It was an accident

It is true. During those seven magical years spent growing up at 110 Flamingo Street, my three brothers, The Sister and I had many adventures. Our neighborhood and its vast woodlands, Cripple Creek, the swamp and swimming lake behind our house and even the Haunted Forest supplied the backdrop for escapades like those of Tom […]

The unfunny Kathy Griffin

Alleged comedian Kathy Griffin has gotten herself some attention and a public relations nightmare to go along with it. Recently, the 56-year old Griffin posed with a fake head of the President of the United States (just the head as if it had been decapitated) covered in blood. The pose was similar to an ISIS […]

After Memorial Day, a reflection

Now that Memorial Day has passed, perhaps I can say a few things without causing too much trouble. For the past three years, Peachtree City Councilman Mike King has taken tight-fisted control of our Memorial Day ceremony and I have helped him behind the scenes, under the radar. This has been an effort to refocus […]

Hysteria over Paris pullout

For sheer hilarity and hyperbole it’s hard to beat a recent headline on a Washington Post editorial opposing President Trump’s decision to remove the U.S. from the nonbinding and unenforceable Paris climate agreement. “Trump turns his back on the world,” it screamed. A close second goes to the headline on a New York Times piece […]

The moral clarity of the morally depraved

Tolerant, kind, generous, forbearing — none of this you’d call our everyday Islamic mass murderer. One thing you may justly call him: discerning. He knows the stakes in the war on terror. He knows the degree to which the Christian, or semi-Christian, West makes impossible the realization of his ideals. Accordingly, he murders explicit Christians, […]

An unhealthy obsession with climate change

On June 1 came the encouraging news that President Trump has decided the United States will exit the U.N. Paris climate agreement. The agreement imposes huge burdens while producing little or no impact on the global climate. From the outrage shared by the media, one would think Trump has doomed the world to certain destruction. […]

The overpopulation hoax

In 1798, Thomas Malthus wrote “An Essay on the Principle of Population.” He predicted that mankind’s birthrate would outstrip our ability to grow food and would lead to mass starvation. Malthus’ wrong predictions did not deter Stanford University professor Paul Ehrlich from making a similar prediction. In his 1968 best-seller, “The Population Bomb,” which has […]

Memories of Mr. Ben

A while back, the chief tax assessors from counties throughout Georgia asked me to speak to their gathering at Jekyll Island. We frequent the Golden Isles, but we are normally on St. Simons or Sea Island, so it had been a few years since I had been on Jekyll. It is a beautiful island but […]

Litterers trash Line Creek Trail

Please consider putting an article into your paper as soon as possible for the public to be aware of what is occurring on the Line Creek Trail every weekend and possibly help curb after-dark activities at the creek. My husband and I walk the trails every weekend, and for years, every Sunday, we have to […]