience to go out in public and deal with technology and customer service folks who are extremely grumpy that […]

Shelter animals need you, not your petition

Pleas to sign a petition to make Fayette County Animal Shelter a no-kill shelter flood Facebook feeds. It is not citizens’ signatures, but citizens that are most needed. I envisioned a dog pound as a jail where dogs lived in numbered cages and were fed between the cracks. After visiting and beginning to volunteer at […]

New animal policy ‘huge step backward’

The Citizen’s coverage of the July 13 Board of Commissioners’ vote on the new euthanasia policy for the Fayette County Animal Shelter, including Commissioner Ognio’s explanation of his position, is misleading. Commissioner Ognio and Citizen reporter Ben Nelms (as well as the CBS reporter who interviewed Commissioner Ognio) are spinning this new policy as a […]

Citizens want, deserve input on animal shelter policies

For some reason, the other Fayette commissioners have changed the dynamics of the animal shelter argument. This is not an “our hands are tied and there’s nothing we can do” kind of argument. The Humane Society and other animal advocacy groups are asking for simple, straightforward changes to make county government’s practices more humane, less […]

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