‘Shop with a Sheriff’ needs help for kids

The holidays are fast approaching, and we need your help to brighten the faces of some disadvantaged children right here in Fayette County. This will be the third year that the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has coordinated the “Shop with a Sheriff” program. This valuable program collects donations and takes disadvantaged children shopping for Christmas. […]

My Christmas ‘piece’

As a boy I was a “P.K.,” a “Pastor’s Kid,” so every time the church doors were open, I was there. And there were no trips out of town for the holidays, of course, so every year on Christmas Eve I was a part of the Sunday School Children’s Program, which was just fine with […]

Whoever says reform won’t cost you a dime hasn’t read the House bill

When polling Americans about healthcare, there are ways to get two very different answers to the same question. If you ask people, “Should everyone be required to have healthcare?” the answer comes back 67 percent yes, 27 percent no. However, when the question is rephrased to “Should we require everybody to carry insurance, or face […]

Ask Father Paul 120209

Answers to your questions about life, religion and the Bible Pastors get some of the most interesting questions from people they meet and people in their congregations. Here are some that I’ve gotten over the years and for this column. Dear Father Paul: Should Christians be involved in social issues and causes … including marching […]

Mr. Obama, fight to win, or bring troops home

At this writing I don’t know what President Obama will decide and announce this week on Afghanistan, but I do hope he considers the men and women in our armed forces at the top of his priority list. Presidents have not always done so. Making strategic decisions that deploy our armed forces inevitably costs the […]

PTC owes a great debt to its 2nd mayor, Ralph Jones

[Editor’s note: The following is an appreciation of Ralph Jones, the second mayor of Peachtree City. Jones died Nov. 24.] The year 1965 was a period of phenomenal transformation. The country was experiencing unparalleled change on all fronts, President Johnson establishing Medicare and Medicaid, passage of the Voting Rights Act, wading into the Vietnam War. […]