PTC Curbside Recycling: where does it really go?

I’ve gotten this question a few times lately, and thought the reply was worth posting for all to see. First of all, if you are a Peachtree City resident, I hope you know and are taking advantage of the new curbside recycling availability. If you pay a garbage company for curbside residential trash pickup, comingled […]

PTC Info & Issues – March 22

Lots going on or on the horizon in Peachtree City this week – leash laws, cell towers, transportation plans, and more! Leash Law & Cell Towers Workshop April 12 – Council will hold a workshop to continue discussions on potential changes to Peachtree City’s leash law (including possible elimination of the “voice command” option and […]

Peachtree City Info & Issues – from the forums to the blogs!

I would like to thank Cal and the folks at the Citizen for giving me a place to post information on Peachtree City and check on the comments! The forums are a great feature, but the newer information was appearing at the end. I appreciate the blog format so we can keep the fresh topics […]