Transgender: Dial back the rhetoric

I am responding to Abby Weinreb’s letter to the editor, “Anti-’Jazz’ letter spreads hate, prejudice” and Josh Saefkow’s “I am Jazz: Parents beware of this attack on our children.” Perhaps Saefkow alluded to WW II’s Pearl Harbor Attack in his letter because we are in the middle of a culture war over gender. Both letters […]

Hawaii launches fake missile attack

The likely scenario: An “Incoming missiles” warning text is sent to millions of iPhones. Kim Jung Un is in his bunker quaking in his boots for 37 minutes trying to get China’s President Xi Jinping on the phone to say, “I didn’t do it.” Kim is fearful of a counterattack “mistake” from a “mentally deranged” […]

Amazon and the Georgia Religious Freedom Act

As a business owner and state senator for Georgia, I’m a pro-business advocate for the people of our great state and believe that if we do the right thing for the people of Georgia, companies will seek to place their businesses where the people have the greatest freedom. Governor Nathan Deal has done an excellent […]

With apologies to the University of Central Florida

The college football champion has been crowned and, again, it is a Southern team. A few weeks ago, I made an argument for expanding the payoffs to eight teams rather than four. While in the midst of that very valid argument, I noted that the only undefeated major college football team, even if the field […]

The destroyer of toys

Question: Just how long will the joy of Christmas last in a toy? Answer: right up until it breaks. The time it takes for a toy to break depends on three factors. First, what kind of toy it is. Second, how well it has been constructed. And third, whether or not you have a resident […]

A young girl and the Bulldogs

It was an undeniable blessing when I, a college kid and part-time sports writer, was given the assignment to cover a University of Georgia football game. What I didn’t know at the time is that that one assignment would provide a springboard to bigger opportunities as well as giving me friendships that remain many years […]

Character matters, so do results

I do not make it a practice to comment on the work of fellow columnists, though occasionally some care to comment on mine, which is fine. I’m happy to help them make a living. An exception will be made here because of New York Times “conservative” columnist, Bret Stephens. In an end-of-year column titled “Why […]

Here come the animal spirits

According to a New Year’s Day New York Times story, business has become energized and optimistic: to the point of backing its hopes and ambitions with investment capital. Is all this about tax cuts? Not quite all, say Times writers Binyamin Appelbaum and Jim Tankersley. “In the administration and across the business community, there is […]

Technology can trump tough love

“It is much more important to kill bad bills than to pass good ones,” Calvin Coolidge wrote in 1910 to his father, a newly elected senator in Vermont. Coolidge, an advocate of limited government, wrote those words 13 years before becoming the 30th U.S. president in 1923. More than a century later, it seems politicians […]

No science for ‘born in wrong body’ ideology

I would like to reply in charity to Ms. Weinreb’s critique of a previous letter which raised concerns about transgender education in Fayette County. This has very suddenly become a huge issue with the overwhelming momentum on the side of the pro-transgender position, to the point where if one voices skepticism or concern, one is […]