The ultimate in recycling

Two short stories today, both with happy endings. Alice was the most maternal of our children. She cuddled her dolls, she fed them and scolded them, and grew up to become the most-wanted babysitter in young Peachtree City. All three of the girls babysat, but Alice was the one people asked for when they called. […]

Peachtree City UPDATES Week of September 27

Peachtree City crime rate, City Council meetings, pumpkins, concerts, and more… Peachtree City Crime Rate – Still the Lowest! The FBI’s 2009 Uniform Crime Report is out, and Peachtree City still has the lowest crime rate for Class B cities in the state. Class B cities have a population between 25,000 and 49,999, and includes […]

Vacation rules

After four days in the North Carolina mountains with The Wife, I came back rested, relaxed, and with an updated list of vacation rules. Yes, dear reader, even vacations have rules. And if you want an enjoyable relaxing time with your better half, print these out and follow them to the letter. You’ll thank me […]

Criminally annoying

Nicole Polizzi, known to the world that I apparently do not occupy as “Snooki” from the MTV show “Jersey Shore,” went to court recently on the charge of being criminally annoying. Can you really do that? People can really be arrested for being annoying? Who knew? How cool! Back to the issue—Snooki, um … Ms. […]

The arrogance of power and an April morning

Whether you are liberal or conservative, you should be troubled by the increasingly common power grabs in our nation’s capital. Maybe the framers of the U.S. Constitution were particularly insightful on human nature when they gave limited, enumerated powers to the federal government and reserved all other powers for the people and the states. I […]

Obama lied, your health plan died

“If you like your healthcare plan,” pledged President Obama, “you will be able to keep your healthcare plan.” As the president barnstormed in favor of his health overhaul, that promise was a constant, appearing in speeches, media appearances, and all the administration’s literature. It was a lie. Earlier this summer, the White House fessed up. […]